French Priest: Deadly Knife Attack in Nice Should Spur Catholics in France to ‘Unite with Christ’

Despite the vehement attempts of the French authorities to deny the Catholic roots of their country, jihadists keep seeing Christianity as the core of the nation.

People pay tribute at night in front of Notre Dame Basilica on October 29, 2020 in Nice, France. A man armed with a knife fatally attacked people in the church, located in the heart of the city.
People pay tribute at night in front of Notre Dame Basilica on October 29, 2020 in Nice, France. A man armed with a knife fatally attacked people in the church, located in the heart of the city. (photo: Arnold Jerocki / Getty)

By Solène Tadié at the National Catholic Register:

“Please tell my children that I love them.” These are the last words that a 44-year-old Brazilian mother who was a victim of today’s terrorist attack inside the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Nice in southeastern France said to passersby surrounding her, before drawing her last breath. 

The woman, as well as the church’s sacristan, a 54-year-old father of two, and a 60-year-old woman, were savagely killed in the early morning of Thursday, Oct. 29, right after the church opened its doors. 

According to the initial information provided by the French authorities, two of the three victims were slaughtered by the assailant, an undocumented 21-year-old Tunisian who recently arrived on the French soil via Lampedusa Island in Italy, while the Brazilian citizen died of multiple stab wounds.

At the same time, a security guard of the French consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was stabbed, while some policemen were attacked by a man armed with a sidearm in Avignon in southern France. 

Later in the early afternoon, a man was arrested on the outskirts of the Church of St. Martin in Sartrouville, located in the north-western suburbs of Paris. He was reportedly seeking to imitate the Nice attack. As well, a man brandishing a 12-inch knife was arrested in the streets of Lyon in southeastern France. 

This appalling series of attacks has occurred on the day of Mawlid, a Muslim feast commemorating the birth of their Prophet Muhammad, within a context of rising tensions between France and Muslims after the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdorepublished the cartoons of Muhammad that earned its editorial staff the bloody attack of 2015. 

On Oct. 16, 2020, the beheading of French teacher Samuel Paty for having shown the cartoons to his students in a class on freedom of speech, in a suburb of Paris, had already plunged the French nation into deep disarray. 

Four years after the slaying of Father Jacques Hamel in his church in Normandy, the Catholic faithful are once again being struck by Islamist terror. In response to the appeal of the Bishops’ Conference of France, the bells of churches across France tolled in tribute to the three victims of Nice at 3pm, the Hour of Divine Mercy, which marks the time when Christ died on the cross. 

In the same communiqué, while noting that the three victims were killed because they were inside the basilica and “represented a symbol to be destroyed,” the French bishops called on their Catholic flocks to “face this treacherous and blind threat” despite the pain.  

The victims killed in today’s attack bring to 263 the total number of people killed by Islamic terrorists on French soil since January 2015. The city of Nice was already the scene of a horrific bloody attack in 2016, which resulted in the death of 86 people. 

Failure of a Social Model 

Despite attempts of the secularized French Republic to deny the Catholic roots of the country, the various jihadists, for their part, persist in seeing Christianity as the core of the nation as well as that of the whole of Western civilization. Islamic militants have once again fueled that perception by targeting Catholic faithful. 

Paradoxically, the deleterious situation caused by the rise of radical Islam in France is partly due to the lack of a strong religious identity in the country, according to Father Stéphane Drillon, a priest of the diocese of Nice and a YouTuber known as Le Curé enragé (“The enraged parish priest”).  

“History has shown that it is easier for Christians to live peacefully with their Muslim neighbors when they are a majority and have a strong and firm faith but when Christians are in a position of inferiority, the conquering spirit dictated by the Quran tends to come back,” he said in an interview with the Register. 

While denouncing the failure of the political authorities to address the growing Islamism in France, Father Drillon also blamed the incapacity of contemporary Western societies to propose a credible model likely to make young Muslims willing to assimilate with the country they live in. In this sense, he said the eradication of God from every sphere of society, combined with burgeoning relativism, necessarily creates a vacuum in people’s mind, which has a natural and intrinsic religious aspiration. 

“What do French secularism and nihilism have to propose to a young Muslim today, apart from abortion, the Pill, drugs, castrating feminism, games, hobbies and a lockdown where people are paid for not working?” he said. “There is nothing here that makes a young Muslim willing to become part of a national narrative or to respect the country that welcomes them, and the choice to take refuge in the religion of their ancestors and homelands in a most radical manner is one of the few options they have.” 

Duty to Keep Going to Mass 

In the face of the growing religious, ethnic and political violence in the whole territory of France, where the announcement of a new COVID-19 lockdown and the threat of the ban on Mass is plunging many into increasing uncertainty and concern, the Catholic faithful must show themselves to be individually and collectively strong, Father Drillon added. 

As the enemy’s goal is to terrorize the French citizens in order to cut them off from their God, their identity and their customs, the priority must be, in his view, to restore the confidence of Christians by reinvigorating their hope, enthusiasm, and joy in being followers of Christ. The glorious examples of the saints and martyrs of the Church are here to help them not to be afraid.  

“It is not by closing our churches or by curling up in rectories that we will avoid beheadings: On the contrary, the first thing the Catholics should do is to massively rush to Mass tomorrow morning and unite with Christ,” Father Drillon said. “It is a duty, especially at a time when the French authorities could decide to forbid it in the whole country.”

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5 Responses to French Priest: Deadly Knife Attack in Nice Should Spur Catholics in France to ‘Unite with Christ’

  1. This article is a fantastic overview of the current dilemma that France and its citizens are now facing due to extremely poor decisions made over the last dozen years by governing officials and others of great influence.
    At the heart of this epidemic of evil hatred and atrocity lies the culprit of a false and demonic cult called the religion of Islam. It isn’t a religion but is rather a political ideology and compilation of Old Testament teachings coupled with Muhammad’s own fabricated lies, that has declared war on Christendom. This occurred when Muhammad in 632 AD said to all Muslims that Christianity is completely incompatible with Islam as God told him this in his last vision. He went on to say that all followers of religions outside of Islam are unacceptable to God and must convert or be put to death! If that isn’t a declaration of war on anyone that won’t accept Muhammad’s decree, then I must be living in a fantasy. He basically hijacked the Old Testament followers and introduced a heinous diabolical plan into their belief system in order to destroy and conquer! France like other European Nations made the grave error of following the climate of political correctness and accepting peoples from opposing cultures who are sworn enemies, having no interest in assimilation into host nations; but rather to project their will upon what Muhammad called the infidels, to make them submit to basically an invasion or coup d’ etat! Canada and the United States are following in this same direction of basically allowing the fox into the hen house, and this will not end pretty. In most host countries it may be too late to avert disaster. For example this same scenario played out in Germany and many of its native born citizens have moved out of Germany and into Hungary which has stricter border controls in place while not allowing free access by these so called migrants fleeing Middle Eastern countries like Syria and Iraq or some African Continent nations as well. Hungary’s actions thereby provide better protection of its citizens; while in Germany the invasion and violence continues to escalate by a people that will not accept host nation beliefs or values and only see them as an enemy. This is evident in the following passage from this fine article.
    “Political authorities to address the growing Islamism in France, Father Drillon also blamed the incapacity of contemporary Western societies to propose a credible model likely to make young Muslims willing to assimilate with the country they live in.” I agree with Father Drillon but must say there isn’t a model and short of civil war; if anyone can figure out a way of removing these unacceptable invaders and relocating them to someplace where they will fit in, then catastrophe lies ahead for all living in such countries.
    I leave with you a link to an article I wrote some time ago which may be helpful I hope. But, if you are seriously interested in seeing the truth then you owe it to yourself to read Raymond Ibrahim’s book “Sword and Scimitar.” He is at the top of the list of any scholars’ on these matters and knows all the ancient languages of the pertinent text of the ancient times and his interpretations from factual evidence are extremely thorough beyond any doubt.
    God bless you.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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  2. kathleen says:

    I agree Lawrence, Islam is not a true religion (religion = man relegating himself to God). It is instead a political creed, or a set of rules, that were dictated to a cruel war-mongering murderer, called Mohammed, by the fallen angel, Satan, in order to destroy Holy Christendom.

    If “by their fruits thou shalt know them”, the hate-filled atrocities of the long history of this demonic belief system speak for themselves. We are all sinners, but let’s speak clearly:
    Muslims follow Mohammed, the devil’s minion; Christians follow Jesus Christ, God made Man.

    “…the incapacity of contemporary Western societies to propose a credible model likely to make young Muslims willing to assimilate with the country they live in…”

    Nope – doesn’t work! Forget about appeasement, Fr Drillon… there is no way Islamists can assimilate into even the most devoutly Christian nation (which, sadly, France no longer is) as a look around the world shows us. With almost no exceptions, wherever Mohammed’s followers exist, there are killings (usually beheadings), tortures, raping of women and young girls, forced conversions, burning and destruction of churches and Christian symbols, or just a general ongoing persecution.

    The only good thing to come out of Islam is that they are populating Heaven with holy Christian martyrs who, when we beseech them in prayer, will intercede for us before the throne of God.

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  3. Thank God for you Sister in Christ Jesus Kathleen! Perfectly said and everything you said here is concisely the heart and truth of the matter! I always loved this particular verse, “by their fruits thou shalt know them” as it also reminds of my dear mother always saying “the proof is in the pudding! This is the wisdom and plain simple truth that is so sorely lacking in the hearts and minds of many people in societies these days because of the poison and deceptions permeating our cultures in an ever growing secular immoral God rejecting world! This current false Pope has done nothing to promote God the Almighty in the name and blood of Jesus Christ but instead disguises his evil intentions with humanism and directly engaging with the United Nations who are a group of conspirators against humanity now and totally against God our Creator as they plan depopulation and enslavement of the human race! This the inherent fallen nature of man’s sinful predisposition being given license to take all precedent over any Holy Scriptures all in the name of Humanity and Man’s will before all else! This current false Pope in essence is doing to Christianity what Mohammad did with the original Muslims who followed Old Testament teachings; all this clever trickery inspired by Satan’s desire to destroy anything that is of the Light and Love of God the Father. Yes indeed know them by their fruits! The only thing that will result from these false teachings is worse than communism; producing a group of humans who will control the rest and suppress all human rights and even beliefs or what they can think; making total zombies out of human beings or God’s children! And that will be the one’s that get to live while the rest would be slaughtered like so many chickens. If that isn’t the exact desire of Satan then I must be on hallucinogenic drugs in fantasyland!
    The senseless heinous diabolical murder of Samuel Paty God rest his soul, is the reality of what we who care are facing in terms of a group of individuals who do not function as children of God but just the opposite taking their marching orders from hell itself in my humble opinion; and that isn’t just a social problem but is a spiritual one and requires the faithful being vigilant and willing to do only God’s will, not the manmade NWO take on solving such horrific crimes and atrocities by actually capitulating and inviting more of these bloodthirsty derelicts into societies of culture, love, compassion and religion that’s based on Holy Scriptures. This whole crisis has been handled wrong from the get goes.
    God bless you.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,


  4. kathleen says:

    Thanks for your interesting comment Lawrence. I totally agree with you.
    God bless you too.

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  5. Kathleen, you are very welcome, and again I’m the one needing to give so many thanks for this inspiration and powerful insight you’ve provided here in this article; as well just like on many occasions in other articles you’ve offered through Catholicism Pure and Simple.
    God bless you again and again. Amen.


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