Another Nail in the Coffin: Vatican Produces Pachamama Coin

From Gloria TV:

The Vatican’s Mint issued on October 13 a ten-euro silver coin depicting “Mother Earth” (left picture). The image was designed by Luigi Oldani for World Earth Day. called the representation “Madre Terra” (Mother Earth, Pachamama). It shows a woman with hair of grain and pregnant with the globe. Oldani described it as “fertile and fruitful land, fertile and fruitful like a young woman,” the Vatican as a mother carrying the Earth in her womb to which we owe “care and love as if she were a daughter.”

The coin appeared on the first anniversary of the October 2019 Pachamama enthronement in the Vatican.

A second silver coin of a value of five-euro is dedicated to the World Day of Immigration and shows St Peter allegedly welcoming illegal immigrants.

Lord, have mercy!

Read Fr Z’s comment on this here

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6 Responses to Another Nail in the Coffin: Vatican Produces Pachamama Coin

  1. A symbolic mark of the beast? To me it’s at least Francis in spirit spiting in the eyes of all the devout Catholics who were seeing his Pachamama gestures and his embracing such antichrist doctrines or beliefs as heretical; bringing on a schism in the Church. Now this totally unexpected development is a final nail in the coffin; who’s coffin though, not he Church that would be impossible? Trouble ahead and with faith all of the truth will be revealed. Amen.

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  2. Alex Antunes says:

    Pitiful! Another fact that shows “Rome has lost the faith”, according to the prophecy of Our Lady of La Salette.

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  3. kathleen says:

    What a disaster for the Church this pope has been! Wouldn’t he have been better suited to some Druid-like Mother Earth society rather than Christ’s Vicar on Earth? Does he even believe we are here to “work out our [eternal] salvation in fear and trembling”, or to plant trees and go vegan?

    Listen what Dr Taylor Marshall has to say about this latest shenanigan:


  4. Joseph E. Dwyer says:

    hmmm…then who is the father of the young indigenous lady? Since this charade is political posturing, can one assume he is a white colonial, shrieking his responsibility?


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