Cardinal Burke warns of Vatican push for one-world government


Pope Francis’ call for a global educational pact at the Vatican in May 2020 is potentially an event to promote a one-world government, a leading traditionalist cardinal is warning.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, former prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, is also excoriating the Amazon Synod‘s motif of “ecological conversion” as a masonic subterfuge to advance a one-world government and the jargon of “synodal conversion” in Amazon and German synods as a deception to protestantize the Catholic Church.

The outspoken prelate is calling for more orthodox lay apostolates who can defend Catholicism because of “a tremendous spread of confusion and error in the Church” and the silence of many bishops.

Cdl. Marx and German bishops: Protestantizing the Church

Burke told The Wanderer in a Dec. 26 column that “‘ecological conversion’ is being used as an argument for a one-world government,” which is the “idea of completely secularized people who no longer recognize that the governance of the world is in the hands of God, who entrusts it to individual governments, nations, and groupings of people according to nature itself,” comparing it to the Tower of Babel.

The idea of a one-world government is fundamentally the same phenomenon that was displayed by the builders of the Tower of Babel who presumed to exercise the power of God on earth to unite heaven with earth, which is simply incorrect. What we truly need is a religious conversion, in other words, a strong teaching and practice of faith in God and obedience to the order with which He has created us.

Professor Yoram Hazony, author of The Virtue of Nationalism, affirmed Burke’s comments, saying to Church Militant: “Hebrew Scripture is utterly hostile to the idea of world empire, seeing it as usurping the place of God. Christians who have not abandoned the Old Testament understand this well. A biblical worldview is one that envisions a world of independent nations, each approaching God according to its own inheritance.”

Hazony’s groundbreaking book marshals extensive biblical evidence to refute the idea of a one-world government.

The cardinal, who in 2017 urged Francis to clarify the apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia, said he is grateful the Amazon Synod’s final document wasn’t explicitly promoting “the most egregious apostasy in the working document, namely the denial of the Lordship of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the promotion of a form of pantheism, the worship of so-called ‘Mother Earth.'”

“With regard to ‘ecological conversion,’ what I see behind this is a push for worship of ‘Mother Earth.’ In truth, our mother is not the earth — our mother is the Blessed Virgin Mary in the sense that she gave birth to our Savior. We do not have another mother, certainly not a pagan idol like the Pachamama,” Cdl. Burke said.

Nevertheless, “this kind of thinking was in the mind of many of the synod fathers,” and hence the Church needs “to be extremely cautious that no element of this pernicious apostasy enters into any kind of official document that follows,” he forewarned.

Sounding alarm bells over the methodology of “synodal conversion,” the prelate said he fears the infiltration of a “very Protestant idea of the Church,” where democratic meetings take precedence over apostolic tradition.

“No synod is binding — this is a contradiction in terms. A synod has no legislative power in the Church. The purpose of a synod is to assist the pope in teaching the Church’s doctrine more effectively and applying its discipline more fully,” he said, cautioning that a decision made by a local synod could be subversively imposed on the universal church.

Dr. Gavin Ashenden, a recent convert from Anglicanism to the Catholic Church, told Church Militant that Burke is “fully justified” in his “apprehension about a dangerous precedent of the ‘Synodal Way’ set by the Amazon and German synods.”

The lay theologian said the “creeping revisionism” to which Burke was alerting Catholics “was exactly the strategy that the progressives successfully pursued to undermine what remaining orthodoxy subsisted within Anglicanism.”

He warned:

Ecological conversion as a push for Mother Earth worship?

The technique is as simple as it is deceptive and corrosive. In Anglican terms, innovation was sold on the basis that there would be a period of discernment. The synodal process masked what was, in fact, a political campaign and not a spiritual charism. The intention of the progressives was to lie to their traditionalist opponents to lull them into a false trust and spiritual somnolence.

As happened within Anglicanism, Burke is warning that deaconesses would be used as a Trojan horse to ordain women priests: “One of the women who served on the papal commission regarding this question said openly that she and those she represents are not interested in the diaconate, but the priesthood.”

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, Pope John Paul II’s apostolic letter limiting priestly ordination to men, “was an exercise of the papal Magisterium,” said Burke. “It is firmly rooted in the unchanging tradition of the Church and continues to have doctrinal force. Women cannot be ordained to orders at any level, including the diaconate, the priesthood, and the episcopate.”

He explained further:

If one studies Church history, it is clear that the Church has never ordained deaconesses. Deaconesses were women who assisted at certain rites, for example, the baptism of women. Women never received the Sacrament of Orders for assisting at such rites. Ordination of women simply cannot be — it represents a great defect in the final document of the Pan-Amazon Synod.

Attacking Francis’ claim that “God willed a plurality of religions” as “heretical,” Burke said he is waiting for Pope Francis to clarify these remarks following the signing of the Abu Dhabi declaration. “In the meantime, Catholic universities have been ordered to teach this declaration and so the confusion continues to spread,” he lamented.

Burke insisted that the Church’s teaching on the death penalty has not changed despite Pope Francis’ insertion of a revision in the Catechism: “The Catechism of the Catholic Church is not a proper instrument to introduce such matters. It is not a tool for the proposal of new teachings.”

Moreover, “there are no new ‘ecological sins,'” he stressed. “The same Ten Commandments that the Lord God gave us on Mount Sinai are in force today.”

In his recent message for the 2020 launch of the Global Compact on Education, Pope Francis uses the word “global” six times, urging “more inclusive education.” The pope calls for an “educational village” and a “global agreement about an education” that includes ecological concern as well as “dialogue between religions.”

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3 Responses to Cardinal Burke warns of Vatican push for one-world government

  1. Change is afoot if Francis has his way and I don’t approve of it. Help us St Michael, Archangel Gabriel with the Virgin Mary to Jesus to save his church as he established it.


  2. Seems the Pope is toxic political expression and too immersed into Global politics for an obvious to me agenda and has begun promoting leftist mantras or philosophies which run contrary to the church and the teachings of Jesus Christ! I see him not as the Vicar of Christ but as the earthly political mouthpiece for the antichrist. Sorry I just see too much that tells me this is true and I hope miraculously evidence comes proving me wrong but i doubt that will happen!

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  3. Crow says:

    It is far more likely that evidence will come proving you right. Thank God for leaders such as Cardinal Burke, Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Cardinal Sarah.


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