The Jesuits officially embrace Communism

From  Rorate Caeli:

When your once-great religious order is dying, and the face of your magazine is James Martin, LGBTSJ, you may as well jump off the cliff.

America magazine, the journal of the U.S. Jesuits, has just published an essay by its Toronto correspondent entitled “The Catholic Case for Communism.”


Its Jesuit editor has an accompanying piece attempting to say America magazine does not necessarily endorse communism just because it has published a lengthy essay in favor of communism.  This is a laughable argument, considering the magazine or website does not publish pieces favoring, for instance, the traditional Latin Mass.  In fact, even when it publishes an article favoring something traditional, such as the Latin language, it must contain socially leftist remarks in the piece.  This is the only way an essay gets published in America magazine.

The reality is America magazine now has more sympathy toward communism than tradition.


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