NOTRE DAME: The Church Will Rise Again

“Hold the cross high that I might see it through the flames“ – St Joan of Arc.

Powerful image shows Cross shining through the smoldering wreckage at Notre Dame.


From Michael Matt at THE REMNANT

This RTV Short uses happier images from Remnant Tours in Paris to pay homage to Our Lady’s cathedral, which [on Monday] was engulfed in flames so completely that many thought she would surely burn to the ground.

Evidently, Our Lady had other ideas. After Parisians watched her burn, rosaries in hand last evening, they awoke this morning to find the old Cathedral miraculously still standing, the Crown of Thornes rescued, the famous rose windows, pieta and organ saved. The Godless world had looked on in horror as one of Catholicism’s most important symbols went up in smoke and, incredibly, they wept.

Why? Could it be that the Catholic Faith, also in flames, is nevertheless still something modern men instinctively know the world cannot live without, even though so many have abandoned it? If Notre Dame in flames was a metaphor for the modern Church in flames, is the promise to rebuild not also a metaphor for what’s to come, as the Novus Ordo breathes its last? After all, the ‘butcher block’ table altar at Notre Dame was crushed beneath the weight of the falling spire, while the old high altar stood virtually untouched.

If you’re looking for a sign, look no further. Notre Dame still stands today as she’s stood for nearly a thousand years. And as long as she continues to stand with her glorious angels, craggy old gargoyles and magnificent flying buttresses there to remind the world of what we once were and what we can become again if we turn back to God — there’s hope.

Notre Dame, priez pour nous.

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2 Responses to NOTRE DAME: The Church Will Rise Again

  1. That pile of charred wood in the lap of the Notre Dame sanctity formed an abstract form of the Pieta. The charred wood, Christ removed from the cross. The sanctuary is the Notre Dame, Mary. Not everyone is into abstract art.


  2. johnhenrycn says:

    I’ve seen and appreciated comments by you in the past, northernhermit. Your one typo above is of no consequence to me, but with respect, I do not understand what you are getting at.


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