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Marco Tosatti

 Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, we are very grateful to a friend who sent us this valuable article published by the Cooperatores Veritatis website that contains a prophecy about the Church made by Pope Pius XII, Eugenio Pacelli, that has certainly been forgotten by most. It seems extraordinarily relevant, and this is why Cooperatores Veritatis has brought it to light. We hope you enjoy reading it.


In 1972 a biography of Pope Pius XII was published in France entitled Pie XII devant l’Histoire written by Msgr. Georges Roche and Philippe Saint Germain, never translated into Italian [or English]. The authors relate various unpublished statements made very “long ago” – in 1933 –  by Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli to two of his friends, Count Enrico Pietro Galeazzi and Msgr. Slozkaz, regarding the apparitions at Fatima and the apostasy of the Catholic Church. It is interesting to note that it was only in 1944 that Sister Lucia Dos Santos wrote down the visions and secrets. For this reason, what Cardinal Pacelli said in 1933 – which is all tragically coming true – leads us to conclude that everything was not revealed to us [by the Holy See’s statement on the Third Secret of Fatima] during the Jubilee Year 2000. We have translated these statements of the future Pius XII – which are truly prophecies – for you here. Read and meditate

“Let us suppose that communism is one of the most evident instruments of subversion used against the Church and the Traditions of Divine Revelation. Then we will witness the contamination of everything that is spiritual: philosophy, science, law, education, the arts, media, literature, theater, and religion.

I am worried about the confidences given by the Virgin to little Lucia of Fatima. This insistence by the Good Lady on the dangers that threaten the Church is a divine warning against the suicide that would be contained in the altering of the Faith in its liturgy, its theology, and its soul.

I sense all around me that the innovators want to dismantle the Sacred Chapel, destroy the universal flame of the Church, throw out all of its ornaments and make it full of a sense of guilt for its historic past. Look, I am convinced that the Church of Peter must rediscover a sense of pride about its past, otherwise it will dig its own grave.

I will fight this battle with all my strength within the Church as well as outside Her, even if the forces of evil one day take advantage of my very person, my actions, or my writings, just as today they attempt to distort the history of the Church. All the human heresies that alter the Word of God are made to seem like they are better than Her.

A day will come when the civilized world will deny its God, when the Church will doubt as Peter doubted. She will be tempted to believe that man has become God, that God’s Son is only a symbol, a philosophy just like any other. In the churches, Christians will seek in vain for the red lamp where Jesus waits for them: like the sinful woman weeping before the empty tomb, they will cry out: “Where have they taken him?”

It will be then that there will arise priests from Africa, from Asia, from the Americas – who have been formed in the missionary seminaries – who will speak out and proclaim that the “Bread of Life” is not ordinary bread and the Mother of the God-Man is not a mother just like many others. And they will be torn to pieces for having testified that Christianity is not a religion just like others, because its Head is the Son of God and the [Catholic] Church is His Church.”

Translated by Giuseppe Pellegrino @pellegrino2020

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  1. Thank you very much Marco Tosatti. I agree with what is contained in this letter and the truth is self-evident to me as obviously it is to you and many others. I see how he venom of the serpent that master of lies has injected its intoxicating, seducing corruption into all facets of modern life and the most prevalent vehicle for this trickery is Communism which goes contrary to all that is of God the Father, the Son Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit, which is how communism is thus completely antichrist, thus as well obviously anti-humanity and love! Communist China leadership as well as other such regimes to me are like a bunch of automatons of impulse or the simple reflexes of Satan’s transgressing nature, in complete union and lock-step with him, as their actual military marching goose-step is like no other defending army on earth, but is a symbol of the diabolical! I hate to have to say this but I see no denying the plain truth that we are in the end-time without any doubt in my mind but more importantly by what my heart is telling me and though I’m a mere sinner a bit of God’s truth radiates from within my soul which I have never lost account of since my childhood and that one ray of hope within me is the only thing that has truly instructed me against my flesh ways of this fallen state allowing the built in conscience that God infused into my heart from the moment I was conceived; which is telling me we humans have got to make up our minds and hearts quickly now that the climatic end is kicking down the door! Please tell me I’m wrong and show me my error in this, I would love nothing more than to be put in my place and shown that my imagination has gotten the better of me or perhaps I’ve misinterpreted Holy Scriptures, so I should be corrected, and instead look forward to a bright and happiest of times ahead for earth and all of its inhabitants. But, unless you or someone with greater knowledge and greater wisdom to go along with it can set me straight, I have to go with my heart felt conscience which tells me the end of the line is fast approaching; time to wash our robes and be as obedient as we possibly can be in the eyes of our Lord Jesus Christ; in order not to be seen having blame or contempt in His eyes, but instead to be seen with His great mercy and forgiveness, so that we can be allowed to pass through the narrow gate into our Father’s kingdom. Amen.
    I leave my latest blog post article which I hope can be helpful in a tiny way for someone to perhaps be more diligent in seeking the truth and correcting his or her own shortfalls in the matter of faith and belief working out their own salvation for the chosen time is at hand. God bless you!
    Lawrence Morra


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