Continuing Controversies and Unanswered Questions

Once again, it is good to get Father Z’s insightful views on the next stage of the ominous Vatican Sexual Abuse summit in Rome. This time he weighs in on the excellent report by Catholic journalist, Robert Royal.

From Father Z’s blog

Robert Royal of The Catholic Thing went to Rome for the Vatican “summit” on abuse. He has an excellent summary piece today, which I warmly recommend.

Three things in particular stood out for me in his piece.

First, try this on…

But like many Catholic prelates, including the Holy Father, [Card. Gracias] also leaned too heavily, in my judgment, on inequities of power – the clericalism gambit – which I believe betrays a wish to make the abuse crisis into more about social justice than personal sin.

It strikes me that so many movers and shakers in the Church, both ordained and in chanceries and plum posts and lay in academia, have become so mesmerized by “social justice” that they have nearly completely forgotten about personal sin. These same types, libs, are inclined to talk about sinful structures that have to be changed, etc.

No. Fail. If a structure lends itself to evil actions, it was built on the foundation of personal sins. People sin, not structures.

You will also find interesting Royal’s comments on the chatter about structures.

Next, speaking of structures, Royal recounts Card. Cupich’s caution that changing structures isn’t enough. Royal adds,

“True enough, but even changing structures, for many of us, would be a good – a real – start. Let it be noted, in fairness, even if it does not lead to any effective action, that Cupich ended with no fewer than twelve suggestions about how to hold a bishop accountable. These included structural and procedural changes that he elsewhere played down.”

This leads to the observation that, as it seems, Cupich’s talk was inherently incoherent.

Lastly, Royal gives a summary of questions asked by journalists during the presser on Friday. They are, in fact, more to the point of The Present Crisis than what the agenda of the “summit” set out to discuss.

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5 Responses to Continuing Controversies and Unanswered Questions

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    USCCB needs to continue with their plan and add more stringent concrete actions to clean the closet!!!!


  2. “Cupich’s talk was inherently incoherent” this is not good


  3. Mary Salmond says:

    That was cover up lingo and gibberish. It’s hard to memorize!


  4. Mary Salmond says:

    Church Militant had a great summary of the 1st day Vatican summit. I sent it to my children. Thanks, Jabba. That is one of my first go-to sites for real information without mumbo jumbo.


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