Really Pope Francis? Must We Obey the United Nations and the Evil it Commands?

So here we go again… environmentalist, anti-Catholic Jorge Bergoglio who sits on the Chair of Saint Peter is telling us that we must obey the UN and its evil agenda of ungodly laws. This is blatant apostasy from the Catholic Faith. “Our Father, Who Art in Heaven … Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil. Amen”

United Nations headquarters: seat of the Illuminati

Pope Francis: “Man Must Obey the UN”

by David Martin

2000 years ago, Christ instituted the Roman Catholic Church with the commission that it enlighten all peoples on the path of salvation and provide a sure means of attaining it. As Christ sees it, the Roman Catholic Church is the one central world authority to which all peoples should be subjugated. In 1945, the archenemies of Christianity founded the United Nations with the objective of destroying Christianity and submerging the world’s peoples under the tyranny of communistic one-world government. The U.N. today is that central world force that is generating the present day revolt against the Faith, with special emphasis on children’s rights, feminist rights, abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, and all the Masonic rights that were created to separate man from God. The U.N. asserts that these “rights” are to be respected everywhere by all peoples. Pope Francis agrees. During a September 10 press conference on route to Rome from Madagascar, the pope insisted that when the United Nations speaks, man must listen. “When we acknowledge international organizations and we recognize their capacity to give judgment, on a global scale—for example the international tribunal in The Hague, or the United Nations—If we consider ourselves humanity, when they make statements, our duty is to obey … We must obey international institutions. That is why the United Nations were created.”

So according to Francis, when the U.N. says that homosexuals must be free to express their sexual orientation and that women must be guaranteed their right to abortion, the world must obey. Hard to believe? Let us not forget that the pope on several occasions has invited U.N. abortion advocates like Jeffery Sachs and Ban Ki moon to speak at the Vatican. As they see it, the Church’s duty is to help make “mother earth” a safer place through population control and the Vatican on April 29, 2015, even adopted the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which include contraception, abortion, and euthanasia. Since his election, the pope has advocated that we look to these global elite masters for our instruction, as expressed in his encyclical Laudato Si: “There is urgent need of a true world political authority.” Wasn’t the authority of the King of kings good enough? The U.N. is the infamous brood of vipers that is perverting the nations and bringing them to a collision course, so why is Francis commending his flock to them?

Rooted in the Talmud

Let us take a closer look that these infernal elite masters that Francis adulates. The cult of the Grand Masters goes back to the time of the Pharisees with their practice of sorcery and their murder of the Christ. The written form of the Pharisaic tradition is the Talmud, penned by the descendants of the Pharisees in the fourth century, which forms the backbone of modern Judaism and which hurls the most hateful and pornographic insults against Jesus Christ, even condemning Him to hell to boil in His own excrement. The Talmudic cult has come up through the ages as the key persecutor of religion, though it formerly wasn’t known by any particular name other than “pagan” or “infidel.” The name “Illuminati,” signifying “light bearer,” was first used by a 15th century German sect that claimed to possess the “light” of Lucifer.

The Illuminati

The movement then assumed a more structured form in 1776 with the founding of the Illuminati in Germany by Adam Weishaupt, a Jewish philosopher and Talmudist. He supposedly converted and became a priest of the Jesuit order, but after being expelled from the ranks he harbored a vicious hatred against God and the Roman Catholic Church, and thence he was committed to founding a global system that would war against Christ and subjugate the world’s peoples to the authority of a world government run by a small financial elite. Meanwhile, Mayer Amschal of the Rothschild banking dynasty was in search of a way to establish world control through his financial empire, being a Talmudist himself. He knew that in order for his dark empire to succeed, the Catholic Church with its illuminating force would have to be destroyed. In 1773 he met with Weishaupt, and seeing his sinister ambitions he commissioned him to formulate a system that would advance his own aspirations, and in turn he vowed to financially support Weishaupt’s war against religion.

Hence we saw the birth of the Illuminati which, from that point, would labor incessantly to replace the institutionalized Order of God with its own. The Illuminati would then be the foundation of all anarchist movements to follow, including the French Revolution of 1789 and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia (1917) that was funded by Jacob Schiff and the Rothschilds in New York.

Revolution indeed is on tap for mankind if there isn’t a universal return to God and His Divine Laws. The plan of globalists is to create a global state of emergency through revolution, but this can be foiled through prayer and a concerted effort to expose this diabolical plan.

The Illuminati banks on its secrecy for success. When certain people started growing wise to their secret plotting in the 1800s, members found it necessary to camouflage their existence in order to keep the public in the dark, so they began operating under different names in different parts of the globe.

The Council on Foreign Relations

Hence the Council on Foreign Relations was born. Founded in 1921, the CFR is nothing more than the North American branch of the Illuminati. Their plan is to crumble the U.S. so that we will eventually be forced to merge with their new-world government, whereby our nation’s sovereignty will be nullified.

Admiral Chester Ward, a former Judge Advocate of the U.S. Navy, was a CFR member for sixteen years before resigning in disgust. He said: “The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence, and submergence into an all-powerful one-world government.”

United Nations Drafted by the CFR

It was the Council on Foreign Relations that drafted the United Nations in 1945. A group of CFR members in the State Department calling themselves the Informal Agenda Group conceived the idea of the U.N. They played their advantage knowing that the proposal of a “world peace-keeping organization” would go over big in the wake of all the heartbreaks of World War II. They drafted the original plan and secured the approval of President Roosevelt, a secret society initiate himself, who then made establishing the U.N. his highest postwar priority. At the UN’s founding meeting in San Francisco in 1945, forty-seven of the American delegates were CFR members. Speaks volumes!

David Rockefeller, the long-time Chairman of the CFR had this to say in 2002 about his aspirations: “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” (Memoirs, pg. 405)

Rockefeller was the former invisible head of this secret government that is now bearing down on the west and reducing it to a socialist state. Obama acted as visible head of this cabal in North America. His assignment was to execute its internationalist design for “change.” Francis Executing Internationalist Plan Pope Francis advocates this very change, which has elicited praise from globalists the world over. There isn’t a communist or Freemason today who isn’t in praise of Francis. For instance, In July 2013, commemorating his friend and late Cardinal Ersilio Tonini, the Masonic Grand Master Gustavo Raffi (Grand Orient of Italy) launched this tribute to Pope Francis: “Humanity today is poorer and poorer, as is also the Catholic Church. But the one of Pope Francis is a church that promises to be respectful of the otherness and to share the idea that the secular state promotes peace and coexistence of different religions.” On September 21, 2013, during the celebrations by the Freemasons of the Grand Orient of Italy, the Grand Master Gustavo Raffi also stated, inter alia: “Pope Francis launches messages of humanity that are in tune with what we have been saying for years. He also invites people to come out of the catacombs and not to withdraw but to witness among the different peoples to one’s own values [i.e. personal aspirations], in speaking to society. The reflections should not be limited to today but should build the future. This is a living Masonry, talking to people [in a dialogue].”

On and on the praises go, the reason being that this pope from the beginning has done the bidding of Freemasons to down-talk Church tradition, even dubbing “schismatic” those who hold tenaciously to the old teachings, while continually emphasizing that we move forward with the change of ecumenism that Freemasons have advocated for three centuries.

Perhaps this pope is confused, naïve, or bound by Masonic extortion, but he cannot bow to Jesus Christ and to global elite masters at the same time. He cannot join the new church of man and at the same time be Roman Catholic. Contrary to what Francis says, doctrine is simply “this or that way,” and this doctrine never changes. It is man who must always change to please God, and the change that Christ requires of the hierarchy right now is that they reject modernism and restore the Church to its former position of honor as it stood before Vatican II. For Satan infiltrated the Council through the Freemasons and engendered the new order of change—a change that is fast coming to a head under Francis—so our duty as Catholics is to resist this new order of temptation and to remain ever faithful under siege, remembering the exhortation of St. Paul for withstanding these days of Antichrist: “Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle.” (2 Thessalonians 2:14)

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3 Responses to Really Pope Francis? Must We Obey the United Nations and the Evil it Commands?

  1. What Catholics Believe

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  2. JabbaPapa says:

    This article which gets off to a good start becomes purely ridiculous once it starts going on about all of that “illuminati” conspiracy theory stuff.

    If it had stuck to the freemasons and to the Cultural Marxism that the West seems to be succumbing to, and perhaps even to the so-called “liberation theology”, I might have been lest hostile ; but once you start earnestly typing stuff about “illuminati” you might as well simply type “I am a whackjob conspiracy theorist” as far as I’m concerned …

    Though the Rockefellers certainly are the most ghastly people you can think of, and they have been involved in a multi-generational semi-covert conspiracy against the classical ethics and morals generally, and so therefore against the Church.


  3. Luis C. Rodrigues Coelho says:

    JPII isn’t a modernist pope, not is B16; As for bergoglio, he is an ecclesiastical freemason..The text failed to mention that above any of the conspirators mentioned, there is the synagogue of satan…This synagogue created both capitalism and communism and has been using the Hegelian dialect of balance of powers to fool the world, weaken nations to gradually build a global dictatorship


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