McCarrick, Pope Francis, St Gallen Mafia w James Grein

This interview with James Grein – victim of homosexual rapist Card. McCarrick – is an absolute bombshell in its revelations. Please find the time to listen to it.

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1 Response to McCarrick, Pope Francis, St Gallen Mafia w James Grein

  1. Mary Anne says:

    I believe everything that James says. He knows a lot and he’s been through a lot, having had many years of his life taken away by evil men. Now he “wants to be a Catholic like I was when I made my First Communion….that kind of Catholic” I didn’t know there was sooo much to the St. Gallen maffia. The homos in the Church are the REAL maffia! Whistleblowers and Archbishop Vigano are at risk of death. He explains how the town of St. Gallen was close to Germany and many of the Nazi officers made it to there and raised their families. There are many German language speaking people who reiside there now. Mary help us, help we pray. Help us in all care and sorrow! Would that Our Lady of Fatima’s requests were granted by the Popes who were asked. Immaculate Heart of Mary, lead us.

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