Remnant TV: Francis’ Exhortation vs Coffee with Viganò

From a mountain top is West Virginia, Michael Matt comments on Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation, which is due to be released in the next week or so.

The thing is evidently so radical that Cardinal Hummes sent out a secret letter to the world’s bishops telling them how to make sure the Exhortation is accepted by “people of good will” and all those “in communion with Pope Francis.” In other words, if you object to this latest heterodox bombshell from Francis, you’re probably not in full communion with the ‘god of surprises.’

Also in this episode, Cardinal Sarah doubles down, Mike Pence goes to the Vatican to try to convince Francis that the pro-life party in America is not his enemy, and an exclusive photo of the “Trump of Europe”–Matteo Salvini–on his knees in front of an image of the Infant Jesus (and yet where the Vatican is concerned, Salvini is the bad guy and Bernie Sanders is the good guy….go figure!).

And finally Michael relates his impression of Archbishop Viganò after having had a conversation over coffee with him recently in Germany.

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