German Politician: “Cardinal Woelki, Cardinal Marx, where are you now, depraved, disgusting hypocrites!”

Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich and Freising with Cardinal Rainer Wölki of Cologne

From The Eponymous Flower blog:

Dr Nikolaus Fest, AfD

Former Bild on Sunday editor-in-chief and current AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) politician Nicolaus Fest has unleashed sharp criticism of the churches, because they are silent on the JUSO extension for abortion until the 9th month.

Berlin ( Nicolaus Fest, former deputy editor-in-chief of the Bild am Sonntag and current AFD politician, has vigorously criticized the silence of politicians, media and the churches on the JUSO demand for abortion until the ninth month. “Cardinal Woelki, Cardinal Marx, where are you now depraved, disgusting hypocrites?” Mr. Bedford-Strohm, Mrs. Irmgard Schwätzer of the EKD. “Where is your outcry, you bigoted religious actors?” And Fest then criticizes the zeitgeist: “What we experience is disgusting mendacity of the left-green zeitgeist: on the one hand demanding children’s rights in the constitution, but at the same time killing children in the womb.”
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2 Responses to German Politician: “Cardinal Woelki, Cardinal Marx, where are you now, depraved, disgusting hypocrites!”

  1. DonnaLiane says:

    He is right in calling them out on this and in this way. ‘Brood of vipers’ Jesus said. No words of persuasion or mercy have touched them so far. They must be harshly rebuked to make them think before it’s too late for them! God rebukes because He cares. We must do the same. This is unconscionable evil! I applaud Nikolaus’ courage in calling them out, which extends to anyone supporting this bill/law.


  2. kathleen says:

    The words of greatest condemnation that Jesus ever spoke were directed at certain Pharisees for their hypocrisy. These arrogant preachers of Our Lord’s time on earth prided themselves on their moral perfection, whilst harbouring hatred and scorn for others in their hearts of stone, very like these prelates mentioned in the article above. But do these men even know the Gospel, one could ask… or the Church’s teaching?*

    Although the commandment for all of us without exception, who call ourselves followers of Christ in His Church, is to practice what we preach. Life is Sacred from conception to natural death, and those who harm others in any way whatsoever, either mentally or physically, or take their lives away, or fail in our duty to preach this truth, will pay the terrible ultimate penalty if they do not repent sincerely of their crimes.

    [* A certain embittered old man who trolled this blog some time ago until he finally got banned (no, I am not referring to Toad) was just such a hypocrite as those Pharisees ^! We pray for his conversion to this day.]


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