Unbelievable Secular Horrors In Store for the Rebuilding of Notre Dame?

Important UPDATE below. Please sign the petition.


From France Architecture News come a variety of startling proposals for the rebuilding of Notre Dame in Paris after the mysterious fire of 15th April destroyed the roof and spire of this magnificent cathedral, and part of the interior. So far there do not appear to be any ideas from the team of architects commissioned to design the rebuilding of Notre Dame that include traditional, orthodox Catholic beliefs. I would love to be proved wrong in this, so please let us know if you hear of any.  [NB.- The parts marked in bold below, to emphasise the secular worldly nature of the proposals, are mine.]

UMA Proposes Swimming Pool At The Roof Of Notre-Dame As “A New Meditative Public Space”

Stockholm-based architecture firm Ulf Mejergren Architects (UMA) has proposed a giant swimming pool that spans the whole roof of the Notre-Dame cathedral which was exposed to a devastating fire on April 15, 2019.

During the fire, the roof of the cathedral was severely damaged and the spire collapsed in front of the crowd. Following this heart-wrenching fire, the French government announced that they would launch an international competition soon to design a new spire that “is adapted to the techniques and the challenges of our era”.

However, although the international competition has not officially been announced yet, international architects started to work on their proposals for the roof of the Notre-Dame to imagine the historic structure in futuristic and contemporary additions.

UMA’s proposal draws attention more to “publicness” of the cathedral and a giant swimming pool spans the whole structure as “a new meditative space with unmatched views over Paris.”




Then we also have this worldly “environment-friendly” option:

Miysis Proposes Fully-Glazed Roof And New Spire For Notre-Dame Cathedral

Belgian visualization design studio Miysis has reimagined the roof and spire of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, following the news that the France government will launch an international competition to design a new spire for the cathedral.

The studio proposed a fully-glazed roof that could respect both the original style of this iconic building, but that at the same time would also be representative of our time.

Releases with a set of images that show the cathedral in every climate, the proposal is envisioned to preserve the dimensions and volumes of the original roof, with an almost unchanged exterior aesthetic.

Our images have no other objective than to transport you into an alternative future, which will probably never become,” said Miysis in its project description.

A positive and inspiring future, respectful of the environment, that does not hide the history of Notre Dame, that accepts the ravages of the flames and that, from the ashes, sees the rebirth of this church, a little different and even more welcoming.” […]

“They could walk quietly through the volume of the roof that Notre Dame intimates called “The Forest”. What could be more natural than paying homage to this place through a real vegetated space,” said the studio.

The interior of the roof is filled with trees and seating places that allow visitors to spend time inside to feel the structure intimately. On the ground, the floor is reminiscent of the structure that has now disappeared. This same structure, some of which were reconstructed in the same way and took their symbolic place at the four ends of the roof.




Well why not go the whole hog and make the proposed green space into a full blown forest? It appears that is also on the cards for the transformation of this magnificent cathedral, once so beloved by ancient kings, queens, saints and martyrs, pilgrims and visitors… but loved not for worldly New Age innovations like those proposed here, but for its other-worldly, transcendent beauty. A transcendent beauty that lifted the mind and heart of the soul towards God, and – far above the “environmental-friendly” here and now – finally towards Heaven. 

Vincent Callebaut Proposes Biosourced Spire And 3D Gothic Stained Glass Roof For Notre-Dame Cathedral

French ecological architect Vincent Callebaut’s firm Vincent Callebaut Architectures has reenvisioned the roof and spire of the Notre-Dame Cathedral with Gothic-styled roof and biomimetic forest.

Submitting many different proposals from all over the world, architects submit their ideas to expand the cathedral in a much more innovative ways by using today’s cutting-edge technologies, following the announcement of an international competition by the France government.

Callebaut’s design scheme presents a transcendent concept to be a symbol of a resilient and ecological future that offers the city a set of solutions. Inspired by biomimicry, the architect tries to define a common ethic for a fairer symbiotic relationship between humans and nature.  

Called Palingenesis (in Greek παλιγγενεσία, meaning “rebirth”, “regeneration”), the project aims to assimilate the venerable stone nave, to blend in naturally as a vegetal graft harmonizing in one gesture – in one single curved stroke of pencil – the roof and the spire. […]

Constructed with cross laminated timber beams pre-stressed with carbon fiber slats, the new oak frame seeks to use the minimum amount of material to ensure a low-carbon footprint while offering the greatest transparency to the cathedral. Transparency, sharing and openness to our society’s development: such are the ideas conveyed by this new, diaphanous forest of Notre-Dame, outlining the new face of the Church in the 21st century. A dynamic, agile and contemporary Church.




Have the modernists learnt nothing from their disastrous experiments they tyrannically forced on the faithful these last fifty-plus years, all justified under their revolutionary banner, “Spirit of Vatican II”? Those Masonic innovations at the time (that we realise in hindsight were part of a sinister plan to trivialize and dilute Catholic doctrine, liturgy and devotional practices) have ended up all but destroying the Church in the West. Are we now going to permit them to hammer in one of the last nails in the coffin by the deformation of Notre Dame into a bio-friendly safe space museum or recreation centre?




Stop the Disfigurement of Notre Dame!

After a fire destroyed the spire and the roof of Notre-Dame de Paris, Mr. Emmanuel Macron plans to rebuild it in a modernist fashion.

Some architects competing for the job, such as Olivier Leclercq, want to reinterpret the slender spire of Viollet-le-Duc by imagining “for example, a hole with a kind of arrow in negative from below”.

According to Professor Babeau, president of l’Institut Sapiens, “others propose to replace the boring roof providentially gone up in smoke by a magnificent greenhouse that would be a transparent secular space”.

Notre-Dame de Paris is not a laboratory for experiments in modernist architecture but a Cathedral consecrated to God for His worship.

Therefore, the only solution worthy of this jewel of Christian Civilisation is a faithful restoration to its former beauty.

Tell Mr. Emmanuel Macron and his Minister of Culture that you oppose their horrendous plans by immediately signing this petition.

Mister President,

Minister of Culture,

The commotion produced all over the world by the fire of Notre Dame and the fall of its spire generates in all countries an enthusiastic impulse to see it restored.

I learned with amazement that you are considering a “contemporary architectural gesture” for its reconstruction and that a competition of architects will be opened.

To risk introducing contemporary art in Notre Dame would disfigure this symbol of medieval art which amazes 13 million visitors every year. It would be an attack on the Christian identity of France that would taint your government forever.

I associate myself with the French who venerate Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as bequeathed to us through its nine centuries of history, asking you to give up your projects and have it restored identically as it was.

Mr. President, Mr. Minister of Culture, please be assured of my highest esteem.

Please help by signing the petition and then share the following link:




Thanks for your help!


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6 Responses to Unbelievable Secular Horrors In Store for the Rebuilding of Notre Dame?

  1. The destruction of Notre Dame cathedral – the fire couldn’t accomplish it, but the architects will.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. brianhoneill says:

    I tremble in fear at the thought of how a vengeful FATHER might retaliate, if we are in fact forced to witness the Home of His Eldest Daughter suffering such an atrocity.

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  3. kathleen says:

    I cannot help wondering how the many good French Catholics feel about these bizarre propositions, those who donated generously to the request for funds to finance renovation works of this ancient and much-loved cathedral. I bet they are horrified, and possibly angry. Let’s hope they are given a say in the final decision… but with Macron having the final word, the outlook is pretty bleak to say the least.

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  4. The thing is about the French, they won’t take it quietly if they’d don’t like it. I live in France and they’re not adverse to taking to the streets. We could learn from them. In the meantime let’s offer up our devotions that the faith as well as the Cathedral is saved here.

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  6. kathleen says:

    Please read the UPDATE below the article. Sign the petition to stop the disfigurement of Notre Dame. We must not allow an atheistic policy to deface Notre Dame.



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