MAJOR VATICAN EVENT: Schneider, Burke Speak During Amazon Synod

New from RTV in Rome. . .

a better burke

Michael Matt reports on a major event that took place just across from the Vatican Press Office here in Rome this week: The launch of a new book-length interview of Bishop Athanasius Schneider that covers everything from the current pontificate, to Vatican II, to Archbishop Lefebvre’s role in the resistance, to the Society of St. Pius X and even the role of Freemasonry.

People often complain that we need to “do something” about what’s happening in Rome. Well, here it is!

a good burke

In the middle of the Amazon Synod, Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider—the two most outspoken ecclesiastical critics of the Amazon Synod—collaborated in the launching of a book published by Diane Montagna (one of the most traditional Catholic vaticanistas in Rome) in the presence of Cardinals Muller and Arinze, at an event covered by several topnotch Vatican journalists and member of the press (including The Remnant) at which Roberto de Mattei delivered a call to arms for the ages and the “Papal Posse’s” own Father Gerald Murray served as enthusiastic emcee.



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2 Responses to MAJOR VATICAN EVENT: Schneider, Burke Speak During Amazon Synod

  1. John A. Kehoe says:

    I don’t know why I keep getting email from CP&S. Please now take me off your list of correspondents.

    [The Raven Writes: Sadly we are unable to take you off our list of correspondents, as we don’t have a list – this is a subscription that you yourself manage. If you log in to WordPress and select your icon (top right of the page) you should get a screen showing a list of options, this will appear in the bottom left hand corner. Select ‘Notification Settings’ and then ‘Subscriptions’. You should be able to disable emails from there.]

  2. johnhenrycn says:

    “Sadly we are unable to take you off our list of correspondents…”

    Sadly. Double entendre: noun – linguistics. A word or expression capable of two interpretations – one usually risqué.

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