Can a Catholic Pope tell an autistic child “maybe we’ll see each other in hell?”


Pope Francis closed the call offering the family his blessing and asking for prayer, but not before making a small joke with Baruffi, who told him that, “We pray a lot for you, but you don’t need it, you are already a saint.”

Jesting, he laughed, and said, “Who knows, maybe we’ll see each other in hell?”, to which Baruffi said, “I think for you no, but us perhaps. We’re a little bit mean with everyone in this situation.”

Lest you do not believe me….it’s on video!

What kind of demented ghoul responds to a child telling him “you are already a saint” with “we’ll see each other in hell?”

Can a Catholic Pope say such things?

As a side note….anyone else find that picture of Francis post-Conclave to be incredibly creepy? It’s from an international wire service so it wasn’t doctored in any way…the orange/fire background, the creepy smile, the monster Cardinal Daneels in the corner grimacing/trying to smile….everyone looking apprehensive. Creepy.

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7 Responses to Can a Catholic Pope tell an autistic child “maybe we’ll see each other in hell?”

  1. David says:

    What do you expect from Bergoglio?


  2. We should refer to him as Pope Francis. I understand the frustration with the man but he still does bear the highest office in the Church.

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  3. David says:

    What do you expect from Pope Francis?

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  4. Andrea Sifuna says:

    The Best way in my view is to live the Gospel, DO NOT JUDGE, that office belongs to God alone
    Andrea Sifuna


  5. He was joking, I’m sure, but I don’t think that’s a good thing to joke about. His job’s for the salvation of souls, but he doesn’t talk about that much.


  6. johnhenrycn says:

    God Bless Our Pope.
    Sung at St James’s Spanish Place on Sunday 24 February 2013, the last Sunday of the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI.


  7. David M says:

    I can’t believe the knowledge of the Faith is so absent from our world that people still think he is the pope of the Catholic Church. Heretics cannot be pope, nor the head of the true Church of the true God, whom they deny. Of course Bergoglio said maybe we’ll see each other in hell. Because that’s where his words and actions of heresy lead, according to the true Church of the true God who declared such a one self condemned.


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