Prayer Resources, daily Mass streams and more from EWTN


An email from EWTN News:

As our nation and the world face the situation surrounding COVID-19, EWTN News is here to cover this health crisis faithfully every step of the way.

Unlike the secular media, EWTN News presents you with the facts without the politics, and brings our Catholic faith into our News coverage. Rather than hype and panic, we’re here to deliver content you can rely on prayerfully and more peacefully.

Over the next days and weeks, EWTN News will continue to keep you informed with the latest news on COVID-19 and remain a trusted resource for you.

We want to share some of the top posts from EWTN News surrounding the Coronavirus which we thought you might find helpful.

From a spiritual perspective, here are some prayerful resources:

We also think you will find these useful:

And here’s our special news pages on related topics that will be updated on an ongoing basis from CNA and the Register.

Please stay tuned to all our News programming on TV and on the radio, and be sure to stay connected with us online as well at along with our social media channels. Together we can stay connected and informed.

And as many dioceses and parishes have taken the extraordinary measure to cancel the celebration of public Masses, we want to remind you that EWTN broadcasts the daily Mass live at 8am Eastern from Our Lady of the Angels Chapel on the EWTN campus in Irondale, Alabama. At that time, you can watch live on TV or online via streaming at

If you miss the live stream you can also watch the daily Mass here. You may find the prayer for making an act of spiritual communion here.

We ask that you would pray for healing and comfort for all those who are directly impacted by the virus and be reminded that God is greater than any fear, anxiety, and stress that you may experience during this uncertain time.

God bless you,

EWTN News, Inc.


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