Michael Matt to German Bishops: ‘Don’t embarrass the Fatherland again!’


Left to right: Alexander Tschugguel, Michael Matt, Roberto de Mattei, John Smeaton, Jean Smits, John-Henry Westen, Jose Ureta

The January 2020 Acies Ordinata had two parts: 1) A silent prayer demonstration just down the street from Cardinal Marx’s residence, designed to establish the prayerful and militant setting for Part 2: A press conference in which the traditional Catholic resistance was laid out for members of the press by interventions presented by Roberto de Mattei, John-Henry Westen, John Smeaton, Jeanne Smits, Alexander Tschugguel, Jose Ureta and Michael Matt, followed by an extensive Q&A session.

In this video, Michael J. Matt presents his intervention, as a German-American Catholic, against the elitism of the German Bishops Conference which would elevate German opinion over and above Scripture, Canon Law and the word of Christ Himself when it comes to questions such as women priests, celibacy and homosexual unions.

“Do not embarrass the fatherland again. Let history show that the German people objected to this ‘synodal way’ now just as Germans such as Joseph Matt, KSG stood strong against Nazism 80 years ago.” – Michael J. Matt

The fact that, for the first time, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano came out of hiding to stand and pray with the Acies Ordinata speaks to the significance of this event. His Excelleny’s presence also added considerably to the impact of the event where the Vatican is concerned.


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