Solemn Feast of Reparation of Insults Offered to the Most Holy Sacrament

From Fr Z’s blog:

This is not on the calendar after 1962.  On Thursday after Sexagesima Sunday there is traditionally a

Solemn Feast of Reparation of Insults Offered to the Most Holy Sacrament

This seems like a very good thing to keep in mind for each year.  Thursday after Sexagesima.  Mark it on your calendars.  There is still time to do something with this this year.


Is there a better time than this year to do this, in the wake of the “summit” and all the duplicity of recent years?  All of this comes back to lack of faith, lack of belief in what the Church believes about the Eucharist.

Think of how many “bad Communions” are made every Sunday.

We need acts of reparation far and wide.  I would like to see bishops lying prostrate on the steps of their cathedrals before going inside to celebrate a Mass like the one in the linked PDF.

The formatting of the pdf pages reminds me of the old Antiphonale Monasticum.

We find in the document, the chants and prayers for the liturgical hours, followed by the formulary, with all the chants, for Holy Mass.  The Mass even has a short Sequence.  There is an Alleluia included, along with a lengthy Tract, so it could be used outside of the time of Septuagesima or Lent.  The Offertory is also hefty.

UPDATE 27 Feb:

I have received more information for this Mass, including all the orations for the Mass.   Now the texts are complete.   I have linked to a PDF, provided by the Benedictines of Silverstream.

Click HERE

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1 Response to Solemn Feast of Reparation of Insults Offered to the Most Holy Sacrament

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Love it! Thanks Fr Z. Haven’t heard those words and titles for too long.
    Great idea, very much needed!


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