Psychiatrist To Bergoglio’s Priests Who Sought Help: “I Need to Treat Your Archbishop”

This revelation from an acclaimed psychiatrist explains much towards understanding the twisted mind of Francis.

Pope Francis answers questions from journalists aboard his flight from Antananarivo, Madagascar, to Rome Sept. 10, 2019. (CNS photo)

Henry Sire, the author of  “The Dictator Pope”, commented on Twitter (September 13) Pope Francis’ words on the flight from Mozambique to Rome, that his [own] critics may have psychological problems and should be treated kindly.

Sire observes that Francis, in his remarks, often reveals his own personality, because “it was Bergoglio who was seeing a psychiatrist while he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires.”

Sire also recalls the Buenos Aires priests who sought treatment from a well-known Argentinean psychiatrist because of the “merry dance” Bergoglio was leading them.

However, the psychiatrist told them, “I can’t treat you, to solve your problems I would need to treat your Archbishop.”

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4 Responses to Psychiatrist To Bergoglio’s Priests Who Sought Help: “I Need to Treat Your Archbishop”

  1. Because he bullied them? He DOES mess with your head though, doesn’t he?If you try to think well of him and give him the benefit of the doubt, and maybe respect- because he has authority… you might find yourself in knots.

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  2. Mary Anne says:

    I don’t understand why someone in authority doesn’t intervene … in light of evidence like this, and, with the way the former psychiatric patient, the Pope, conducts himself at present. His actions and his words are bizarre. He lies. He twists truths. He refers to “sins below the belt” … This is crazy! But then again, as Archbishop Vigano stated in his last words to us, the church is under attack by freemasonry. Freemasons do not fool around when an enemy seems to be gaining ground … like a journalists hot traditional writings,, or a Priest or Bishop preaching Truth. They play for keeps like the devil does. Is that what they are all afraid of? A horrible death? Loss of their benefits? They should know that we laity support them and will come to their aid. We need Catholics like those who died in the Colosseum. Our Lady of Fatima come to our aid + Your prophecies are playing out and those who should speak remain silent …

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  3. Mary Anne says:

    I see that Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider are calling for fasts and prayers … Good for them! Let’s all get behind them and do what they ask! God bless them. Thank you for your leadership!!

    [Moderator writes: That is correct, Mary Anne. We posted about Cdl. Burke and Bishop Schneider’s call to all Catholics for a Crusade to fast and pray a daily decade of the Rosary. We must storm heaven to come to our aid and protect the Church from the heretical proposals planned at the coming Amazon Synod.]

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  4. Yes, Mary is right in every way on this. We also might need to pray for healing for those hurt or whose lives were destroyed by this Anti-pope throughout his lifetime. To see a psychiatrist, they were hurting a lot.


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