Donald Wuerl: Shameless Liar

There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” (Luke 12:2)

By Fr Mark D. White

We read: the Spirit is truth. The Spirit that consecrated the Christ, giving His human soul a prelapsarian integrity. Total engagement with unadulterated reality, unswerving communion with the heavenly Father, faultless courage and selflessness. Man in full. The new Adam, free of sin and deceit.

The integrity of the Christ became our integrity, too–by the Spirit of truth which He breathed forth on His Holy Apostles. We will discuss this further on Sunday. For now, let’s just put it like this: The ministry of Christ’s Holy Church involves human integrity, honesty, open humility before the God—all flowing from the spotless integrity of the Christ.

A year ago, we welcomed our new bishop here in our cathedral in Richmond. Pope Francis’ ambassador handed him the pastoral staff. Everyone cheered. Two Cardinals sat in choir, cheering. Theodore McCarrick, former Archbishop of Washington. And Donald Wuerl, sitting Archbishop.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The truth is: I wouldn’t have trusted either of those men any farther than I could have thrown them, even then. We worker bees in the clergy have known for years: Honest Christians do not become bishops. At least not in this day and age, in this particular province of Holy Church. Attaining such an office requires a long initiation phase of flattering sycophancy. Honest men naturally run in the other direction.

But we had no idea, a year ago, of the depths of Theodore McCarrick’s dishonesty. We learned a lot about it, last summer and fall.

Nor did we have any idea about the depths of Donald Wuerl’s dishonesty. At the end of last August, Archbishop Viganó called Donald Wuerl a shameless liar. The pope defended Wuerl, writing that Wuerl has “the heart of a shepherd, nobility, and docility to the Holy Spirit.”

But yesterday the Washington Post published proof that Wuerl is every bit the shameless liar that Viganó said he is.

My dearly beloved: This is not the way it’s supposed to be. When we go to the cathedral and see our leaders, we should think: I want to have the integrity these men have. I want their scrupulous obedience to divine law. God, give me the grace!

Instead, we see a rogues’ gallery of childish liars. We see grown men who have more trouble telling the truth than eight-year-old children. Liars who spew falsehoods not out of malice, but simply because they have never developed the competence to manage the inconvenient facts of this toilsome life on the Planet Earth.

My dear ones, what can I say? “Welcome to our world?” The world of those who have had close dealings with these men for decades, and have known them all along as the frauds they are?

But I can’t put it that way, because it all breaks my heart too much. You don’t deserve this, any more than I do.

We must carry on. Our leaders are incompetent frauds, compulsive liars, defensive little boys who mom just caught having broken the garage window.

But God is no liar. His Christ is no liar. And He still has a Church. And we proudly belong to Her.


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5 Responses to Donald Wuerl: Shameless Liar

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    We can expect daily bad news! I’m not sure about the Wash Post information, though: they are headline grabbers and non-fact checkers. Remind me of a tabloid newspaper. Very liberal and don’t do details. But there is no doubt that the Wuerl is in deep corruption; the Wash Post is not telling us anything new. I’ll wait to hear more from Church Militant or a different credible newspaper. St Michael, pray for us!


  2. Mary Salmond says:

    Kathleen: Church Militant confirmed it in the Download- Wuerl lied segment. They used proof and they already knew it by dissecting docyments of the past.


  3. Arthur McGowan says:

    The total dishonesty and depravity of McCarrick and Wuerl have been on public display for decades. Both have championed the mortal sin of giving Communion in violation of Canon 915. All but about ten American bishops join them in that mortal sin.

    The idea that “corruption” and “immorality” refer exclusively to sexual transgressions seems alive and well.


  4. Mary Anne says:

    We love our good priests !! We support you and feel your pain over it all !!


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