“There are too many people today who think they have a perfect right to reinvent God”

by Msgr. Charles Pope

Pete Buttiegeg is Wrong – God Still Forbids All Homosexual Acts

God does not speak out of both sides of his mouth. Neither should we.

South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg

In recent remarks, Pete Buttigieg, Democratic presidential candidate and mayor of South Bend, Indiana, remarked that his same-sex “marriage” to Chasten Glezman has brought him closer to God. His remarks were directed toward Vice President Mike Pence, who is on record as opposing such “marriages.” Buttigieg said:

Being married to Chasten has made me a better human being because it has made me more compassionate, more understanding, more self-aware and more decent. My marriage to Chasten has made me a better man. And yes, Mr. Vice President, it has moved me closer to God.

This raises a question: To what god has he moved closer? Respectfully and sincerely, Mr. Buttigieg, it cannot be the God who has revealed himself in the Scriptures and through the Church. God is not in the habit of speaking out of both sides of his mouth. He does not contradict himself by altering, let alone reversing (as you claim) his teachings.

At every stage of scriptural revelation, from Genesis through the New Testament, God has spoken of homosexual acts as sinful and disordered. He also condemns other forms of illicit sexual union such as fornication and adultery. Jesus even condemns the entertaining of lustful thoughts. I have written before of the biblical record on these teachings (“Do Not Be Deceived: God Forbids Homosexual Acts”).

Some point out that Jesus is never recorded in Scripture as condemning homosexual acts. That may be true — but he is not recorded as condemning rape, either. An argument based on silence is weak at best and erroneous at worst. Further, Jesus said to his apostles “He who hears you hears me” — and the apostles unambiguously describe homosexual acts as sinful. These biblical texts are not ambiguous, and they are consistent across every biblical era. They support the Church’s proper conclusion as stated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

Basing itself on sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, [Genesis 19:1-29; Romans 1:18ff; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; 1 Timothy 1:10; inter al.] tradition has always declared that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved (2357).

There are too many people today who think they have a perfect right to simply reinvent God, ignoring what he has plainly revealed. This refashioned God, amazingly, just happens to agree with them about everything! We used to call this practice of creating one’s own god and worshipping it “idolatry.” In this age of euphemisms and double-speak, we prefer terms such as “the god of my own understanding,” or “the god I know,” or “the god within.” But let’s be honest. Imaginings are just that. They are not real. We are dealing here with fake gods, not the real God, who has revealed himself and his teachings in sacred Revelation.

Revelation is an important word. The Scriptures are not our words about God; they are his Word to us. In them he says, in effect, “This is who I am. This is what I have set forth as true. Here is what I expect of you and what you are called to be. Whatever your thoughts are, make sure you conform them to what I have revealed.”

Buttigieg and those who share his views assert, in effect, that they are free to think what they want, to do what they please, and then to decide that God approves. Many even feel righteous as they do so. They do not recognize the immense pride they exhibit by casting aside millennia of teaching revealed by God himself, replacing it with their own views, and then slapping God’s imprimatur on it. This is naked pride disguised as tolerance and modernity.

Again, I must respectfully but firmly say that the god to whom Buttigieg is growing closer through his disordered behavior is not the God who has revealed himself in the Scriptures. It is some other god, perhaps even a demon clothed in the garments of false compassion masquerading as a god. Pretending that God is happy with what he has consistently condemned as sinful is a fantasy. Thus, I respectfully and sincerely warn that his god is imaginary at best and a demon at worst.

Buttigieg continued:

[Read the rest of this article at the NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER]


And then we have the notorious Fr. (?) James Martin SJ, who also thinks he has “the perfect right to reinvent god”…


The Perfidious Fr. Martin Strikes Again

by Brian Williams on ‘LITURGY GUY’

The perfidious Fr. James Martin, SJ is at it again. His unrelenting advocacy for the secular, militant, LGBT agenda continues during this era of the “Who am I to judge?” Francis papacy.

In his latest stunt, and in response to an LGBT protest in Poland last month, Fr. Judas James Martin has once again resorted to a straw man argument, concluding multiple tweets on the topic with the question:

Are Mary and Jesus only for straight people?

Martin doesn’t care that no one believes this. He understands that no one is arguing that Our Lord and His Blessed Mother are “only for straight people”, whatever that even means. However, when one has an agenda to promote as Fr Martin does, tilting at windmills is far easier than refuting natural law, sacred scripture, and the Catholic Church.

As is always the case, Fr. Martin sees issues of same-sex attraction purely in temporal terms. What you do not find in his tweets is any hint of the supernatural or concern for the salvation of souls.

Fr. Martin instead seeks affirmation of the agenda by couching it in language which (intentionally) conflates the sin with the sinner.

By now we all know that Fr. Martin can’t stop talking, writing, lecturing, and tweeting about all things LGBT. One quick look at his Twitter account proves that. But it also reveals something else much more concerning.

The perfidious Fr. Martin has over 243,000 followers on Twitter. And this is why his antics are newsworthy. Bishop Robert Barron, considered by many to be the leading Catholic media personality among clergy, has (at 141,000 followers) 100,000 fewer than Martin. In other words, Fr. Martin’s audience and influence is significant and far reaching.

Hopefully no one is holding their breath waiting for the bishops to denounce Fr. Martin. To the contrary, and as I’ve written about before, many are endorsing his work.

No, protecting the faithful from perfidious and predatory priests is not a strong suit of this generation of bishops. This is sad because I know many wonderful and holy priests who do not hesitate to condemn Martin’s dangerous agenda.

For we the laity, we must continue to shine a light on the darkness, on those who would remake the Church in the image of the world. And we must pray.


Thank you Msgr. Pope and Brian Williams (Liturgy Guy) for pointing out the lies, manipulations and stunning arrogance of public “perfidious” faggots who believe they have the right to twist Sacred Scripture to fall in with their evil disordered ideas and filthy practices. Remember Jesus’ dire warning (Lk. 17:2) to those who spread scandal, causing others to stumble? Truly these men, and the clergy who support them, are heading straight for hell right now and are in desperate need of prayers.

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3 Responses to “There are too many people today who think they have a perfect right to reinvent God”

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  2. I appreciate the clarity of this argument and the links to idolatry. St Paul explains that people are given over to unnatural lusts due to idolatry. This explanation of idolatry in the modern context makes a lot of sense. It also explains why so many are falling for it! May God protect us and our families.


  3. David says:

    ,I gave up reading Father Martin, once I realized this is the same thing he has been advocating since he became Father Gay Is Ok. The perverse thinking that sexualizes friendship between men is destroying this culture.


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