Why BREXIT Matters To Catholics

by Beverly Stevens, REGINA Editor

From my Facebook newsfeed, reports from young Catholic people:

  • “I know loads of people who voted LEAVE, including my family, and I haven’t heard a bigoted comment from a single one of them. From the REMAIN side, however, there has been explicit ageist bile, contempt for the uneducated, talk of sewers bursting and lizards voting, fantasies about creating a new, independent state that would exclude the rough, backward, ‘racist’ north, and arguments for limiting old people’s right to vote on the basis that they lack the IQ or social nous necessary for making big decisions. If the leaders of REMAIN want to see bigotry, they should look in the mirror.” (An English man)
  • “Big Media, Big Business, and Big Government all oppose Brexit. A point in favor of the United Kingdom’s courageous decision. The globalized elite, nothing else, is directly responsible for this moment of transatlantic populism. Small is beautiful — and genuinely powerful.” (An American man)
  • “When I started looking into this I wasn’t sure which way to vote, but the ridiculous hate speech of the REMAIN camp really pushed me into finding their arguments ridiculous. Since the result their true colours have really been shown, and they are not very pretty colours. I hope to goodness that we don’t have a second referendum, because the bullying going on is just nasty.” (An English woman)
  • “So proud the British decided to get back their independence. This against all the pundits, all who admonished them, shamed them if they would not stay in the bondage of Europe. A nation, like a person, should not be the slave of another. But a nation like a person can enter if necessary in an alliance for a cause with others. The more decisions possible at the lower levels of the social body — a nation versus an abstract European entity led by bureaucrats — the more liberty and sound life there is. It’s called subsidiarity. The other option is called totalitarianism. Who will be next to be free to be themselves again?” (A French man)

As a professor of finance, I have looked at the economic issues at stake. Basically, it boils down to this: can the UK thrive without the EU? This remains to be seen, but if centuries of history are any guide, the answer is a resounding YES. (Though to judge from the reactions of the mainly-young ‘Remainers’ above, centuries of history are not a guide, and this Brexit vote a reason to give vent to hate speech of all kinds.)

As the editor of a Catholic publication, what interests me is if Catholics — in the UK, the EU and elsewhere — should have a different, more ‘nuanced’ view of this. After all, the Church was the organizing principle the last time that Europe was united, and there are even a few wistful romantics out there nursing forlorn hopes that the EU might be a force for the renaissance of Christendom.

I do think Catholics should have a more nuanced view, and here’s why: Last summer I was invited to a closed-door event, a weekend with some of Europe’s most illustrious aristocrats. All Catholics. All highly educated. And ALL very worried about what was happening in Europe under the EU. I attended ‘on background’ promising not to write about what I heard there for attribution. And I have not done so.

Did they meet at a super-secret, luxury resort? Actually, no. The event — like the people who attended — was very modest. So, why would aristocrats meet behind closed doors in a small, plain hotel that lacked even air conditioning?

These people from the ancient ruling families of France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain were very worried about the EU’s assault on the family. After the EU specifically rejected the idea that it had Christian roots, many of these people became genuinely alarmed. Since then, they have been monitoring the myriad of regulatory ‘fixes’ — especially concerning education — which demonstrated that the EU’s self-styled ‘masters’ were aiming at shaping a society where ‘the family’ simply didn’t exist.

And it has worked. Basically, wherever the EU has reached, the birthrate has plummeted, and the Faith is all but dead.

This is not a coincidence. The aristocrats told me that Europe’s old socialist and communist elites have been superseded by a new quasi-capitalist EU elite that was succeeding where the Communists had failed — by undermining the Faith, and the families that had grown up under the protective mantle of that Faith.

And the EU’s vision of their brave new world? A flattened globe, where borders are crumbling and identities are fluid. Banking, commerce and media elites bind the nations together into a seamless new tapestry. People are free, finally, to seek opportunity and pleasure, without the confining strictures of tradition, family or morality. In this world, ‘morality’ is also a fluid concept; people can hook up, produce children or abort them, hire technology and surrogates to make babies — it’s all the same to the Super-State. It collects high taxes, grants eye-wateringly lucrative contracts to its corporate supporters, turns a blind eye to bad behavior by any group it is protecting and increasingly persecutes anyone who dares to oppose the Super-State’s version of ‘morality’.

One problem obvious to Catholics — who have so often been victims of State-sponsored violence — is that super-states are vulnerable to being captured by ideologically-driven elites. This appears to have happened in both the US and the EU, as evidenced by their current obsession with pan-sexuality, transgenderism and open bathrooms.

Another problem is the Super-State’s inability to police its borders or negotiate with hostile neighbors. Denying sovereignty to its member states, it is at the same time impotent in basic matters of statecraft. This may be because it is actually a creature of finance, and its ruling elites are focused elsewhere, having secured for themselves safe havens from the street crime, terrorism and unrest their policies enable.

Now, what does this have to do with the Brexit vote? Our sources in the UK tell us that — notwithstanding the accusations of ‘raaacccisssm’ by Remainers — many racial minorities there voted to leave the EU. Why would that be? For the same reason that all the other working class and middle class Leavers did: they recognize that the Super-State was not a) representing them or b) protecting them. Furthermore, they see that the Super-State has become a threat to their own traditional morality. Finally, they are tired of seeing UK elites prosper at the cost of their own families, and futures.

So, the reason Catholics everywhere should think carefully about this Brexit vote boils down to this: what kind of world do you want to live in?

As Catholics, we are from every race, color  and level of society under the sun, so this is not about those things.

Many of us don’t know this, but the Church teaches we are to support subsidiarity, the principle that economic and political decisions should be made at the most local level possible, by the people most affected by the outcome. This flies in the face of both the Super-States and the Super-Elites of the corporate and media worlds which support them – for a reason.

As world-class ‘haters’, they truly hate having their power stripped from them by the little guys.

But subsidiarity is the safest way forward for the rest of us little guys, especially Catholics.

BEVERLY STEVENS is the Editor of REGINA MAGAZINE at www.reginamag.com.

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24 Responses to Why BREXIT Matters To Catholics

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    I expect our CP&S viewers will weigh in on this article, so I won’t comment. But most of this does make sense. Prove me wrong!!!???

  2. mmvc says:

    Mary, I agree that there are some excellent points in this article, but I get the impression that people in the UK are getting fed up with the mess that Brexit has become. The fact that it’s such an emotive and divisive topic may also explain the reluctance for readers to discuss the subject.

    This leapt out at me and I believe that it is at the root of what has gone wrong with the EU:

    “…the EU specifically rejected the idea that it had Christian roots…”

    Turning away from Christ results in the darkening of intellects and the spreading of evil ideologies.

    It will take much prayer and sacrifice for the conversion of hearts both in Europe and throughout the world to the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

  3. Mary Salmond says:

    mmvc: Christian roots are the key; which are in the reading today – 1Cor 12:31-13: 13! Anything counter to that, only violence and hurt will ensue.
    England is like any country; it wants its own entity and not a conglomeration. Surely it doesn’t want New World Order or a global identity.
    Anything worth saving takes effort. And patience is a virtue. The U.S. has its own need for patience. Ridding violence in the womb has been a long battle and continues, due no “Christian roots” from soulless arbitrors.

  4. (This article is so entirely ignorant it is ludicrous, and after laughing at it, I would not know where to begin exposing its absurdity. So I decided not to bother!)

    Parenthesis added for extra contempt. 🙂

  5. Since being made aware of this (thanks to CPS republishing it here) I have replied directly on the Regina page itself: “This article is so far from any kind of reality, that any Catholics in the UK might recognize, that it is a travesty of the political crisis the country faces. Among the least helpful things you can do is pile more fuel on the fire. The one helpful thing you could do – even if you haven’t got time to inform yourself properly about the politics – is pray to Our Lady of Walsingham, that she may protect the country from the vultures hovering over it, particularly from Russia.” – Gareth Thomas

    And by the way, when articles are re-published here, it would be great if you could provide a link to them: it took me a while to search for the exact web page to reply directly to the Regina article. (Even my 14-year old students – when I was teaching – knew how to reference an internet article in order that their quotes could be quickly verified…)

  6. I have now decided, after consultation with a Catholic priest in the UK, that a full rebuttal is needed. This article is entirely scurrilous and needs calling out. https://equusasinus.net/2019/02/08/us-catholic-regina-magazine-says-brexit-is-gods-plan-a-response/

  7. JabbaPapa says:

    I’m not sure that the EU is God’s plan either …

  8. Gertrude says:

    This is one debate I am self-advised not to enter! Having voted to Leave (and not having changed my mind) a Religious friend of mine thinks I should accordingly be excommunicated. I shall therefore hold my counsel 😦

  9. mmvc says:

    I’m not sure that the EU is God’s plan either …

    I would imagine not, given its Godless constitution… quite apart from anything else.

  10. mmvc says:

    And by the way, when articles are re-published here, it would be great if you could provide a link to them: it took me a while to search for the exact web page to reply directly to the Regina article. (Even my 14-year old students – when I was teaching – knew how to reference an internet article in order that their quotes could be quickly verified…)

    Sorry you had so much trouble finding the original article, Gareth.
    It took me just a few seconds to get to the site from the link at the bottom of the post, locating the search icon and typing in ‘Brexit’. And I wasn’t even taught that at school! ;o)

  11. kathleen says:

    Gareth, I wouldn’t blame anyone for disagreeing with any post we publish here – with well over 1000 visitors per day there are bound to be some varying views on posts, especially the ones tackling contentious subjects – but your “spittle-flecked nutty” (pace Father Z) with the Regina Magazine article has taken us all by surprise! It was originally linked to on the traditional blog, CATHOLIC TRUTH, and highly praised by some commenters there… but that is really beside the point.

    Unfortunately, just as the Regina Magazine Editor, Beverly Stevens has reported from her Facebook newsfeed, and Gertrude has shown in her comment too, those who oppose Brexit are often viciously aggressive with those who voted for it! It is something I have also noticed more and more over the months since the vote, and I find it very telling.

    At the time of the referendum and, I admit, for what were largely selfish reasons (as I don’t live there myself anymore) I wanted the UK to remain in the EU, and I was disappointed by the result. However, as time has gone by, and for many other far more important and far-reaching reasons (most importantly, the militant left-leaning secularism of the EU rulers) I have changed my mind. How can anyone want to remain in a union that refuses to recognise Europe was built and formed on Christian foundations? And a “union” that is increasingly working to undermine Christianity and Christian principals?

    Not me.

  12. kathleen says:

    This is interesting: a German politician supporting the Brexitieers!

  13. mmvc says:

    An excellent waffle-free speech from Herr Gauland. His empathy for Britain and the British people seems entirely genuine.
    Merkel’s rudeness by contrast is staggering. Ostentatiously ignoring a speaker by chatting away and wandering around does not reflect well on her.

  14. I would like to make a final comment on this rather sad event. After correspondence received from CPS today by email, I am happy to regard this Regina post as a badly misjudged mistake, and I accept that there is no need to blame anyone about the editorial decisions involved.

    As one who was part of the half dozen of us who set up this blog in 2010, it was never intended to be a right wing political blog. That is why we eliminated Mundabor and changed the passwords to shut him out, folks. He was a fascist. Why do we want a right wing political blog, not the traditional Catholic blog we originally proposed… or were Julian of Norwich, Francis of Assisi, and even Saint Anthony Father of Monks just Trump supporters who never realized it.

    We have all been on a journey these past few years, but I never expected to see this blog take a partisan view on the politicial issue that is wrecking my country. If you are not a citizen of my country, more shame on you because we are in a civil war now and it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. This is my last comment on Catholicism Pure and Simple, a title which is simply not true any more.

    It should have been kept to Christian Catholic Spirituality, as we who founded it intended, but you turned it into more dull politics. Poor show.

  15. And Jabba, I always knew what your view was, so no need to remind me. And please do not comment on my blog again. We were once pilgrims, but this issue divides pilgrims as it divides families and partners. I really do not want to hear from you ever again. God bless but goodbye. We are now forever divided. Brexit is the devil.

  16. JabbaPapa says:

    Jabba … please do not comment on my blog again

    oh dear, those are not happy words to read

  17. MMVE and Mary Salmond

    Reading your comments above, I despair. Where is your discernment, where is you ability to read a text, analyse the comments and examine the souces, then to come to you own conclusion.

    This is indeed an age of lies, as is intended by the Russian lie machine and the Steve Bannons of this world who do the work of the devil, alongside Trump. This is my very last comment on CPS. I have worked for two and a half years with the military veterans group Veterans for Europe.

    Do not listen to me. Dismiss me. Most people do here anyway. But please read one thing, if you will not believe me. If CPS want to play politics instead of spirituality, here is the politics in relation to Brexit. The Russian strategic plan. And Brexit is the first part of the plan. After that Europe collapses and you can deal with Russia yourselves, USA, because we are finished!

    My antiBrexit group is an exmilitary group called Veterans for Europe. It includes military intelligence people. We have identified the main plan for the detruction of Europe is contained in the work of Aleksandr Dugin, a Russian fascist whose main work is read my Russian military strategists and even used in Russian schools as the plan for the future Russian goals. His book is not available in English but we have Russian experts who have explaine dthe basics. Look it up on the internet folks. Please do not criticize us who are fighting Brexit, for we are fighting for freedom.

    Goodbye CPS. You are now on the wrong side of history.

  18. Here is your reference, US citizens, who find these matters so puzzling…

    John B. Dunlop a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution might be more authoritative than me, eh… http://demokratizatsiya.pub/archives/Geopolitics.pdf

  19. kathleen says:

    Gareth, you are unfair to us.

    We publish very many articles on Christian Catholic Spirituality on our blog, particularly on Sundays and at important times in the Liturgical calendar and special feast days. The month of May is full of posts dedicated to Our Blessed Lady, for instance; November contains many posts on The Four Last Things, etcetera.
    But our Catholic Faith and culture is amazingly, wonderfully rich, so posts on all sorts of other Catholic topics should also be included. Why not? Our blog is not centred on only one side of Catholicism. There are plenty of other good Catholic blogs that do prefer to dedicate their articles to only one specific area, whereas we have chosen an unlimited approach on everything Catholic.
    But you know this already; it has been this way from the beginning.

    I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that except for only ONE article informing people of the surprising result of the Brexit vote (when the only “sides” taken were in the comment section) we have never mentioned it again! That is until this post above (^) written from a particular Catholic viewpoint which no one is obliged to share. As you have pointed out yourself, Catholics themselves are divided on the Brexit issue.

    Even politics, up to a point, have to sometimes come into Catholic articles and conversation. You don’t need me to tell you why!

  20. JabbaPapa says:

    Truth be told, it is hard to imagine a more destructive intervention than this one by Gareth.

    A blanket judgment — all of those who have some doubts about the EU are “of the Devil”, with a particular harsh claim (Lord knows why) against me personally.

    Almost as if the Catholicity, instead of being Universal, required instead some strict adherence to certain partisan ideology.

    Here I am wondering what I could possibly have done against Gareth, and the only thing that I can see is — “to have a certain difference in opinion” (that he’s VERY likely BTW to have misrepresented to himself).

    Sad thing is, he’s put our relationship into a lose-lose situation, because he’s engineered his position into a state whereby if I were to seriously tackle his claims and exaggerations head-on, that would simply be to add oil to the fire.

    And never mind I suppose all those times when I stood by and defended Gareth when nobody else would.

    Well, I cannot prevent him from destroying our relationship over some silly political squabble about transient worldly matters.

    As a Catholic, I fully accept his right to the views that he holds about these things — and, as stated :

    Catechism of the Catholic Church : 1901 : (…) The diversity of political regimes is morally acceptable, provided they serve the legitimate good of the communities that adopt them. Regimes whose nature is contrary to the natural law, to the public order, and to the fundamental rights of persons cannot achieve the common good of the nations on which they have been imposed.

    Of course, both the UK and the EU are strongly promoting ideologies that are quite exactly contrary to the natural law …

  21. Mary Salmond says:

    I fully accept that Gareth has a difference of opinion. So be it! And yes, the politics of Europe are complicated, each country with its own problems.

  22. johnhenrycn says:

    Golly, Gareth – grumble, grunt and growl if you must – but all I could manage reading your galloping gobbledygook was a gasp, a giggle and a groan.

    Did not know you’re a war vet, which reminds me of an old Punch cartoon from 1901:
    Old Gent at a garden party: “My grandfather fell at Waterloo!”
    Duchess of D –: Oh, really? I heard he fell at Paddington.”

    I’m quite sad you will never get to read that old Punch witticism, Mr “This is my last comment on Catholicism Pure and Simple”.

    Have a nice rest of your life.

  23. johnhenrycn says:

    I meant to thank you, Gareth (are you back yet?) for reminding me of our dear old Italian friend, Mundabor. Just a few days ago I was wracking my brain (i.e. what I’m pleased to call my brain) for his name. Usually, old names come back to me after a few hours. I forgot my sister’s name once.

    But “Mundabor” did not signify until your mention of him. I wonder how that old rascal is doing?

    “Mundabor” is a name which apparently has biblical significance. I liked him just like I do you.

  24. kathleen says:

    Here I am wondering what I could possibly have done against Gareth, and the only thing that I can see is — “to have a certain difference in opinion” (that he’s VERY likely BTW to have misrepresented to himself).

    Well, yes dear Jabba, that’s it in a nutshell, so don’t beat yourself up about it any further. His loss. Who wants a friend that can write you off over such a triviality?

    And you’re right that the UK, almost as much as the EU, is promoting all sorts of unnatural ideologies, which are of course anti-Christian ideologies too. We are living in wicked times, and we shall pay a heavy price for these sins against God.

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