Catholic Church Meltdown in Ireland

Comment:  No surprises here anymore. It’s been pretty evident for a long time that Ireland is heading the race down the fast track to a total abandonment of Catholicism. The small remnant of true Catholics in Ireland still clinging to the faith are being squeezed out. Fifty years of opening the doors wide to worldly values has brought the inevitable result: empty churches, empty seminaries, and finally, faithlessness. They have thrown off centuries of great sacrifices, and passionate love for the True Faith of the Irish ancestors, who were harshly persecuted by Protestants for their heroic loyalty.  Among those still nominally Catholic today, many refuse to abide by Church teachings and discipline, as they welcome in every new erroneous fad, thus moving further and further away from the true Church. Even Pope Francis is no longer liberal enough for these traitors to the holy priesthood:


Priests hit out at Pope’s ‘women deacon’ remarks

From The Irish Catholic

A group which represents more than 1,000 Irish priests has said Pope Francis’ comments about the status of women deacons is a “major disappointment”.

The reaction comes after the Pope revealed that the 2016 commission he appointed to study women deacons in the early Church could not reach a consensus on whether female ordination was the same as its male counterpart. “We had come to expect reactions like this from previous Popes, but we thought Francis was different, and consequently our disappointment is greater,” the Association of Catholic Priests said in response to the Pope’s comments.

“The equality of women is critical for the credibility and the future of the Church. Introducing women deacons is such a minimalist step that if he cannot move on that, there is little or no prospect of any real movement towards equality.”

The group added that the Pontiff’s remarks on female deacons “confirms that women are not good enough” and that in the eyes of the official Church, “men are more worthy than women”.

“It confirms that the Church continues to be a clerical hierarchical patriarchy. It confirms that injustice is built into the heart of the Church. This is an enormous blow to reforming the Church and bringing it into the 21st Century.”


Poor misguided fools! Do they not know that the Bride of Christ is way above the times, “always ancient, always new”?


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9 Responses to Catholic Church Meltdown in Ireland

  1. The times look bleak, true. In Ireland and elsewhere. But Michael Matt of The Remnant newspaper offers some encouragement in this video:


  2. brianhoneill says:

    I disagree with your assessment of the remnant of those of us ‘true’ catholics dying out. In fact prayer groups both North and South are on the increase and I see a small but growing trend of young catholics attending Latin Mass.
    We may be small in number but true Catholicism is very much alive, vibrant and growing.

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  3. John says:

    Don’t you wish these pagans would just go and take their ignorance with them?

    I guess now the have achieved abortion they are held back on this ‘women’s rights’ issue. I notice how readily they essentially admit that this is just a step in their push for allowing women to be the groom in personam


  4. Crow says:

    Rest assured, the congregations have left the Church In Ireland, but it was not the Catholic Church they left. Brianhoneill pointed out the truth – the Catholic Church is still there, with prayer groups and traditional Mass goers. The ones who have left were the product of V2, which was a cobbled together compromise imposed from the top. These priests are part of that generation. I’m with John – wish they would go and take all the modern improvers with them.

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  5. kathleen says:

    @ brianhoneill

    Thanks for that very encouraging news from Ireland, Brian!
    We should not have left the article on such a grim note, as though there were no ray of hope for a rebirth of the Glorious Catholic Faith. There is indeed! For Catholicism is the essence of the whole being and history of the beloved Emerald Isle, land of saints, martyrs and missionaries. It will surely flourish again one day once the snakes the old V2 progressives have all passed away.

    My father’s family hailed from Ireland (Tipperary and Dublin mainly), and although I have never lived there myself I have visited often and I am member of a traditional Catholic Irish Facebook group. There is no doubt that things are pretty bad, secularism and indifference on one side and open hostility to the Church on the other*. But you are right: among the younger generation – the ones who will carry the baton forwards in the future – there is a great fighting spirit, and love for traditional Catholic values and the holy Latin Liturgy.

    * The renowned Franciscan friar of the renewal, Fr Benedict Groeschell, once remarked that in all his travels throughout Europe he had never seen such pure hatred for the Catholic Church as that which he’d encountered in Ireland!!

    Have you heard of the annual Chartres pilgrimage at Pentecost? It’s an amazing and wonderful spiritual uplift, comprised mainly of young traditional Catholics from all over the world. There is always a chapter of great youngsters from Ireland. Join us 🙂!

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  6. kathleen says:

    @ Crow

    The ones who have left [the Church] were the product of V2, which was a cobbled together compromise imposed from the top.

    That’s the sad truth, but one could ask why Ireland in particular has been so badly affected by the bad fruits of the aftermath of V2.
    Perhaps it also had something to do with the sexual abuse scandals in the clergy (also a result of laxity in Catholic moral teaching post V2 and rampant infiltration of homosexuals into the seminaries) that were pretty bad in Ireland. The majority of innocent Irish priests and bishops saw themselves tarred with the same filthy brush of suspicion. This caused many great distress, some abandoned the Priesthood, while others started to take a back seat, no longer speaking out in public to defend Catholic values.


  7. It is sad to me to think that these ‘progressives’ are so narrow as to think that unless a woman is called a deacon she is ‘not equal’ or not ‘worth as much’! As if worldly recognition had any meaning!! Oh no, in contrast, I think ours is the beautiful path and God has deigned appropriately, knowing our gifts and focussing them where they are needed. Our many roles are no less important. Is Mary less important than the saints or apostles? The progressives need to learn about transformative leadership and stop trying to run after ‘titles’ and ‘roles’.
    It is also interesting that Our Lady gave the apparition at Knock, Ireland, as if to herald in exactly what would be under attack and what would be important to cling to, in these times. The prayers of a small faithful army can save a nation. Never give up on the conversion of Ireland!


  8. brianhoneill says:

    Kathleen, if you haven’t already done so read Sam Guzman’s recent article titled,
    “Hopeful words from a future Catholic priest”.
    It uplifts the soul. 🙂
    God Bless,


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