Deadly Silence: The Unreported Persecution of Christians

New Culture Forum recently co-hosted a conference on the shamefully untold story of the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities. Easter Sunday’s horrific attacks in Sri Lanka must concentrate minds around the world on these #InvisibleVictims.

One of the keynote speakers was Damian Thompson, Editor-in-Chief of the Catholic Herald and Associate Editor at The Spectator.

The Catholic Herald was so shocked by the stories at the conference that it immediately announced it would focus its energies on this issue.

By coincidence Damian Thompson is this week’s guest of NCF’s episode of “So What You’re Saying Is…”, where he discusses this very subject.

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6 Responses to Deadly Silence: The Unreported Persecution of Christians

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    A new Crusades is in order! But will we need a new pope for this movement?


  2. Mary Anne says:

    As Damian Thompson calls it “an abominable outrage” which you never see in the headlines or hear about” Yet we have a Pope whose coat of arms proclaims ‘Miserando atque eligendo” … By Mercifully Choosing … from St. Matthews gospel when Jesus chose Matthew because he was so poor … Mercy is the most advertised word one hears … just the word, however.

    It overshadows the true answer to the problem, which is Fatimas’ promise … that if the Consecration is performed in the way God wants … the world will have peace!

    Even the feast of Divine Mercy is more popular and advertised than Fatima!
    God help us!


  3. planechant2 says:

    Excellent video, thank you. Very impressed by Damien Thompson’s comments. I will be signing -up for on-line version of Catholic Herald.


  4. Crow says:

    The murder of Christians cuts against the narrative. The main stream media proprietors are seeing their role as disseminators of propaganda. They do not feature the mass slaughter of Christians because it means that it makes the casting of the Catholic Church as the oppressor more difficult – they prefer to refer to the Inquisition endlessly, interspersed with the Crusades.

    Life Site News featured an article by Calvin Freiberger about the ignorance of the employees of the BBC of basic elements of Catholicism. However, even in the article, it is apparent that the prevailing culture reaches further than mere ignorance and touches on indoctrination. The ex-BBC employee cited by Mr Freiberger said that, during the visit to England by Pope Benedict in 2010, the BBC was instructed that the Pope’s comments on child sexual abuse (which presumably were construed and presented as un-pc and heartless), “would remain the top story for a ‘reasonable number of hours’ regardless of what else he said.”

    Catholics may not be fashionable, but we can be a nuisance. I would recommend that each of us contact our local Catholic media outlets and pressure them into featuring this issue in each of the publications and regularly. We should also contact our religious heads. Also, subscribe to the Catholic Herald, it is an excellent magazine.

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  5. Mary Salmond says:

    Thanks, Crowe.


  6. kathleen says:

    In everything you say here, Crowe, you have well and truly hit the nail squarely on the head. Well done!

    I highly second your recommendation that we should bring pressure on Catholic media outlets and religious leaders to publicise loud and clear with large headlines such barbaric atrocities as the Sri Lanka massacre. No one else will, so it is imperative that our own Catholic media and hierarchy does so. No more “deadly silence”: our martyred Catholic brothers and sisters deserve better!

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