Vatican Take-Over of Convent Fails Again

From Gloria TV:

An attempt to capture the Marradi Dominican Convent, Italy, by some Vatican officials, failed in the morning of January 10, reports.

The Vatican wants to evict the two elderly sisters and one novice and close down the place.

However, the nuns refused to open the doors. The local population came out in their defence, among them former Marradi mayor, Paolo Bassetti, a cousin of Perugia Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, the president of the Italian Bishops.

The Vatican emissaries left without having achieved anything.

The worry is that the Vatican aims at taking out one of the sisters who is considered more fragile, hoping that afterwards it will be easier to remove the other two.

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3 Responses to Vatican Take-Over of Convent Fails Again

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  2. Crow says:

    I assume that this order of nuns is conservative. That is, they do not belong to a lesbian group of Mother Earth worshippers (otherwise they would have been promoted). It must be hard for the Vatican to function today with social media – in days gone past, they could have shut the place down and none would be the wiser. After all, in pre-social media days, they brought in this novelty called Vatican II that had the amazing effect of making tens of thousands leave the orders. And we still have leaders who administer this initiative, canonising those who forced it on us, and imposing ‘evangelisation ‘ in ‘the Spirit of Vatican II’. And, at the same time, they engage in destroying the few remaining orders. Hmmm…


  3. Robert John Bennett says:

    True, the Vatican wants to take over this convent probably because the nuns are conservative, but the question also arises, “How much property and how many assets do they have?” That’s of vital importance for a cash-strapped Vatican – and pope.


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