Below we post a video from THE REMNANT that all orthodox Catholics should listen to and heed. While it could be argued that the documents of the Second Vatican Council themselves neither called for nor endorsed the sacrilegious changes in the Sacred Liturgy and Catholic devotion and piety that took place in the aftermath of the Council, nonetheless Vatican II was the catalyst that brought this diabolical revolution upon the Church. The result has been totally unprecedented: a near total destruction of the essence of Catholicism, and a crisis of faith of a magnitude that not even the instigators of the evil revolution called Vatican II could have visualized.

As Cardinals Burke and Brandmüller send letters to the College of Cardinals, warning that apostasy threatens to find its way into the tribal socialist Pan-Amazonian Synod in Rome next month, Michael J. Matt explains how October’s Synod of Bishops is on a trajectory set a half-century ago at the Second Vatican Council.

Matteo Salvini was pushed out of power in Italy last week, thanks to a Vatican-backed initiative to undermine the rosary-kissing Catholic populist who frequently called on Our Lady and the patron saints of Europe to protect Italy’s sovereignty, soul and borders.

Was Salvini too Catholic for the Vatican?

Pope Francis says that, since God wills all religions to coexist, what He expects from us is a…. brotherhood of man?  So, John Lennon was right? The Freemasons were right? George Soros is right?

Finally, hot off the “Unite the Clans” debate of last week’s “Editor’s Desk”, Michael calls for yet another hashtag. This time it’s #ToHellWithVaticanII To hell, not with the people responsible, as only God knows their hearts and so they are His to judge. Not necessarily to hell with all 16 documents, which nobody reads anyway. But to hell with the diabolical EVENT of Vatican II — its legacy of revolution, its fundamental rupture with Tradition, and its evil spirit which has decimated the Church, wrecked the Roman Rite, left the faith of hundreds of millions in shambles, and paved the way for outrages such as the Sham-Is-On Synod.

We’ve all been thinking it for years. It’s time to just say it: To hell with Vatican I!

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