Marco Tosatti: Coronavirus is spreading behind Vatican Walls

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From Church Militant:

Dear readers, the coronavirus has reached the highest levels of the Vatican. The head of the Italian section of the Secretariat of State, Msgr. Gianluca Pezzoli, is hospitalized in intensive care with COVID-19.

Monsignor Pezzoli is quite young; he was born in Mantua in 1962 and is only 58. He is described by those who know him as a great worker, a man who is reserved and sober. He is certainly not a worldly monsignor. He lives at Santa Marta. Thus it is very probable that he was infected inside the Vatican Walls. His role as head of the Italian section, which is definitely the biggest section of the Secretariat of State, makes it quite probable that before he had symptoms he must have had personal contact with many people, and thus they would have been exposed to the virus.

The fact that Msgr. Pezzoli lives permanently at Santa Marta naturally increases the concern. In addition to the pontiff, dozens of prelates live at Santa Marta, either permanently or temporarily.

But very reliable sources tell me that there are actually only five people currently living at Santa Marta, and all of them are in isolation because they suspect they have contracted the coronavirus. The pope has stopped taking his meals in the common dining room. He spends the majority of his time in his apartment on the top floor. His personal secretary brings him lunch and dinner.

We need to remember that when he was young, Jorge Mario Bergoglio underwent a major surgical operation, in which doctors removed a large part of his lung. This explains the breathing difficulties and shortness of breath that sometimes afflict him. Naturally, a person who has this sort of handicap would have a particular fear of a virus that attacks the lungs like COVID-19.

The fact that the pope has decided to eat alone, in his own room, indicates that he is very worried. We recall how Pope Bergoglio decided, when he was elected, not to occupy the papal apartment in the Vatican Palace as his predecessors had done, but to live at Santa Marta. He took his meals in the common dining room, although for some years a row of potted plants gave him a small amount of privacy. But the fact that he has now renounced community life is a sign that he is both worried and prudent.

Any official Vatican information on COVID-19 is lacking. On March 24, Matteo Bruni, the director of the Vatican Press Office, said:

At the present time four people have tested positive for the coronavirus. In addition to the first case that had already been reported there is an employee of the Business Office and two employees of the Vatican Museum. These four persons were placed in isolation as a precautionary measure even before they tested positive, and their isolation has lasted over 14 days; they are presently in the care of Italian hospitals or at home.

The first positive case within the Vatican City State was a monsignor from Bergamo who was summoned by the [Vatican] Health and Hygiene Office. The monsignor was supposed to take up service in the Vatican after coming from his native city of Bergamo, which is one of the cities in Italy with the most outbreaks of COVID-19. But just as in other cases, he had time to spread the infection in the Vatican and elsewhere before he showed any symptoms.

In the meantime, another papal journey has been canceled. Pope Bergoglio was supposed to go to Malta on May 31, but his visit has been canceled. We would like to recommend that you follow the development of these matters on a very accurate and well-informed website, This site was the first one to sound the alarm about the danger of the situation developing behind the Vatican walls. To read the story, click here.

There are two principal things that are suspected as being the source of the contagion.

The first is the Vatican Museums, where up until the moment they were closed the employees asked in vain for masks and gowns to defend themselves from the risk represented in the crowd of tourists entering the museums each day.

The second is a French bishop who made his ad limina visit and tested positive for the coronavirus after he returned. During their ad limina visit, in addition to meeting with the Pope, the bishops visited all of the dicasteries of the Curia. And so this case too offers numerous possibilities that many people were infected.

Originally published at Marco Tosatti’s blog

Translated by Giuseppe Pellegrino @pellegrino2020.

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4 Responses to Marco Tosatti: Coronavirus is spreading behind Vatican Walls

  1. Does anyone suspect that Francis is sick? It’s just that there is a prophecy that he will will get very sick and then seem to miraculously recover. The death reserved for this man is not COVID 19 I believe. He has a role to play yet; the Anti-Christ has not yet been revealed.


  2. kathleen says:

    @ RemnantchildofMary

    Apologies for taking so long to reply to your question made on 30th Msrch…

    Yes, I don’t think Francis looks very well, but whether this is just the result of the heavy cold we are told he had recently, the ageing process, or something more serious, is open to speculation. Certainly he lives in comfort and does not appear to be over exerting himself as Christ’s Vicar on Earth.

    One of many Catholics’ greatest worries is who will succeed him when he dies if that doesn’t happen soon? He has stacked the College of Cardinals with progressives, whilst many of the older more traditional cardinals are reaching their 80th birthdays and therefore too old to participate at the next conclave.
    Heaven forbid that Cdl. Parolin – who heartlessly threw the millions of faithful Chinese Catholics to the Communist wolves – should, as many suspect might happen, step into the shoes of St Peter!


  3. Hi Kathleen. I understand your concerns but it will lay out according to prophecy as it always has. I believe Benedict will be the last true pope on earth (in these times and the forseeable future.) Next will be the AntiChrist and the reformed/changed Catholic Church which will merge into the 1W church. The remnant will carry the Faith. There will be a final battle and just when all seems lost and is at its worst, Christ’s 2nd Coming will occur. In the meantime, the Warning will bring many to God but we must immediately act to instruct them in the true Catholic Faith in all its Truth and warn them not to enter the 1W Church. The opposition will try to seduce them in their enthusiasm to embrace God, in to false doctrine and eventually to adulate the AC and worship the Beast. Also some will fall away even after an initial conversion due to the Warning- the seed that fell on shallow ground etc… Right now we need to leave the details to God and pray for worldwide conversion. Many souls are at stake- this is a battle!


  4. kathleen says:

    Thank you for this information, RemnantchildofMary. You have filled in some important gaps for me from what I already knew… and probably for others too.

    I do believe in a future great crisis in the Church, a crisis greater than anything that has gone before, and foretold by Our Lady at various recognised apparition sites and by some renowned saints and holy mistics. (St Padre Pio had horrifying visions of this coming great apostasy in the Church that caused him tremendous spiritual agony, far worse than all his physical sufferings.)
    The Masonic/communist/pagan infiltration into the heart of the Church to form their One World Order “church” is something plain to see today, especially since the event of Francis! Also, if you believe in the Garabandal apparitions, as I certainly do, then Benedict XVI is accordingly the last valid pope of this era. (Not the last pope on earth of course.) So will we be the witnesses of this “final battle” soon to break out? It’s a terrifying thought.

    Indeed we must pray fervently for “worldwide conversion” and cling to the Church’s true, traditional teachings ourselves. Terrible times lie ahead of us; we must be prepared. I see so many well-meaning but gullible Catholics gradually fall for the easier but false teachings of the progressives in our midst. How to protect our children and friends exposed to these lies is a constant challenge.

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