Saint Pio, pray for us!

This was filmed at Our Lady of Grace Capuchin Friary which is located in the Gargano Mountains at San Giovanni Rotondo. At times there is an atmosphere of playfulness redolent of the Fioretti of St Francis. At the end, they are obviously teasing Padre Pio about the camera and he hits the cameraman with his cincture. We see him in the refectory and in the Church, and there are scenes of his brothers dealing with the massive postbag which he generated. Starting at 4’23” there is some footage of Padre Pio as celebrant at Tridentine Latin Mass.

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  1. Alex Antunes says:

    Amazing video! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Alex Antunes says:

    Yesterday I saw a video about Padre Pio in Spanish? Could I share this video here?


  3. Alex Antunes says:

    An interesting video about Padre Pio. The video speaks of a vision that Father Pio had of Jesus suffering because of the sins of the priests. The video related this view to the Third Secret of Fatima, although this relationship is not very clear to me, I found the video interesting.

    Jesús Reveló al Padre Pío el Tercer Secreto de Fátima [¿que contiene?]

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  4. kathleen says:

    Thank you Alex. I speak Spanish but not sure how many of our readers do and will be able to understand the video 😉 .


    God is always with us and will sustain us. As St Padre Pio says:

    “Pray, hope, and don’t worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayer.”

    Advice much needed in our times.
    There is a temptation for the demanding message of hugely popular saints like St Padre Pio to be overlooked. Too often their lives get swamped with tales of their miracles and extraordinary phenomena rather than their daily lives of outstanding and heroic holiness .

    “The life of a Christian is nothing but a perpetual struggle against self.” (Fr Willie Doyle)


  5. Alex Antunes says:

    You’re welcome, kathleen!
    Thanks for your answer.
    In fact, the wonderful facts of the saints’ lives should not make us forget to fight against our defects or sins.
    I am thinking of sharing a text from a vision of Father Pio. I don’t know if you will like it, but I would like to try.


  6. Alex Antunes says:

    Vision of Jesus that Padre Pio had. (That vision was quoted in the video in Spanish).

    “On Friday morning I was still in bed when Jesus appeared to me. I was all mistreated and disfigured. He showed me a great crowd of regular and secular priests, among whom were several ecclesiastical dignitaries; some of them were celebrating, others turning aside, and others stripping themselves of their sacred garments.

    “The vision of Jesus in anguish caused me great pity, that is why I wanted to ask Him why He suffered so much. I got no answer. But he looked at those priests, but a little later, almost horrified and as if to stop staring, he looked away, and when he returned to me, I observed with great horror two tears that were running down his face. He distanced himself from that mob of priests with a great expression of disgust on his face, shouting, ‘Butchers!

    “And turning to me he said, ‘My son, don’t believe that my agony was three hours, no; I will be, because of the most benefited souls, in agony until the end of the world. During the time of my agony, my son, one must not sleep.

    “‘My soul goes in search of a few drops of human compassion, but unfortunately they leave me alone under the weight of indifference. The ingratitude and sleep of my ministers make my agony heavier. Oh, how badly they correspond to my love! What afflicts me the most is that to indifference these people add contempt, incredulity.

    “‘How many times have I been to fulminate them, if I had not been restrained by the angels and souls in love with Me… Write to your confessor and tell him what you saw and heard from Me this morning. Tell him to show your letter to the Provincial …’. Jesus still went on, but what He said I can never reveal to any creature in this world. This apparition caused me such pain in my body, but even more so in my soul, that all day long I was prostrate and thought I would die if the sweetest Jesus had not already revealed it to me… Jesus unfortunately has reason to lament our ingratitude! How many wretches of our brothers and sisters correspond to Jesus’ love by throwing themselves openly into the infamous sect of Masonry!

    Let us pray for them, that the Lord may enlighten their minds and touch their hearts. Encourage our provincial priest, who will receive from the Lord a copious help of heavenly favors. The good of our mother province must be his constant aspiration. For this they must tend all their efforts. To this end our prayers must be directed, all that we possess. In the reorganization of the province, we cannot spare the provincial from difficulties, sickness, and fatigue; however, care must be taken not to lose heart, the merciful Jesus will sustain the enterprise. The war of the Cossacks is intensifying more and more, but do not be afraid, with God’s help” (Padre Pio da Pietrelcina, Epistolario I, by Melchiorre da Pobladura and Alessandro da Ripabottoni, San Giovanni Rotondo 2004, pp. 350 ff., letter no. 123).



  7. kathleen says:

    Hi again Alex.

    I could be wrong, but “the relationship” between the “sins of the priests” and St Padre Pio’s vision of the suffering Jesus could be interpreted thus:

    The clergy are the beloved sons of Jesus and Mary. When they sin gravely and betray their sacred vows this brings scandal to the faithful and lasting negative consequences for the whole Church. It is no longer a secret that the hierarchy has been infiltrated up to its highest levels* by traitors, bishops and priests who are enemies of Christ. Many believe that this is “The Great Apostasy” Our Lady warned us about at La Salette, Akita, and forms part of the unrevealed Third Secret of Fatima (the explanation of the mysterious Third Secret that was revealed). Padre Pío knew about it, as it says in the video, and this greatly grieves Our Blessed Lord and Saviour, and also brought Padre Pío immense suffering and for which he offered up much penance and numerous Rosaries till his dying day.

    The Devil is astute. He wants to take souls to Hell. What better way to achieve this than by corrupting the hearts and minds of Our Lady’s beloved sons, the priests, and then instead of their leading souls to Heaven, they corrupt them by their false teaching and bad witness, leading them to eternal destruction?

    * Bishop Schneider himself dropped this bombshell at a Voice of the Family conference I attended two years ago!


  8. Alex Antunes says:

    Hi kathleen!
    I couldn’t agree any more.
    Thank you for your explanation.
    May Padre Pio intercede for me so that I don’t get so scandalized with the clergy’s sins.


  9. Alex Antunes says:

    Kathleen, you said you attended a conference with Bishop Schneider two years ago and he said that high levels of the hierarchy were infiltrated. In a way that doesn’t surprise me. The late exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth had also said something in this regard, but now I don’t remember his textual words. But speaking of Bishop Schneider, what else did he say about the infiltration of the Church?


  10. Although I never knew how the church felt about it but I had heard a storry that pilots saw P. Pio and the event coincided with their mission failing, specifically failed payloads and seeing a “flying friar”. (Some of the pilots were protestants)


  11. mmvc says:

    Alex, if you haven’t already read it, you might be interested in Dr Taylor Marshall’s book on the subject of Inflitration. It is a very illuminating account of satanic attempts over many years to undermine and destroy the Church from within:

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  12. Alex Antunes says:

    mmvc, thanks for your feedback. I confess I had already seen this book on Dr. Taylor Marshall’s channel. But I didn’t pay enough attention. Another one is that I am Brazilian and I don’t have a credit card to buy imported books. But maybe a Brazilian publishing company might be interested in translating the book. So it would be easier for me to read it.
    Speaking of infiltration in the Church, I have read an interesting book on the subject. Maybe you have read it too. The book is Goodbye! Good Men: How Catholic Seminaries Turned away Two Generations of Vocations from the Prieshood, by American reporter Michael S. Rose. In Portuguese, this book has been translated as “Adeus, homens de Deus.


  13. Alex Antunes says:

    About the book I mentioned, there is an interesting lecture by the author of the book. Take a look!

    Goodbye, Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church ~ Michael S Rose


  14. Alex Antunes says:

    freemattpodcast, I have read this story you told. It is, in fact, a very interesting story. In fact, Padre Pio’s life is full of extraordinary and miraculous facts. Unfortunately I lost the link and references to this story.


  15. Alex Antunes says:

    Speaking of Dr. Taylor Marshall, what an interesting comment he made!

    As Padre Pio was persecuted from within the Church, so are the faithful and bold priests of today


  16. kathleen says:

    But speaking of Bishop Schneider, what else did he say about the infiltration of the Church?

    Alex, I remember clearly when he uttered those chilling words very clearly and slowly. He looked up from his written talk as he said them and looked around at us in that packed conference hall. There was a stunned silence in the audience, not because it was unsuspected by that time (plenty of unCatholic shenanigans were already causing great anxiety and confusion among Catholics), but because the demonic infiltration was being confirmed by such an important and well known bishop. He didn’t elaborate on that point, however as he had just been talking beforehand about the frequent failures of the hierarchy under Francis to preach and defend Catholic Truth, it was evident who he was referring to!

    Never before has the Church needed “soldiers for Christ” so badly; faithful men and women prepared to fight, no matter the cost, against the evil threatening to destroy the Holy Catholic Church and replace it with a Masonic fake church.


  17. Alex Antunes says:

    kathleen, thank you for your answer! I found your comment interesting. In fact, the Church of Christ needs soldiers of Christ a lot today.


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