“I Only Kneel For ONE PERSON, And That’s God”

by Fr. Richard Heilman


From the movie: The Avengers

Loki: [to crowd] Kneel before me. I said… KNEEL! Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It’s the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life’s joy in a mad scramble for power. For identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.

German Old Man: [Stands] Not to men like you.

Loki: There are no men like me.

German Old Man: There are always men like you.


Doug Barry writes:

“There is a spoken and unspoken pressure being put on us to kneel before the mob’s agenda to divide and destroy this country. They want us to kneel both figuratively and literally. Our loyalty is being tested, as is our resolve! Two of the most intimidating tactics used are fear and guilt. Now is not the time to buckle under this pressure. THIS IS the time to speak loud and clear that before God alone will we kneel.”

Jesus frees you from the slavery of sin. And make no mistake, by nature we are slaves. “He who sins is a slave to sin.” You might be able to transfer control from one sin to a different sin, but sin will always whip you into doing what it wants. But Jesus! He has shattered those chains and made you free. And now you live in the glorious light of that Son.

And now we get to serve him! And it’s an awesome thing! It’s a thing we choose to do, because he has freed us from the slavery of sin. And how will I bring glory to God today?


“We show our love for the Lord not just by cold, emotionless words (although our words are powerful, and the Lord knows that we all express our emotions differently, and some more naturally than others). We show our devotion to the God who created us by falling on our knees before His Eucharistic presence. We lower ourselves physically in order to remind ourselves of His prominence over us. We kneel in humble appreciation of His great gift of forgiveness. We embrace physical reminders of God and the things of God – statues, pictures, rosaries – [and we may kneel before them when we pray to God.]” (Fr. Tim Ferguson)

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2 Responses to “I Only Kneel For ONE PERSON, And That’s God”

  1. Something I wrote a few days ago to address a similar point on another blog I believe applies to this fine blog and what the good man Fr. Richard Heilman.
    Yes Jesus Christ dies on the cross for us to take away our sins but that doesn’t mean we have a license to be phony hypocrites and enjoy the party while it lasts. It’s up to each individuals to produce a genuine faith full of humility and sorrow for what wrongs we have done; having a contrite heart full of love for Him which we show daily by being willing to pick up our own crosses and follow him giving up the pleasures and vanities of this world making our own ultimate sacrifice in order to be found truly worthy of forgiveness and eternal life by not being lukewarm and a pretender who gives plenty of lip service but underneath doesn’t do enough lifting of that cross that each of us has to carry until the day we drop.
    Brother kneeling for Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra


  2. kathleen says:

    We should always kneel when we pray, but very especially at the Consecration and when receiving the Sacred Body, Blood, Soul Divinity of Our Blessed Lord in Holy Communion….(that is if we are at all able to of course.) We are before God, to Whom “every knee shall bend”.

    Lex orendi, lex credendi, lex vivendi, remember?

    So it also follows that those who bend their knee in homage before false human ‘gods’, idols, pin-ups, like those in the first pic above, also believe and live according to their fallen twisted ideology.

    But men consecrated to God kneeling to Pachamamma idols in the Vatican gardens… that was surely the last straw!


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