An exorcist on what demons say about priests and Mass

How I wish that you all understood Italian.

I heard a recording posted by La Nuova Bussola of comments by an exorcist of the Archdiocese of Milan, don Ambrogio Villa, in which he speaks about the Mass.

During an exorcism a demon told him that, “You (priests) are in a hurry when you celebrate the Mass, you raise that piece of bread and right away down, because you are in a hurry, you have more important things to do.”

The demon said, “You don’t understand that, when you say Mass, Mary His Mother and the angels are united around the altar.”

On the other hand, about lay people who receive Communion…

“We all think that, by going to Mass, we are giving something to God, but instead it is the Sacrifice of Christ that forgives our sins.” He reminds that the Host is within us for some 8-10 minutes.  And in that 8-10 minutes…

“we are the tabernacles of Jesus.”

Then he talks about making an act of thanksgiving after Mass.

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6 Responses to An exorcist on what demons say about priests and Mass

  1. mmvc says:

    If anyone who understands Italian could give some more insights into what the Padre is saying, that would be greatly appreciated…

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  2. shadon100 says:

    How stupid we must seem to the demons and how ungrateful, lax and obstinate to heavenly choirs! Some amazing revelations from an unprecedented series of exorcisms about holy Mass and many other lessons and warnings were revealed in Swiss-German (and later translated to English) in the 70´s. You can read them in English here:
    Highly, highly, highly recommended reading.


  3. It’s at least obvious to me that the demons are working overtime attacking the church and all of us because the diabolical has been on the increase in all walks of life ramping up to the final conflict! Here in America I’ve never in my lifetime seen the wickedness and falsehood that now has its tentacles around the nations seat of power in Washington where we’ve all had to watch pure evil through Satan’s earthly human minions or cohorts attack this current presidency that is doing more good than the few before it; all of which is orchestrated by Satan preparing the way for the appearance of the antichrist! Don’t listen to the useless ramblings of a demonic beast and apostates of hell itself, they are only lies and vile attempts to deceive and confuse they have nothing of value for us just like the current Pope has nothing good to bring to the last supper table in a manner of speaking, as the world is in a turmoil like never before he speaks lies and deception as he is a puppet Pope! I saw this plainly in recent photos of him with crowds around him and hands coming from behind him on his shoulders as a symbol of how he speaks for no one but the devil who is speaking though him! We only need to focus on Jesus and speak to him to keep us strong for what is coming will test all of us to our cores! We have a pure Satanic devil named Joe Biden running for the highest office of the land who continually has used his supposed background of being a Catholic in many announcements or arguments on the world stage yet he is so far from being a Christian if he were any more antichrist he would have horns on his head and a pitchfork as he screams these blasphemies of his. It might be interesting to hear precisely what the Padre was referring to and whatever he is saying in regard to it; how it should be relevant and helpful now to we lay people! I say the cloak and danger and most sinister plots or deceptions are afoot so ignore them all and focus only on Jesus Christ as much as we can in our frail human condition of being fallen from God’s grace and try our best one day at a time! Amen.

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  4. kathleen says:

    Great comment Lawrence! The devils truly are “working overtime” right now. Attacks on all that is good and holy are coming from all sides; we, the faithful Church Militant, are being bombarded with danger, threats, the most offensive insults, ridicule etcetera to break our morale. The devil has plenty of human minions in his pay to help him on his path to shatter Holy Chrisendom.
    Faithful bishops and priests, pro-life and pro-family politicians (e.g., President Trump), courageous laymen who publicly speak out or write in defence of Truth… and in fact all those who in their own small way swim against this tide of evil, become victims of Satan’s wrath.
    But his greatest hatred is centred on destroying the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: “the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven”! We must wake up to this terrifying reality and do all in our power to fight against it!!

    I’m fluent in Spanish and I speak a little Italian – a daughter-in-law* of mine is Italian – so I understand much (not all) of the exorcist Father’s talk here. Father Z has probably pointed out the most interesting points already.

    * If she’s not too busy with the baby I’ll ask her to translate it for us 🙂

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  5. Hi Kathleen! Thank you very much and God bless you and yours! You said it most succinctly and with great faith here speaking to the truth! I commend you and truly appreciate such a good Christian and Woman like you; what a fine shining example you are! The part about how the evil one is moving to destroy the Holy Sacrifice of Mass is most assuredly a main target of the diabolical. The other point you mentioned that hits me hard personally is how those who speak out or in your fine words, “swim against this tide of evil, become victims of Satan’s wrath.” For at least a dozen years now my life has been more of a hardship and even agony as I was targeted and tormented in many physical and spiritual ways by the evil one and his earthly minions, because I did swim directly against the tide or river of damnation that many nefarious persons here in my state were establishing, deep state, swamp, corruption, money and power is all they care about and they ruin anything in their way! What I’m referring to here is huge and I was standalone against them all with no community support because people are sheepish or cowards and then some play along to get along loving the secular world they enjoy so much and so they have their cut too! Not many warriors for Christ these days and my mother’s favorite was Joan of Arc along with Padre Pio. I have to say, that Joan was amazing! My government job and personal life went to hell nearly but I have Jesus Christ, so I fought every bit of it and still live to carry on another day without that job and those dirty cronies I was surrounded by; and so I try better to do His will which I’m still learning and in need of doing even better! I will be doing this as long as He keeps me here on earth and that will be it; His will be done. I was clearly speaking out for Jesus Christ to this wicked secular world around me and I was severely attacked from many directions! On my front door of my home I have a beautiful portraiture of Jesus that came from a Church in the capital city of my home state when a church I attend for Latin Mass had its elementary school closed. There many special items that a Padre friend of mine there had in the rectory to sell in a sort of bazaar to raise needed funds. This portraiture was one of the more special that I acquired and now I’m so happy that since before Christmas I’ve had it on my homes entry door for any and all to see, they will know I haven’t relented in any way! I want to die for Jesus because I know I love Him but don’t deserve to be in heaven having been a fallen human being, but I also feel in my heart He won’ allow me to go anywhere else than with Him in heaven, me broken and all, so I say OK; I sin and I screwed up here and there but you will help me and carry me when I can’t walk, so why shouldn’t I not give up on myself as well, and just say thank YOU JESUS, YOU SAVED ME AND I LOVE YOU!
    Please do that about the translation and if you have time you can comment here or email me with the listed Email. I have sort of important messages in my latest Blog mixed with some entertainment value too, but I always was an art or film buff type and photographer so if you have the time and can get through it you may find something in it for you, and also if you have anything to knock me over the head about do that it, I will appreciate either!
    Thank you and see you again here. 🙂
    🙏 🙏


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