Every Mass you attend could be your last, and every reception of Holy Communion could be your Viaticum

By Ann Barnhardt:

Every Mass could be your last on earth. Between today and the next Mass, it may become impossible to ever go to Mass again. We simply cannot take it for granted any longer.

Every sacramental Communion could be your Viaticum. You might not survive to receive Holy Communion again. Remember this possibility. Be conscious of it.

As war is upon us, we must live with death present in our minds, “keep death daily before our eyes” as St. Benedict put it.

Pray the Fourth Glorious Mystery of the Rosary, the Assumption of Our Lady into heaven, and remember its fruit: the grace of a happy, holy, provided death. If you stay in a state of Grace and contemplate each reception of the Eucharist as possibly your Viaticum, then even in the chaos of war, a good, holy death can be possible.

Simply: MEMENTO MORI. Remember your death.

“Viaticum”, Domingos Rebelo, 1919

Ann’s post is most pertinent for Catholics in England where another lockdown from midnight tonight includes a ban of public worship. Bishop Mark writes on the Shrewsbury Diocese website:

“We appreciate the difficult choices faced at this time by government and parliament in responding to the public health crisis conscious of the hardships which even necessary measures bring for society and especially the most vulnerable.

“The Prime Minister mentioned in his statement that he judged it necessary to close much that is judged by the Government as being non-essential in society.  We need to be sure that such judgments are based upon clear evidence that, for example, schools, universities and the football premier league will continue as essential elements of our society’s life.

“The Prime Minister made no reference in his statement to public worship so we were astonished to find in national guidance that the Government was seeking the authority of parliament to close all places of worship.

“It is a momentous act for any political authority to seek to ban public worship across a nation.

“No evidence has been offered to justify why the Government seeks to ban public worship that invariably takes place amid some of the most stringent Covid safety measures in the whole of society.

“The vital role which public worship has for the well-being of hundreds of thousands of people in this Shrewsbury Diocese together with faith communities across the nation can never allow public worship to be dismissed as something non-essential.

“Neither can we lightly overlook how from public worship flows support for the most vulnerable and countless charitable activities in the service of the common good.

“We are asking our Government and political representatives to provide the evidence on which they seeking to impose a ban on all public worship in England.  We believe that public worship is not part of the problem we face rather it is part of the solution to this deeply human crisis.”

+ Mark, Bishop of Shrewsbury, 1st November 2020

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2 Responses to Every Mass you attend could be your last, and every reception of Holy Communion could be your Viaticum

  1. Jim Bowman says:

    Reblogged this on Blithe Spirit and commented:
    Your last Communion? English bishops react to Prim M’s shtting down all worship. He thinks he’s a Roman emperor.

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  2. Saint John Paul II had told us we are living in a Culture of death many years ago, and since then I’ve grown more aware and able to see it’s serpentine grip all around with intensity; sure there is still much good, but, less and less all of the time as that remnant of goodness is being smothered more and more daily; we’ve been seeing how the so called cancel culture is at work, of which this is an example of such nefarious plotting and diabolical design. The ways of the crooked world are not planning life; on the contrary they are seeking to cancel it all. That is the Mandate by the Prince of this world, that beast and most evil one Satan. I’ve seen far too many people up close and personal including myself and even online that are way too caught up in themselves and superficiality or ego stroking nonsense. They think likes or attention by others online is a sign of value and importance or that they are loved and appreciated. Nothing could be farther from the truth than such poppycock. People are becoming deluded eccentric fools that aren’t in touch with reality or real living and substantive doing, as in making a real difference; say the way Mother Teresa did. They think being in the limelight of a group of similar concentric minded people is really accomplishing something when it’s nothing. Lost is the right word and the blind leading the blind; daily talking about inconsequential thoughts and opinions that have no bearing on what they really need to be doing with their time left on this earth! Any of us can stop living here at any moment and what will be the sum total of those lives that meandered around and fantasized online or used it as a tool to gain acceptance and even money by likes! It’s called wasting one’s life and time. Prime targets for these despots that are now placing themselves above the fray to control them all like so many barn yard animals.
    Wash your robes and do something that’s really worthy of praise; being of value to God! The Culture of Death is something we have all now become a part of! You must resist its influence while not desiring to be a part of this world which is growing in its crookedness and deceptions; and is falling away!


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