Francis’ Pearls of Wisdom – “Abortion? Your child is in heaven!”; “We need sex education for children!”

A h/t to RORATE CAELI for picking out these new faux pas (ahem) ‘pearls of wisdom’ from the latest of those notorious spontaneous interviews Pope Francis gives on planes.


From the interview granted by Francis to reporters on his flight back from Panama to Rome:

Lena Klimkeit, DPA: Holy Father, during the Stations of the Cross on Friday a young man spoke very strong words about abortion. I want to repeat them for a moment. ‘There is a tomb that cries out to heaven and denounces the terrible cruelty of humanity. It is the tomb that opens in the womb of the mothers from which innocent life is plucked. May God grant us to truly humanize ourselves, to defend life fervently, to make the laws that kill life not feel erased forever.’ This is a very radical position, in my opinion. I wonder and would like to ask you if this position also respects the suffering of women in this situation and if it corresponds to your message of mercy.
Pope Francis: The message of mercy is for everyone. Also for the human person who is in gestation. It is for everyone. After this failure, there is mercy as well. But a difficult mercy because the problem is not in giving forgiveness. The problem is to accompany a woman who has become aware of an abortion.

These are terrible tragedies. Once I heard a doctor talking about a theory that a cell of the newly conceived fetus goes to the marrow of the mother and there is also a physical memory. This is a theory, but to say, a woman when she thinks about what she did… but I tell you the truth, you have to be in the confessional and you have to give comfort there, you can’t say anything. That is why I have opened up the power to absolve abortion out of mercy, because many times, but always, they have to meet with their child. I advise many times when they call, they have this anguish: “Your child is in heaven, talk to him. Sing to him the lullaby that you have not sung… you have not been able to sing to him”. And there is a way for the mother to reconcile with her child. With God there is already forgiveness, God always forgives. But mercy also, that you elaborate this. The tragedy of abortion, to understand it well, one must be in a confessional. Terrible.


Wait, there is more. One way to “prevent” abortion, the secular world claims, is to provide “sex education” in schools… What does the Bishop of Rome think of this?
I believe that in schools we must give sex education. Sex is a gift from God, it is not a monster, it is a gift from God to love. That some people use it to earn money or exploit is another problem. But we need to give an objective sexual education, that is without ideological colonization. If you start by giving sexual education full of ideological colonization you destroy the person. But sex as a gift from God must be taught. To educate is to educate, to make the best of people emerge and to accompany them along the way. … I don’t know if it’s objective or not, that you don’t have sex education in Panama. I say this without putting myself in the political problem of Panama. We need to have sex education for children. The ideal is to start from home, with the parents. It is not always possible because there are so many different situations in families, and because they do not know how to do it. And so the school makes up for this, because otherwise it will remain a void that will then be filled by any ideology.
Ok, then…
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6 Responses to Francis’ Pearls of Wisdom – “Abortion? Your child is in heaven!”; “We need sex education for children!”

  1. David says:

    OK. I gave up reading this gibberish. This man occupies the Throne of Saint Peter? All of a sudden, the sede vacante crowd don’t sound so whacky after all.


  2. Crow says:

    David, too true – you made me laugh. Except it is not funny. But, the more all this stuff comes out, the more I realise that the barque might be on stormy waters, but we are meant to be here. Imagine if a conservative Pope was holding the office right now? As it is, the modernists have not only got their Pope, they have (and will have to face) the fruits (‘scuse the pun), of their actions, especially with the US investigations that will go on this year. The more the flaky theological vacuum is exposed, the more we can look at the ‘improvements ‘ made by man on the sacraments given to us by God and make a decision. To paraphrase Someone, perhaps the spiritual impoverishment is becoming known by the fruits (ahem, again..)

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  3. kathleen says:


    Incredible! Unbelievable!

    And you know: the one thing that most annoys me is that Francis’ words are still capable of shocking me!

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  4. David says:

    He is the Case Study of Modernism. I am a convert to The Church at age 59. Moral clarity, reverence, the beauty of the Holy Mass are what brought me to the Church. Then I discovered the excesses of the liberal theologians and clergy. I had found my home but realized that there were highly vocal and visible factions completely indifferent to supernatural faith. They were more Protestant than the Protestants,


  5. DonnaLiane says:

    What til you hear how they entered the Church? Then you’ll know why they’re so familiar sounding. But in the end, we are all brothers, often misled by the devil; all needing Clarity, Truth and to be forgiven. Now, in the pursuit of truth, I will point out several issues although there are many, with Francis’ Words and reactions. Why does he call her “a person in gestation”, not woman or mother? Why does he make it sound ok and trivialise their pain by saying “But… your baby is in heaven”. That’s not why they’re crying! Everyone instinctually knows that. And, what stood out for me. Sex education for CHILDREN. Why? So he/schools can promote early sexualisation of children and teach them to use contraception??! “Killing is preventable; we can just promote other mortal sins instead!” Iis that what he means? In connection with the topic of abortion, it’s the only conclusion i came to about where he was heading re: public generic sex education – for children no less!!!

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  6. David says:

    Sex education. “Education” is the secular remedy for everything. To critically question the purpose and efficacy of modern education and its goals is to invite criticism and scorn. The secular world is suffering greatly because of progressive education. In many respects, the Church is just the latest target.


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