Showtime: Francis Kneels To Kiss Feet Of South Sudan Politicians

From Gloria TV (with video) and ABYSSUM

Pope Francis received on April 11 the participants of a two-day retreat at the Vatican which involved civil and ecclesiastical authorities of South Sudan. During the audience Francis knelt down and kissed the feet of ecclesiastical and Muslim men officials and one woman.

There was a look of shock on the faces of the more than 20 dignitaries in the room as an overweight Francis dropped to his knees in front of the (deeply embarrassed) South Sudan leaders four times and kissed their feet. The prelates who were along side of him struggled to lift him to his feet each time. He looked as though he had overexerted himself in doing this when he stood up panting and wheezing.

His actions were all the more shocking to all who witnessed his behaviour because he is notorious for never genuflecting or kneeling during the celebration of the sacrifice of the Mass, nor in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament exposed for adoration.

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13 Responses to Showtime: Francis Kneels To Kiss Feet Of South Sudan Politicians

  1. The Church has a very troubled and confused pope.

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  2. Mary Salmond says:

    When the mood strikes, I think! It seems significant at the moment.


  3. Johann du Toit says:

    Well at least President Salva Kiir is a Catholic, if that is any consolation.


  4. Is this true? My next thought is – is he crazy? Why would he do that?


  5. Crow says:

    That is a bit crazy.


  6. mmvc says:

    Crazy, creepy and cringeworthy…


  7. kathleen says:

    ”Crazy, creepy and cringeworthy…”

    Indeed it is. Poor man; he has lost it completely, hasn’t he? No sane person, let alone a faithful* pope, would behave in this way.
    THIS website, ‘Catholic Monitor’, is giving links to various experts on other websites that are asking this same question:

    ”Papal Validity: Are Francis’s “Inappropriate” Kissing & “Childlike” Behaviors Signs he may be Demented or have Dementia?”

    [*Edit (14/4): I have added the adjective “faithful” to the word “pope” in my first paragraph. Reason being, I do not know for sure whether Pope Francis is the true pope or not; but as the Church is saying he is at this time, it must be accepted for now.]


  8. johnhenrycn says:

    My goodness, falling to his knees to kiss the stinking dirty shoes (not the feet) of Mussulmen.

    I’m coming close to Ann Barnhardt’s belief that he may be an imposter. Not there yet, but won’t be shocked if he’s later remembered as Pope?Nope!.

    To be fair to said possible “Nope!” who is said to be “…notorious for never genuflecting or kneeling…” I can no longer genuflect either, and will be a bit sheepish during the Passion Narrative at tomorrow’s Mass, just after Lk. 23:46, as I will be in the sanctuary reading the words of Simon Peter without the assist of the pew in front of me for support.

    I think the best alternative in such circumstances is a deep bow towards the tabernacle with hands clasped in prayer, but welcome other suggestions if there are any.


  9. johnhenrycn says:

    Johann du Toit says (correctly I must assume, because I’ve not looked into it) that “President Salva Kiir is a Catholic, if that is any consolation”. No, it’s not a consolation because, as I say above, the possible Nope! is kissing shoes, not feet. There is no theologically acknowledged symbolism in such a disgusting display. Even Mussulmen regard shoes as filthy things. They consider pressing their lips against shoes, sandals and slippers as something dogs do; and as we know, Mussulmen are revolted by dogs. Abraham and Our Lord washed feet, but did not kiss them. No mention in the Bible of kissing human feet, let alone dirty, filthy shoes. Am I right?


  10. kathleen says:

    @ JH

    No mention in the Bible of kissing human feet, let alone dirty, filthy shoes. Am I right?

    Yes, I think you are right, JH, although I don’t think shoes were worn in biblical times, were they? Only sandals.
    There are of course social customs which are recognised and commanded in the Bible, like the kiss of greeting and washing the feet of guests. But no mention (AFAICS) of “kissing human feet”!
    The sole exception is the beautiful story of the penitent woman in Luke 7:38, who washed Our Lord’s feet with her tears, dried them with her hair, and kissed them over and again.

    Pope Francis has messed up once more here. How very different the significance behind this woman’s actions and those of the pope!
    She was demonstrating her deep sorrow and repentance for having offended God… and humility and gratitude, knowing Our Lord had forgiven her her many sins.
    OTOH, Francis was kissing the feet of some Sudanese politicians* who might have ordered (or at least had condoned) the genocide, torture and forcing into slavery of countless thousands of South Sudan’s Christians. Does Francis think that’s okay? It is Sudan’s Muslim leaders who should be the ones kissing the feet of their Christian compatriots, begging forgiveness for their terrible crimes.

    * The new Catholic President of South Sudan is presumably innocent of any such crimes.


  11. johnhenrycn says:

    Kathleen, I did think of Lk.7:38 about the weeping woman before asserting there’s no mention in the Bible about kissing human feet, let alone dirty, filthy shoes; but remembering that Jesus is fully divine as well as fully human, I think He is sui generis when it comes to kissing feet.


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