BREAKING: Man who threw Pachamama idol into Tiber speaks out

Alexander Tschugguel, 26, of Vienna, Austria, spoke to LifeSite co-founder John-Henry Westen. He told him, “for me, it was really bad, because I saw in those statues and in those idols…a break of the First Commandment.” Alexander says he was motivated simply by the desire to “bring pagan things out of a Catholic Church.”

Tschugguel released his own video revealing himself and explaining his decision today. You can watch that here:…

Here is Taylor Marshall’s somewhat longer and more in-depth interview with Alexander:

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4 Responses to BREAKING: Man who threw Pachamama idol into Tiber speaks out

  1. Mary Anne says:

    I’m so proud of you Mr. Tschugguel. You did more than anyone who was there, for all of us who are helpless (old age) to do anything. If I could have done something like that I would have. I was wishing something like that would happen and it did. Bravo for you and your friends. !!


  2. mmvc says:

    Here’s one of the many comments on YouTube in support of Alexander:

    “Thank you for what you did, it gives me courage to follow God’s call to enter the Catholic Church (as I am Protestant). I was thinking what’s the point of converting given what is becoming of the Roman Church? But now I know true Catholicism is out there. God bless you, I am praying for you from France.”

    By their fruits you shall know them…


  3. mmvc says:

    Yet another chance to hear from Alexander Tschugguel, this time in discussion with Michael Voris:


  4. mmvc says:

    And finally, here’s a brief bio of Alexander from GloriaTV:

    Alexander Tschugguel, 26, the Roman Pachamama killer, was baptised a Lutheran, and converted to the Church at 15. He was married this summer by Bishop Athanasius Schneider.

    Alexander is more than 2 meters tall. He is self-employed working in public relations and campaigning.

    He attends the Old Latin Mass, mostly with the Fraternity of Saint Peter. He is also attached to the Tradition-friendly priests of the Vienna Oratory St Philipp Neri.

    In the last years, he worked briefly with the conservative-reformist politicians Ewald Stadler (Austria), and Beatrix von Storch (Germany). He is close to the German family activist Hedwig von Beverfoerde working against sex-education and gender-ideology.

    In the last two years, Tschugguel has been the co-organiser of the Vienna March for Life that gathered 2,500 people in 2018 and 4,000 last month.

    In May, Tschugguel organised the Rosary for Austria, an Old Latin Mass in the baroque Vienna Karlskirche, followed by a Rosary procession through Vienna. This event is also planned for next year.


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