Pope Seeks Public Benefits for Sodomy – Bishops Consent?

From Whispers of Restoration:

Here at Whispers, we aren’t a Catholic News Site – but this is another one of those “seriously?” moments. Please permit us.

In all gravity, Dear Bishops…

…Why aren’t any of you coming out of your cathedras at this?


Just a few days ago, Pope Francis held an Ad Limina meeting with 33 bishops from California, Nevada, and Hawaii. One of the attendants, Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco, reported of that meeting (our emphasis):

“He [Pope Francis] made important distinctions between the (sexual) orientation and the question of marriage, for example saying it was important to ensure gay couples have access to public benefits, but insisting gay couples cannot marry.”

See the rest of the Archbishop’s report at the Diocese of Orange website here.

Of course, further confirmation might be sought from the other bishops present as to whether or not Francis did in fact say something to this effect… But let’s assume the Archbishop is telling the truth.

Without even diving into the scandalous fact that a Successor of the Apostles used heavily ambiguous, ideologically loaded, philosophically and theologically preposterous terminology like “sexual orientation,” “gay,” and “gay couples” in an interview, how in the world could any Catholic have sat through such a statement, without protesting aloud in the papal chambers?

Consider, by way of contrast, Benedict XVI’s 2003 document (intended chiefly for politicians), plainly classifying the granting of civic benefits to sodomitical couples as the “approval or legalization of evil,” and further stating that:

“In those situations where homosexual unions have [already] been legally recognized or have been given the legal status and rights belonging to marriage, clear and emphatic opposition is a duty. One must refrain from any kind of formal cooperation in the enactment or application of such gravely unjust laws and, as far as possible, from material cooperation on the level of their application.” (n.5, our emphasis)

Now, back to Francis.

“Important to ensure” that sodomites have institutional aid in committing sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance? (Not those newly fabricated sins, mind you, but the actual peccata clamantia per Catholic Tradition.) Insisting that Catholic bishops work to bring this ghastly thing to pass?

Gentle Reader, take note: This is a Pope advising bishops to engage in formal cooperation with intrinsically evil acts in a public, systematic manner.

Remember that other example of the same, FutureCatholic?

Kyrie, eleison.

The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Martin (1852)

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2 Responses to Pope Seeks Public Benefits for Sodomy – Bishops Consent?

  1. Francis needs to read the Bible:

    Sirach 12 (NRSV)

    12 If you do good, know to whom you do it,
    and you will be thanked for your good deeds.
    2 Do good to the devout, and you will be repaid—
    if not by them, certainly by the Most High.
    3 No good comes to one who persists in evil
    or to one who does not give alms.
    4 Give to the devout, but do not help the sinner.
    5 Do good to the humble, but do not give to the ungodly;
    hold back their bread, and do not give it to them,
    for by means of it they might subdue you;
    then you will receive twice as much evil
    for all the good you have done to them.
    6 For the Most High also hates sinners
    and will inflict punishment on the ungodly.
    7 Give to the one who is good, but do not help the sinner.


  2. kathleen says:

    What are these cowardly silent bishops so scared of? It is their sacred duty to defend the truth and call out evil from wherever it might come… even if it happens to be from the mouth of the supposed pope. Yet instead they worry too much about their privileges, worldly esteem and temporal suffering, so remain mum!
    If they were true Apostles would they not fear eternal hellfire more than any suffering the world can throw at them?

    Certainly Cardinals Sarah and Pell (for example) are men of real faith. Their current heavy crosses for speaking out in defence of the truth will one day soon be exchanged for crowns of great glory and eternal bliss. Not so, perhaps, for those silent shepherds who give scandal in failing to care for the souls of their flock.


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