The Slow Death of Manhood (a video)

It is no secret that manhood and masculinity are under attack in the West, although others say it goes further than that, and despite some notable exceptions, e,g. China, India, it is in fact now a global crisis.

Men are facing a full frontal assault on their rights, health and culture like never before. The war on masculinity has never been so brutal – but it’s not a war being waged by women on the whole. (The militant feminists, like the screaming, despicable FEMEN crowd, are small fry in the greater picture here,) No, the attack is coming directly from the top, as the establishment desperately attempts to emasculate and disempower men in order to force women to be more dependent on the state, thereby enabling more power to be centralised and aiding the growth of big government.

Cultural Marxism is widespread in western society today. This atheistic ideology acts out in consistently degrading traditional masculine roles such as the father figure, applauding feminised men and boys, assuring discrimination against men in the legal system, and leaving men disenfranchised and marginalised.

Patrick Coffin with Dr Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon weigh in on this troublesome subject in this new video.

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2 Responses to The Slow Death of Manhood (a video)

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Very in depth snd spiritual analysis about today’s manhood and lack thereof. Good!


  2. johnhenrycn says:

    Too long. The video, I mean. Talks that long are okay as podcasts, but are a waste of time in video format.


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