Did you see anything about these two events on the news?

Damage to the roof of the historic San Gabriel Mission is seen after it caught fire overnight.
(Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)

From Les Femmes – The Truth:

On Saturday morning an FSSP parish in Florida (Queen of Peace in Ocala) was attacked by a man who ran his minivan into the building and then set it on fire while worshipers prepared for morning Mass. In California, Mission St. Gabriel was gutted by a four-alarm fire that’s under investigation.

Did you see anything about these two events on the national news?

Imagine if a mosque or a meeting of Black Lives Matter was the target. We’d be hearing about it non-stop! “A hate crime!”

But, no…. ho-hum. Hey, nobody was hurt. It’s just Catholic churches and they all need to be knocked down anyway with those statues of the white Jesus inside. Yup…they all have to go, all the California missions and the statues of Junipero Serra, a champion of the native Americans on the West Coast.

The lies told about St. Junipero Serra are legion. The man who played such a huge role in developing California was noted for being a kind and loving father. In fact, recognizing that violence was possible, he begged for clemency for the Indians and left a written request that if he were killed his murderers should be pardoned. He walked to Mexico at one point to meet with government officials interceding for policies to help the natives.

Many people today are so ignorant of history, they swallow any slander against those who built civilization. Liberal hypocrites, advocates of murdering the innocent, wax eloquent over the sins and faults of our ancestors. They are the icons for the liberal church of anything goes.

It’s time for these folks to learn a little history.

Our kids gave me a subscription to Audible for my birthday in March. I’m listening to Thomas Woods How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization. How appropriate for the day when the Church is under such assault!

In this time of neo-barbarism, the know nothings once again roam freely with their anti-Catholic bigotry, burning churches and knocking down statues of saints. Reality probably will make no difference to these thugs, but we need to promote it anyway. Truth needs to be told.

But in order to defend the truth we first need to know it ourselves. And the truth is that the Catholic Church built and defended western civilization, a fact acknowledged by agnostic historian Will Durant when he wrote this about the “dark” ages:

“The basic cause of cultural retrogression was not Christianity but barbarism; not religion but war. The human inundations ruined or impoverished cities, monasteries, libraries, schools, and made impossible the life of the scholar or the scientist. Perhaps the destruction would have been worse had not the Church maintained some measure of order in a crumbling civilization.”1 (A Light in the Darkness, Chapter 2 of Woods Book  Page 9; Will Durant book, The Age of Faith, see quote here.)

Study history! But make sure the historians you read are truth tellers who do everything they can to purge their personal biases.

Oh…and don’t believe all the hype about the “dark ages.” That’s when the seeds of the university system, hospitals, libraries, scientific study, architecture, astronomy, etc. were all planted BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. Many monks and priests were scientific pioneers in astronomy, genetics, medicine, etc. Can you see one of today’s architects designing and building a cathedral? Don’t act like an ignorant know-nothing! Seek the truth. Study history. Thomas Woods book is a good place to start!

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7 Responses to Did you see anything about these two events on the news?

  1. Mary Anne says:

    They hate the truth which is found in the Catholic Church still after all these years. The persecutors have been brought up on lies or nothing at all. They are even blinded to the natural law within themselves, leaving room for nothing but hate … God is still in charge. Our Lady will triumph but, thanks to a handful of Popes, it will “be late”. I wonder how late. Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary save your children! We have been buffaloed just like the church in China … but not as bad. Poor poor China!

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  2. Mary Anne says:

    No I didn’t see anything about this in the news. Of course not. The media is on the other side … that of the devils who persecute Catholics!

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  3. kathleen says:

    That’s right Mary Anne… nor did I, or anyone else, see anything on the news about these (and other) barbaric “events” against Catholic churches and property. Of course not! We’re the baddies now in the eyes of the Marxist brainwashed world, so it’s all seen as quite legit to foul, burn, destroy anything that bears the symbol of the Cross of Christ and true holiness. These devils’ minions take great glee in obeying their satanical masters.

    There was a great comment by a “kathleen” namesake of mine on the Les Femmes blog containing some real hard truths. Please do read it everyone:

    “All true, and it’s trouble in every direction, so much to take on, it’s easy to get discouraged. As many see in the Catholic Church now, if you don’t love and embrace your history and who you are, you won’t last long. It has become verboten for Catholics and Westerners (Americans) to feel or demonstrate “pride”, and it has become a pejorative.
    Caucasians are not allowed to state any feeling of pride in accomplishment, the fact that the West built the modern world, and so much that the world now takes for granted. Every other group under the sun can loudly boast and brag, but not Americans nor Europeans. Americans have long had Euro-envy, so when Angela Merkel was handed a German flag on stage at an event, she frowned and shook her head in an emphatic “no”. No to pride for Americans and Europeans. Well when you are ashamed of your history and people and culture, when you are importing a foreign entity which has no such notions of shame but only aggressive zeal, how long before the weak culture disappears? Not long. Especially when the latter have many children quickly. So we see Islam taking over most of Europe, which seems to have its destiny sealed by it’s own leaders and the apathy of the people.
    America does not have to follow suit. It begins in pre-K, because now we know public schools teach and promote Marxism in a 1000 ways, and they lean heavily Democrat.
    Schools can’t wait to get their hands on children this fall, because they are going to indoctrinate children as never before.
    White children living in trailer parks will learn about their “white privilege”.
    Black children living in beautiful homes will learn about how they are permanently oppressed. All will learn how evil the founders of their nations were and are, and their relationship with each other will be forever changed. Schools will facilitate this.
    Ya can’t run a nation that way. We see the streets filled with Marxist youth now, and we see the impact it has on our nation. We need to change this. Every parent and taxpayer has aa right to know what is being taught or discussed with children. Beware discussion groups, assemblies, talks by outsiders, LA class, Social Studies class, and now, librarians or media experts. Let Boards of Ed, superintendents, principals, and teachers know you want to know what is being told your child and what you don’t want. Schools are beholden to parents and they will pay attention to your concerns, but not if you don’t voice them. Then, Marxists will win and your child will be indoctrinated, and you can see them out in the streets tearing down whatever statues are left in 15 years.”


  4. JabbaPapa says:

    Is the Pope “deeply pained” by the destructions of churches ongoing in China ?


  5. Mary Anne says:

    “It has been verboten for Catholics or westerners to demonstrate pride” Yes, and the wearing of a piece of cloth that covers half of your face…making you look like an animal of sorts makes it impossible to feel any kind of pride … personally. And the know nothings should be wearing white pointed hats and a white garment and carrying a burning cross


  6. I see why they are destroying the statues of slave-owners and confederate generals (not that I am in favor of vandalism), but why a great and holy saint, an advocate of the rights of Native Americans, and a sharer of the Gospel? If anything, they should be the ones who are called the racists for destroying them.


  7. Raymond Borkowski says:

    This is the 1st I am hearing of these despicable acts. Catholics and people of all faiths need to stand up and make their voices heard.


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