Make the Vatican straight again

Whatever you make of Milo Yiannopoulos, in this riveting interview with Michael Voris, the controversial author of “Diabolical: How Pope Francis has Betrayed Clerical Abuse Victims Like Me – and Why He Has To Go” tackles various topics including politics, Pope Francis and the homosexual crisis in the Church as well as his own personal problems and struggles. Towards the end of the conversation, Voris rather movingly promises to pray for Milo that by God’s grace he will fully overcome his demons and become holy. Whether you watch this lengthy interview or not, do please join in this prayer.


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5 Responses to Make the Vatican straight again

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Yes, Milo knows he’s in sin. With Catholic support he will come out of it and be a bold evangelizer, as he’s already doing. “Catholics got it right,” he said at a university presentation a year ago. He’s smart, he’ll get it right. Sexual sin is more visible; it will take a lot for media (many who cohabitate) to believe him and be convinced and reform their lives.


  2. One of the best interviews I’ve seen anywhere.


  3. Crow says:

    The portrayal of Milo by the MSM as sympathetic to paedophilia is just an example of the willingness of the left to construct lies if it shuts people up and allows attack. Milo may have said something unadvisedly, but they would have seized on and misinterpreted something anyway.
    He says that he gave them ammunition, but they would have made it up anyway. There is a book called “SJW’s always Lie” by Vox Day (Milo Yiannopolous wrote the forward), in which he explains their tactics. I think Milo was a bit reckless because he relied upon shock and was very gay in the way he presented himself. He seems to have matured and he has a real dignity now. He is intelligent and incredibly perceptive – when he presents himself seriously, he can really achieve a lot.
    His comment about the lack of masculinity is correct, but I think that is a direct result of the Novus Ordo. The Latin Mass attracts masculine men. It just does – it is the depth of the liturgy and the prayerfulness. The Novus Ordo, as Cardinal Ottoviani (?) said, leaves only women and children in the Church -that is because they have reduced the faith to a flabby, sinless Kumbaya experience.
    His comment about the Church being socialist is maybe the result of a number of things. The first is that there is a sympathy in the teachings of the Church for the plight of the underdog and socialism plays on that and manipulates it to a different, and oppressive, end. After all, was it GK Chesterton who said that communism was a heresy, because it took the tenet of Christianity that all men are created equal and hammers it to death while denying the other, balancing and tempering aspects of Christianity. The other factor is the infiltration of the Church as detailed by Bella Dodd.
    I found his confession of his love for his partner as making him a better person really moving. I will certainly pray for him. We so need people like him at the moment. I agree with his comments about the anti-feminist Gen Z’s – good to see too.

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  4. kathleen says:

    There is an excellent review of Milo’s book on the Amazon page that I believe sums up the current situation in the Church under Francis to a ‘T’:

    ”This is a phenomenal read. Fearless and unapologetic, witty and caustic, this is Milo Yiannopoulos at his very best. Milo pulls no punches in this meticulously researched indictment of the Roman Catholic Church, and of the apostate pontiff who leads Her at an ever hastening pace down the road to ruination.

    Bold and courageous, he speaks passionately from a place of love, demanding that the Church do better, be better, heal and redeem itself, and return to the Rock and the Cross upon which it was founded. He calls upon the laity to hold the Church to account for it’s many sins, and to reject outright the compromising of soul which has been on offer under the current papacy, as Francis shamelessly shreds Catholic doctrine and tradition in order to bring the Church more into line with the modern age, and runs cover for those of the clergy closest to him, his inner circle, many of whom are widely known to be guilty of the most vile and reprehensible of crimes. Milo’s admonishment for a return to God, and to the masculine virtues of strength, courage and forbearance is both powerful and persuasive. It is also timely.”


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