No Midnight Mass at Midnight This Year! Could it be Due to the Desecration in the Vatican Last Year?

“A demonic cult bowl was placed on the altar of St. Peter’s after a dreadful pagan demonic worship rite took place in the Vatican Gardens, during which a shaman of a false demon religion seems to have put a curse on Francis’ hands with dirt from the cult bowl. Now, no Masses [there] at the heart of the last vestige of Christendom”, wrote Father Z a few days ago.

And now this is what Catholics are being deprived of at Christmas in 2020, Midnight Mass.

It is widely believed that the Wuhan Devil reached the world earlier than thought, perhaps somewhere around the Autumn of 2019. Why is this detail significant to us? What happened at that time?

The desecration of the Holy Altar in the Basilica built over the tomb of Saint Peter!

From 27th October 2019 for an entire week a celebration by Pope Francis of a demon idol took place. It was cloaked in Amazonian culture, and it was 100% pagan. Catholicism chose to elevate paganism! This is a demonic inversion of the Christian faith. It is deadly. What is more shocking, that the pope would lead this in the Vatican garden, planting a tree and venerating little phallic figures on blankets, which all appeared to be a satanic rite, blessing the Pachamama and the ceremony. Then came the procession of the Pachamama into the nearby Catholic Church by bishops with men lifting the young woman onto a litter and processing her around at the altar. The photos of who knows what people around the altar? The photo that portrayed the inversion of the portrayal of the historic founders of Rome, Remus and Romulus, whereby a woman suckles an undetermined creature, also displayed at a now-desecrated Catholic Church in Rome. The pope endorsed all these. But it was the Pachamama demon bowl brought up to the holy altar that most shocked Catholics the world over.

Here is a summary of the events since last year’s Amazon Synod: First the Pope had blessed a sacrifice that had been offered to a false god, and then he placed it on the very altar on which he usually offers the Son of God to God the Father. In the 2020 Yearbook, he declines to be called “Vicar of Christ.” The coronacrisis breaks out, which is then being used by government authorities to close down churches and restrict Mass attendance, along with the Pope’s collaboration and approval. Then the Pope stops altogether celebrating Mass on that very same Papal Altar on which he had earlier placed the Pachamama bowl. His Christmas Vigil Mass is not even a midnight Mass, but will take place at 7.30 p.m., due to the existing curfew rules in Italy (even though the Vatican is its own city-state and the Pope is its head). The result of these papal acts are that now in many places in the whole world the Christmas Midnight Mass, commemorating the birth of the Christ-Child, has been cancelled. One may ask whether there is a connection between all of these events: that is to say, from the Pachamama bowl on the Papal Altar to the cancellation of the Christmas Midnight Masses in many parts of the world.

(Objects that are cursed, that are used in demonic rites, etc., maintain their influence long after the fact. These objects should be overthrown, broken, burned and the ashes or fragments put into running water, such as a river.  This is the advice of exorcists.)

Papal Altar Unused For Months Now

A demonic cult bowl was placed on the altar of St. Peter’s after a dreadful pagan demonic worship rite took place in the Vatican Gardens, during which a shaman of a false demon religion seems to have put a curse on Francis’ hands with dirt from the cult bowl.

Now, no Masses at the heart of the last vestige of Christendom. And none at midnight in most Catholic Churches due to the Wuhan virus curfew restrictions. Earlier evening Christmas Masses may still be celebrated in some parishes on Christmas Eve, but these cannot be called the traditional Midnight Mass, the night of the Birth of the Divine Saviour. Could this too be yet another of the consequences (or punishments) for the great desecration that took place at the See of Saint Peter 14 months ago?

From the longer prayer to St Michael Archangel:

These most crafty enemies have filled and inebriated with gall and bitterness the Church, the spouse of the immaculate Lamb, and have laid impious hands on her most sacred possessions. In the Holy Place itself, where the See of Holy Peter and the Chair of Truth has been set up as the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety , with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be scattered.

It would appear that this terrible prophecy of Leon XIII (who composed the prayer after his vision of Satan) has come to pass!

(Sources: LifeSiteNews, Father Z’s blogs, and comments from readers)


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3 Responses to No Midnight Mass at Midnight This Year! Could it be Due to the Desecration in the Vatican Last Year?

  1. My first thoughts before I even finished reading this article, was that final preparations have been made directly in the most Holy of places within the church that Jesus instructed St. Peter to build; this all happening to usher in the antichrist who will declare he is god but to first ceremonially crucify Jesus Christ again in essence saying Satan is killing Him, Jesus Christ via this imposter pope Bergoglio a pseudo Pilate, along with His church He established in order for Satan to take possession of the flock! Back when Bergoglio held the ceremonial pagan ritual to begin this process, in one of the photos used to illustrate this event I immediately saw a hand on Bergoglio’s shoulder from behind him, which told me he is a puppet now of Satan’s. Everything that has happened since the Synod and what you describe here absolutely confirms my suspicion and fear of what is about to happen just ahead. Even the American fixed or fraudulent election coup adds to this picture of deception where a most vile criminal politician racketeer for 47 years a cohort of Satan, Joe Biden, who is wrongfully being assigned the lead position of the US Government and seat of massive power on earth; to help facilitate Satan’s plan. These and many other factors are not coincidental but are orchestrated steps in bringing on the antichrist and enslavement of mankind forcing them to bow to Satan! We are in the midst of The Prophesied Holy War to come upon the earth and its people in End Time! Garabandal the visionary if not mistaken did say a pope was seen fleeing Rome and the Vatican in End Time, whether that is a metaphor or actually an event doesn’t matter because Bergoglio a false pope has relinquished his responsibilities to our Father in heaven and mother church which in essence is the same thing as fleeing from it; and can only add up to a final crisis being upon us now in this time of more deception and lies the likes of which I have never witnessed my entire life; painting the most ugly picture we can imagine of a fraud being perpetrated against all mankind on a scale which is unparalleled in history. All I know as a mere lay person is those who remain vigilant must pray that our Father in heaven will bring miracles to us soon to save the faithful and those who will awaken to the truth; through Jesus Christ and all the saints in heaven to save as many souls from hell that will result from all of this trickery and demonic hatred being thrust upon God’s creation and His children in this world. God bless you. Amen.
    Lawrence Morra III
    I’m posting this as a reblog and will include the photo I mentioned here.

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  2. This is a blog I wrote related to this subject back in October 2019 which I referenced here which might be of interest.

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  3. This is a blog I wrote just this past June which correlates well with this subject here and might be of interest.


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