Te Deum Laudamus – Idols at the center of the #AmazonSynod, displayed at Santa Maria in Traspontina, thrown into the Tiber.


BUT …. one remains in the Synod Hall under the protection of Francis

If only a brave synod father or member of the Swiss Guard would do the same

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13 Responses to Te Deum Laudamus – Idols at the center of the #AmazonSynod, displayed at Santa Maria in Traspontina, thrown into the Tiber.

  1. Thanks for sharing. Catholics today need to be braver than ever. Help us, Holy Spirit.


  2. johnhenrycn says:

    Blessed Pius IX was almost thrown into the Tiber too.


  3. mmvc says:

    This has made my day!


  4. johnhenrycn says:

    I see your https://www link, MMVC, but don’t have the stomach to click on it.


  5. mmvc says:

    Don’t JH, it is truly sickening. But you get the idea…

    However, this from Fr Z’s site might make you laugh:


  6. johnhenrycn says:



  7. Gee, don’t make us scared to cross the Tiber!! Great job whoever this is. I think that smashing them first or burning them may have been even better- at least in my mind. But he did what he could


  8. mmvc says:

    Here’s a new updated version of the video set to music:


  9. johnhenrycn says:

    I have a shirt exactly like the one the kidnapper is wearing in that video. Not sure – as a lector – if I should send it to my pastor: “Father, do I look fat in this”?


  10. johnhenrycn says:

    Via Crucis: New book to be released 29 October, which claims to expose the reasons behind Benedict’s resignation. Here’s a blurb translation I found:

    “A negative situation never known as a whole, and unveiled here, which makes us understand why Benedict XVI resigned. The splendor of the cardinals and the canon at zero canon, the factory of the saints, the offerings of the faithful stolen from charity, thefts and commercial scams, the black hole of pensions, the tissue and poisons of those who sabotage the vigorous revolution of the pope, between espionage, break-ins and delegitimization actions. A war, here reconstructed as in a yellow. At stake is the future of the church and its credibility in the world.”


  11. mmvc says:

    Thanks for the tip, JH.

    Infiltration by Dr Taylor Marshall has also recently been released. A most compelling ‘eye-opener’!

    It’s available for purchase on Amazon UK here and Amazon US here.


  12. Gertrude says:

    It is interesting to recall a comment made when Cardinal Pell was falsely accused in trumped up charges. The comment was .. “Follow the money”.


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