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Corrupt Cardinals raid Peter’s Pence

Vatican, Newly leaked documents reveal the scope and magnitude of the financial scandal engulfing the Vatican, implicating both Cdl. Pietro Parolin, Secretariat of State, and his deputy, Abp. Edgar Peña Parra, considered, respectively, the second- and third-most powerful men in Rome. … Continue reading

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Pachamama Drama: Vatican accuses God of violating Seventh Commandment

An opinion piece by Louie Verrecchio from Aka Catholic: As most readers are likely already aware, a video has been blazing a trail through social media today showing a man removing the infamous Pachamama statues from the Church of Santa Maria … Continue reading

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Te Deum Laudamus – Idols at the center of the #AmazonSynod, displayed at Santa Maria in Traspontina, thrown into the Tiber.

  BUT …. one remains in the Synod Hall under the protection of Francis If only a brave synod father or member of the Swiss Guard would do the same

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How an Amazon Pagan Rite Brought 48 Years of Demonic Torment, Until Christ Freed Me

By Edward Pentin at the National Catholic Register: In 1968, Jane Porter, a British Catholic, was living as an undergraduate student in Brazil but after contracting an illness, she fell victim to a “false” healing carried out by an indigenous, … Continue reading

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Synod bishops attend demonic Way of the Cross

From Gloria TV: 250 members and affiliates of the Amazon Synod, including bishops, priests and sisters, organised on October 19 a pagan Way of the Cross in the Via della Conciliazione. As expected, the naked demon Pachamama  played a prominent … Continue reading

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Reflection for the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Cycle C.

      Readings: Book of Exodus 17:8-13; Second Letter of Saint Paul to Timothy 3:14-4:2; Gospel According to Saint Luke 18:1-8 Our ancestors in the faith, the children of Israel, went forth from slavery in Egypt accompanied by the … Continue reading

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Was a demon enthroned at the Amazon Synod?

CP&S:  This is a post I take no pleasure in, or ever imagined in my long life in passing on. Whilst having the greatest respect for the Petrine Office and beseeching prayers for Pope Francis, I ask “What is happening … Continue reading

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Is It Time for an imperfect council to consider the case of an imperfect pope?

From: Roma Locutus Est – (Steven O’Reilly) – The month of October wears on, as does the Amazon Synod in Rome. While I have been following the goings on in Rome, September 30 (God rest her soul), and I … Continue reading

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Cardinal Robert Sarah: A Prophetic Voice for the Catholic Church

THE DAY IS NOW FAR SPENT By Cardinal Robert Sarah and Nicolas Diat Ignatius Press, 2019   The Day Is Now Far Spent is the third book by Cardinal Robert Sarah and his interlocutor, Nicolas Diat. Like the first two … Continue reading

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MAJOR VATICAN EVENT: Schneider, Burke Speak During Amazon Synod

New from RTV in Rome. . . Michael Matt reports on a major event that took place just across from the Vatican Press Office here in Rome this week: The launch of a new book-length interview of Bishop Athanasius Schneider … Continue reading

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How We Were.

Many of the visitors to CP&S will not remember the ceremonies of the Papal Succession in the 20th Century.Social media did not exist and such might have attracted merely a brief news headline on Pathe (or some such) news outlet. … Continue reading

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In Defense of Rigidity

from: 1Peter5 by:  David Dashiell “Clericalism has a direct consequence in rigidity. Have you never seen young priests all stiff in black cassocks and hats in the shape of the planet Saturn on their heads? Behind all the rigid clericalism … Continue reading

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Canon lawyer priest on Amazon Synod’s pagan tree-planting: ‘This is horrendous’

ROME(LifeSiteNews) — Reacting to Pope Francis’s participation in a “pagan religious ceremony” on the grounds of the Vatican, a canon lawyer said on EWTN’s The World Over that the ceremony was “horrendous” and that Catholicism is supposed to “overthrow pagan false notions,” not … Continue reading

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Saint Callistus I – October 14th

Imagine if what anybody knew about you was information that came from someone who really didn’t like you at all. And imagine if there was the added difficulty that the person who didn’t like you was also a saint! That’s … Continue reading

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Today we sing Cardinal Newman’s hymn, “Lead, Kindly Light,” which his own life embodied and faith made bold: “I do not ask to see the distant scene, one step enough for me.”

    Fr. Rutler’s Weekly Column Over forty years ago, I told a wise Protestant theologian that I had been reading the Apologia pro Vita Sua of John Henry Newman (1801-1890). He warned me that it is “a dangerous book.” That was … Continue reading

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