Coronavirus Planetary Dashboard – updated every 10 minutes

From Les Femmes-The Truth:

Naomi Campbell wears a hazmat suit to catch a flight amid coronavirus outbreak

Yesterday I saw a woman in a shop wearing a face mask, blue latex gloves and a cloth raincoat (the sun was shining) buttoned up to her chin. There was no chance a COVID-19 bug was going to enter her system.

On purpose – to test her sincerity – I sidled up next to her and coughed while pretending to look at a few articles on a shelf. If she truly had been scared of getting the virus, she would have scrambled away from me, but she just stood there and continued to shop. So much for being afraid of getting Coronavirus, even though she was dressed to the nines in protection gear. I think she was wearing “all that stuff” to get attention, much like Western women suddenly dressing in hijabs wanting others to think they are Islamic. It’s for attention.

I’m not afraid of getting CV. Why? Because exactly two – TWO! – people in the entire state of Florida have (sadly) died from it. Out of 23 million people living in Florida, there are 46 confirmed CV cases, and out of those 46 people, only 2 have died. So my chances of expiring from CV look slim to none.

Here is a Coronavirus dashboard – updated every 10 minutes – to keep track of CV numbers all over the world. You can reference it to see your own area of the planet, then sit down and calculate your chances of becoming a victim.

Here is the article about 17-year-old Avi Schiffman, builder of the website. and his web scraping technology to accurately report on CV while fighting misinformation and panic.

Meanwhile, there are exactly four rolls of toilet paper in my home – and I’m having company for a week. Should be enough.

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