Pope distorts basic Christian teaching in homily

It seems that the Pope has confused redemption with justification.

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May 4, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – In his homily at Mass on May 4, 2020, starting from the consoling truth that Christ died for all men, appears to have stated a doubly false conclusion: that we are not to convert unbelievers and that His death “justifies” everyone:

Big, small, rich, poor, good and bad. All. This “all” is the vision of the Lord who died for all. “But did he die for that wretch who made my life impossible?” He died for him too. “And for that brigand?”: He died for him. For everyone” The Lord died for all. And also for people who do not believe in Him or are of other religions: he died for everyone. That does not mean that proselytism must be done: no. But He died for everyone, He justified everyone.

There are some rather basic problems with these off-the-cuff statements, which do not appear in the Vatican’s official transcript but may be heard in the video.

First, it seems that the Pope has confused redemption with justification. Redemption is Christ’s paying of humanity’s debt of justice to the Father. This He accomplishes in His bloody sacrifice on the Cross, which is the one and only acceptable sacrifice of atonement. This objective redemption must be applied to the soul of each human being: this is what we call the subjective redemption, that is, the sharing of individuals in Christ’s redemption through faith and the sacraments. In other words, the fact that Christ has given to the Father all that humanity owes Him does not automatically cancel out the debt each individual incurs from Adam and from his own personal sins. The individual must freely enter into the death and resurrection of Christ to be fully redeemed.   


CP&S comment:  This is surely the last straw. We have a supposed pope today (“supposed” due to the scandalous way he was elected to the papacy, i.e., through the scheming dealings of the St Gallen mafia) who doesn’t appear to know the doctrines of the Church he is meant to be upholding!

Listen to what well-known British Deacon Nick Donnelly has to say about this latest faux pas of Pope Francis…

“Has there ever been a pope as doctrinally clueless as this one in the whole story of the Church?  Redemption is not the same as justification. All future candidates for the papacy must pass a basic test of their doctrinal knowledge.”

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