Bishop Schneider: Worldly Clerics Have Destroyed the Faith

From Gloria.TV

The Traditional Latin Mass Is “Richer” Than the Novus Ordo

The prayers and gestures of the Traditional Latin mass express a greater doctrinal and spiritual richness, Bishop Athanasius Schneider told Messa in Latino blog. Further proof of the greater spiritual richness of the Traditional Mass is, for him, the reaction of children and young people who are participating in this rite for the first time. Many of them are instinctively touched in the depths of their soul, saying: “This is the truth! This is truly beautiful! This is divine and heavenly!”

Worldly Clerics Have Destroyed the Faith

Bishop Schneider hears in these words the sense of faith of the believers. In big parts of the Church, this sense has been stifled by the liturgical sophistry of a group of arrogant clerics, Schneider explains. He calls them “worldly” and “intellectual” saying that they lack the ardour of supernatural faith and love. Nevertheless, for Schneider the supernatural truth and beauty will prevail. Quote, “The traditional and constant rite of Holy Mother Church is slowly conquering souls in a gentle and strong way.”

The Essence of Secularism

When his family moved from Soviet Union to Germany, Schneider was confronted with a secularised liturgy and clergy, and Communion in the hand. Such phenomena were for him a clear expression of a crisis of faith. Quote, “When there is less sacredness and reverence in the liturgy, man puts God in the background and himself in the foreground.” Thus, the vision of the supernatural is weakened and with it, faith itself is weakened.

The Problem Is Expressed in the Rite

The main problem for the Catholic Faith today is for Bishop Schneider that the ecclesiastical establishment has turned their backs on God and have turned their interest and activity mainly towards the temporal and material. For Schneider, this finds its ritual expression in the way of presiding the Eucharist, facing each other in a closed circle, an expression of anthropocentrism and naturalism. Quote, “These are precisely the deepest roots of the crisis of the world and the Church.”

The Way Out

For Schneider, the way out consists in turning again to God in a spirit of contrition, humility and fear of God. Quote, “We have to strive for Christ’s return to reign in public and social life: in schools, universities, parliaments.” There is no other path to true peace and lasting prosperity, Schneider stresses. Without Christ’s kingdom and the observance of God’s commandments, society will fall into abysmal moral degradation. This is the mission of the Church: to make Christ reign in private and public life. “He must reign!”

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