Feast of the Beloved Disciple, St John the Evangelist

Saint John the Evangelist is also known as Saint John the Apostle and the Beloved Disciple. He is one of the sons of Zebedee and Salome. Saint John the Evangelist was a disciple of Saint John the Baptist with his brother, Saint James the Greater, before becoming an apostle of Jesus Christ. As the Beloved Disciple, St. John the Evangelist held a special relationship with Jesus Christ. He was one of the few present at the Transfiguration, the raising of Jarius’s daughter, and at the Agony in the Garden.

St. John was one of the first to reach the tomb of Jesus after hearing of the Resurrection and he was the first to recognise the Risen Lord at Lake Tiberias.

Saint John the Evangelist was the only Apostle to not forsake the Saviour in the hour of his Passion and therefore, was made guardian of the Mother of God by Jesus and took her into his home. This was committed by Our Lord, the highest of privileges, to care for His Blessed Mother [John 19:27]. John [the “disciple whom Jesus loved”] and Peter were the first to receive the news from Mary Magdalene of the Resurrection [John 20:2], and they hastened at once to the sepulchre, and there when Peter was restrained by awe, John impetuously “reached the tomb first.”

Not a great amount of facts are known of Saint John’s doings after the Resurrection accept for a few most important points. He is attributed with having written the Fourth Gospel, three Canonical Epistles, and the Apocalypse (also known as Revelation). We know that he baptised many converts in Samaria and founded numerous churches in Asia Minor. He was imprisoned with Peter after Pentecost and his final words were “Little Children, love one another.”

Saint John, evangelist and beloved disciple of Jesus, pray for us!

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