Francis‘ “Make-a-Mess” Amazon Synod

Taken from varied Catholic articles, comments and tweets on the pagan/pantheistic Amazon Synod.

On the 4th October, feast of the great lover of God, St Francis of Assisi, and two days prior to the start of the dreaded Synod, Pope Francis with Cardinal Cardinal Cláudio Hummes and other clerics celebrated a tree-planting ceremony in the Vatican Gardens, a sort of preview kick-off for the Amazonian Synod. It featured a sort of tribal picnic blanket on which were placed various native statues and objects that were moved around amidst pagan chants and rattles by painted, featheredAmazon Indians.





Now we know what these some of these strange objects were:
The large pregnant female = Amazon idol Yacy, the Moon goddess
The smaller pregnant female = Amazon idol Ruda, goddess of love
The enthusiastic male figure with phallus = Guaracy, god of the Sun
Yacy is self-generating, doesn’t need a male
Ruda can copulate with Guaracy.

This is sheer paganism. Our pope presided over, and blessed, a pagan ritual where false gods were worshipped and called upon.
He is no doubt infested with demons himself.

This ritual is pagan, demonic, and those poor people are left ignorant by intention. They cling to the demonic idols of their ancestors because no one has evangelized them, taught them the Gospel. All the money to support priests in the Amazon and they are encouraged to stay pagan. Why convert?

Finally, life imitates Monty Python: “The BBC would like to announce that the next scene is not considered suitable for family viewing. It contains scenes of violence, involving people’s heads and arms getting chopped off, their ears nailed to trees, and their toenails pulled out in slow motion. There are also scenes of naked women with floppy breasts, and also at one point you can see a pair of buttocks and there’s another bit where I’ll swear you can see everything, but my friend says it’s just the way he’s holding the spear.”


Cardinal Raymond Burke has come out and blasted the Amazonian Synod as a direct attack on Jesus Christ while lamenting the misuse of the Synod to try to change both the doctrines and disciplines of the Catholic Church.

According to Archbishop Viganò, ‘Christ is absent’ from the Synod’s working document. German Cardinal Walter Brandmüller openly says it contains “heresy” and approaches “apostasy.”

Day One of the Synod – during which open attacks on the priesthood were expected – the first thing the head of the meeting, Card. Baldisseri, announced is that the cassock is optional for the members. The bishops applauded. These are the sorts of folks staging this synod– 1960’s refugees who never grew up.

Throughout history, anti-Catholicism and anti-clericalism has specifically targeted the cassock for a great share of its fear and hatred. In some places the cassock could get you killed.

To the laity the cassock and the full habit speak. They say here is something not of this world, something connected to the supernatural. The cassock and the habit speak to discipline and prayer, a life lived for God. The laity live for God while living secular lives, the priest and religious live a life with a total commitment to God. It’s so mysterious, and it attracts, in a way a shirt and tie can’t ever, or a polyester jumpsuit.

From the 2013 Directory on the Life and Ministry of Priests: “[I]n its form, colour and dignity the cassock is most opportune, because it clearly distinguishes priests from laymen and makes people understand the scared nature of their ministry, reminding the priest himself that forever and at each moment he is a priest ordained to serve, teach, guide, and sanctify souls mainly through the celebration of the sacraments and the preaching of the Word of God. Wearing ecclesiastical attire is also a safeguard for poverty and chastity.”

Next came an unflattering comparison between the biretta and the feather headdresses of the Amazonian Indians,, with the traditional Catholic priestly biretta (symbol of the priest’s faithfulness to his calling as shepherd of souls) taking a bit of a bashing. Sycophantic bishops present at the Synod applauded once again!

If they don’t know the difference between a pagan headdress and a biretta, then there is little hope for them.

There are “issues” here, my friends.  “Issues” underlying this obsession to ridicule our heritage.

Next on the table up for discussion is expected to be “deaconesses”, but let’s remember how three days before the Amazon Synod opened Cardinal Müller, in a statement to LifeSiteNews, said that it is “certainly without doubt” that Saint John Paul II’s 1994 teaching on the impossibility of women receiving the Sacrament of Holy Orders in each of the three degrees is a “dogma” of the Faith of the Catholic Church.

John Paul II declared in his 1994 apostolic letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis that the Church has “no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church’s faithful.”

Stated Cardinal Müller: “It is certainly without doubt, however, that this definitive decision from Pope John Paul II is indeed a dogma of the Faith of the Catholic Church and that this was of course the case already before this Pope defined this truth as contained in Revelation in the year 1994.”

“The impossibility that a woman validly receives the Sacrament of Holy Orders in each of the three degrees is a truth contained in Revelation and it is thus infallibly confirmed by the Church’s Magisterium and presented as to be believed,” he added.

Cardinal Müller made this comment in reaction to a recent claim made by Bishop Erwin Kräutler, one of the key organizers of the Amazon Synod, that John Paul II’s teaching about the impossibility of female priests was “not a dogma.”

So even dogmas of the Church are up for grabs amongst these wolves that have infiltrated the Holy Bride of Christ. And this is only the opening so far. A whole month left…

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5 Responses to Francis‘ “Make-a-Mess” Amazon Synod

  1. This is the best article yet on this atrocious demon worshipping opening ritual. I live in fear for all Christians, especially Catholics. This man is very very dangerous. The Synod is going to start off the apostasy in to the 1W religion. We won’t see it fully materialise until the AC appears. All is being fulfilled quickly now- with demons in full sight. This is one of the only sites calling it out for what it is. God bless you all. Get prepared. Not one prophecy will remain unfulfilled. Although God seems to tarry, it will not be so in reality.

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  2. kathleen says:

    Another good priest, one we have mentioned here before, Fr Mark Goring, has spoken out in defence of the Church’s teachings in view of the danger they are being opened to at this outrageous Amazon Synod. LINK.

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  3. The Holy Father prayed the Lord’s prayer, which is a prayer for all people, which Jesus taught His disciples and although the ritual is no doubt odd, the aims of the Synod are to address urgent and life threatening issues in the Amazon Basin and the Rainforest. This area is fast disappearing and we have a stewardship of the Earth and indigenous people who we in the West have long exploited and who need our help and protection and help to grow into sustainable communities, to benefit from their own local resources and to be independent. We may believe this ritual to be of concern and you are correct our first duty is to show the example of Christ and to preach the Word, but we must also minister to the needs of local people. The Mass is celebrated all over the world and local traditional elements have always been incorporated, that is how the Church survived for 2000 years.

    Many of the people you call pagans at this ritual were in fact Brazilian Catholics and there were elements which are Catholic, not pagan. Saint Francis himself in his Canticle to the Sun, incorporated in a modern hymn of praise sung at Mass, mentioned various parts of nature as brother or sister, although his ultimate honour was to God. He was called a friend of Christ, not a pagan. I doubt very much that a few odd ceremonies will transform the Holy Father into being filled with demons or cause the downfall of the Catholic Church. Our world is falling apart. We have an ecological crisis and all people are worried about are two little female statues on a boat, representing maybe local goddesses or as many believe Our Lady of the Amazon and Saint Elizabeth.

    The first Mass in Brazil was celebrated in the middle of hundreds of curious native people. Should the holy missionaries have sent them away or should they have done as they did, reach out, accept them as they were and teach them the truth? Yes, some of these native people still honour their old gods and that is to be rejected but many honour Jesus and native dress and differences does not equate to paganism. Nor is it heresy as if they are not baptised, they can’t be heretical. As to the symbols of paganism within the Catholic Church: will you remove the Christmas trees from every parish this Christmas, which is a pagan festival. What about the holly bush which we take to represent the new life and blood of Jesus but are pagan symbols? What about the holy festival of Lent, which we use as a time of repentance and praying and fasting, but which is in fact the New Spring and Easter was to the Celts this as well. Easter we know also coincided with Passover and is the time of our salvation and deliverance through the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus, but again it had other meanings. Saint Boniface used the evergreen trees to explain the Holy Trinity to the Saxons, yet it is still an early pagan symbol. Water we use in baptism but water has also been used in very ancient ways as symbolic of life. The Church adapted and gave new meaning to many things and every ancient culture had a mother and child symbol. Yes, of course Mary as the Mother of Jesus is the only true Mother, the God bearer as the Greeks called her, our intercession with Jesus, and I am not saying she is the same as ancient mythology. However, people used these to illustrate what they were talking about and to bring people of many traditions and cultures and strange ways to the truth in Christ Jesus Our Lord and Saviour.

    We cannot dismiss the impact that the people of the Amazon witnessing the sacrifice of the Eucharist during the many Holy Masses said or sung during this Synod. Instead of condemnation we should reach out in love and mercy. At the end of the day these are all Children of God and our brothers and sisters and we must love them. Yes, it may be a slight concern that they shared a ceremony of their own, but this was a small part of a wider celebrations and praying to highlight the plight of both Catholic and none Catholic indigenous people in the Amazon, which is in danger of vanishing. The Church there also has problems of ministry. There is no reason married men should not join the priesthood, if single men are not available. The Church only made this a rule in the 12th century. It is not forbidden in Scripture. It is merely preferred. Let us pray that all at this much needed Synod protect and profess their faith and have the opportunity to minister to those present. Let us pray for understanding that is loving and merciful and a dialogue which does not follow the hatred currently being flung about on social media. I understand many people are angry, but please don’t let your anger lead you to sin and to hatred. The Holy Father has not abandoned the faithful and I believe there is room for love and acceptance without damaging ones own faith in Christ and His Holy Catholic Church.



  4. John A. Kehoe says:

    I* am so glad that the form of clericalism which has prevailed since the Council (i.e. one in which the laity was expected to stand mute while clerics inflicted an endless round of unwelcome dilutions of the Faith upon us) is finally crumbling. The laity has always been the ultimate guardian of orthodoxy.

    *John’s original post has been substantially improved upon.

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  5. You cannot and should not mix paganism with Catholicism. It’s called Syncretism. It’s forbidden by God in the 1st Commandment. It doesn’t matter what one’s own opinion is. Read God’s opinion of this in the Bible. In the name of true love and charity, we call out everything dangerous and damaging to souls.


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