May, A Very Special Month

May is dedicated to The Blessed Virgin Mary

A short history:  The May devotion in its present form originated at Rome where Father Latomia of the Roman College of the Society of Jesus, to counteract infidelity and immorality among the students, made a vow at the end of the eighteenth century to devote the month of May to Mary. From Rome the practice spread to the other Jesuit colleges and thence to nearly every Catholic church of the Latin rite (Albers, “Bluethenkranze”, IV, 531 sq.). This practice is the oldest instance of a devotion extending over an entire month. Indulgences, three hundred days each day, by assisting at a public function or performing the devotion in private, plenary indulgence on any day of the month or on one of the first eight days of June under the usual conditions (Pius VII, 21 March, 1815, for ten years; 18 June, 1822 in perpetuum).



Jesus, Lily of the Valleys
Mary, Queen of May
Joseph, Patron of Labourers
Orate pro nobis!
Chalice – Lily. The chalice is the lily, stylized and adapted to our use, and which, born from water, is proper for us to take to our lips.
The lily, and especially the water-lily, also called lotus or nenuphar, has always had a peculiar place in the symbolism of all religions. It projects its roots to substantial and deep regions, separated from our sight by these fluid, contemplative, mirror-like layers which are the domain of that which is contingent, unstable, of illusion and of this “time”, of this reflection which relates to several circumstances.
It is there, from below, that it feeds from this mysterious mud where the hand of the Creator searched and modeled the matter of man. Infixus sum, Psalm LXVIII tells us, in limo profundi and it is from there that Israel “will spring like a lily” (Os. xiv, 6). Whether in Egypt, in Assyria, in Persia, in India, or in China, it is the lily which stands as a support for all gods or which, between its fingers, recreates their souls by opening their nostrils. It is the lily which also has its place in the capitals of columns and in the arms of the candelabra, such a prominent place in the decoration of Ark and Temple.
On the elongated stem which it uses to reach the deep, to search for life through moment and accident, it blossoms, in a circle of geometrically composed petals: the flower, the essential and synthetic cup, the central point which bestows perfect meaning and is the supreme center of the calculated dispositions of a concentric universe.
Ego flos campi, say the Canticles (ii, 1) et lilium convallium.
Paul Claudel
Un poète regarde la croix
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1 Response to May, A Very Special Month

  1. I wrote in past blogs posts about pro-life matters and the Rosary which I did touch on this very fact about the Blessed Mother and how she is the one and only mother that carried in her womb the Child God ordained from heaven and told beforehand by an angel in accordance with prophecy, she was chosen as the blessed virgin by God to bring His only begotten son into this world as the Lamb to take away all sin. Now in any mother which I truly come to tears realizing, that mothers are so precious and special not just because they carry a new generation and new human beings in their wombs for 9 months, but, that in itself is a bond that only she knows and has with that particular child who for those months was part of her and she part of the child together sharing all the life and energy of the living with each other! That bond is so incredible and unique and will never die and cannot be broken! That was why Mary was so attuned to our Lord not just as her Savior and Redeemer as all other humans but with her only, just her, did He have this amazing mother/child connection elevating her not just to motherhood like all women who bear a child, but also to be in a special place of reverence as the mother of God, He the Savior with and through that special bond still working up to the time He was crucified and on after until her own death she was connected to Him, even in heaven by means of his Holy Spirit! Many people don’t see this or try to divorce it from the reality of the Holy Trinity and the whole vehicle or plan of how it was created and carried out! She did CARRY GOD! Amen. God bestowed special blessings on Mary not just before the Immaculate Conception but for EVERMORE as she is the queen mother of the Church now and forever! Our Dear Blessed Mother Mary! Her special station in God’s plan and Kingdom is etched in stone, but more importantly in the Spilled Blood of Christ, which she shared in her womb with Him, then wiped all of it from the floor and ground and nothing will ever change it in the slightest! Amen. Mary still has the most profound special bond with our heavenly Father, the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit like no other being on earth or in heaven! I love all good mothers, and all those that aren’t I wish they were and can be; so I pray for them, but I put Mary at the top of the Mt. Zion in a sense with God the Father! She can follow His will still in unique special ways and intercede and assist us like she did her Son when He fell, she is an intercessor for God, all according to His will. Amen. God bless you all! My heart goes out to you Sally and your family, along with any of those out there listening, much love and blessings to you! Amen. This is my general understanding about Mary, I hope I’m close to proper understanding that God intended!
    Lawrence Morra


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