Full Cardinal Pell Interview with Andrew Bolt

Cardinal George Pell has revealed he is ashamed of the Catholic Church for the way it dealt with the “cancer” of child sex abuse in the past.

In an exclusive world-first televised interview with Sky News Australia presenter Andrew Bolt, Cardinal Pell talks candidly about the scourge of child abuse within his own church and how the many failures to act still haunt him today.

“It was like a cancer … we had to cut it out,” he said.

“I totally condemn these sorts of activities, and the damage that it’s done to people.

“One of the things that aggrieves me is the suggestion that I’m anti-victim, or not sufficiently sympathetic. I devoted a lot of time and energy to try to save them, to get justice, to get help and to get compensation.”

Cardinal Pell also shone light on the 405 days he spent locked up for seven child sex offences which were eventually quashed by the High Court of Australia.

He befriended several inmates, including a convicted murderer, and witnessed the devastation ice addiction had on those around him.

Cardinal Pell explained he felt flat following his release but he felt no “anger or hostility” towards his accuser.

He hopes to transition into a quiet life of gardening where he could focus on growing roses and cabbage.

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