Trump Rally Supporters Storm U.S. Capitol Building. Infiltrated Antifa Supporters Among Violent Protesters.

Catholic bishops strongly condemned pro-Donald Trump protesters’ incursion that penetrated the Capitol Building Wednesday as Congress debated the certification of the 2020 presidential election results, leading to the evacuation of lawmakers and the deadly shooting of one protester by law enforcement.

“I join people of good will in condemning the violence today at the United States Capitol,” Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said Jan. 6. “This is not who we are as Americans. I am praying for members of Congress and Capitol staff and for the police and all those working to restore order and public safety.”

“The peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of this great nation,” he added. “In this troubling moment, we must recommit ourselves to the values and principles of our democracy and come together as one nation under God.”

In his own statement, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco added: “To attack the U.S. Capitol to express your fear that democracy has been denied is wrong, and also counterproductive. Doubts about free and fair elections cannot be redressed by violence against democratic institutions.”




At the Washington Times

Facial recognition firm claims antifa infiltrated Trump protesters who stormed Capitol

Trump supporters say that antifa members disguised as one of them infiltrated the protesters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

A retired military officer told The Washington Times that the firm XRVision used its software to do facial recognition of protesters and matched two Philadelphia antifa members to two men inside the Senate.

The source provided the photo match to The Times.

One has a tattoo that indicates he is a Stalinist sympathizer. antifa promotes anarchy through violence and wants the end of America in favor of a Stalinist-state. “No more USA at all” is a protest chant.

XRVision also has identified another man who, while not known to have antifa links, is someone who shows up at climate and Black Lives Matter protests in the West.

Born in Portland, Ore., antifa has mounted a year of violence in that city. The mayor said this week that antifa is trying to destroy the town and called for tougher police measures.

Antifa, which is loosely organized nationwide, exports warriors to other towns.

Before the Nov. 4 election, an antifa chapter sent out on social media a reminder for members to disguise themselves as Trump supporters by wearing the distinctive red Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat.

“On Nov. 4 don’t forget to disguise yourselves as patriots/Trump supporters. Wear MAGA hats. USA flags. A convincing police uniform is even better. This way police and patriots responding to US won’t know who their enemies are and onlookers and the media will think there are Trump supporters rioting so it’s harder to turn popular opinion against us.



While speaking with USA Today on Wednesday, Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) stated that President Donald Trump “does bear some responsibility” for “inciting” with his rhetoric, “But, it’s not his fault” that people chose to break into the Capitol.

Cramer said, “The call to march and march down to the Capitol. It was inciting. And his praise for Rudy Giuliani, who was calling for combat. I mean, it was just — it was all really awful. It was pouring fuel on a spark. So…he does bear some responsibility.”

He added, “But, it’s not his fault that people made decisions to break into this building and start desecrating the — this incredible temple of democracy. It’s every individual who made that decision’s fault.”



“If you don’t bother to pause and learn a single thing from your citizens storming your Capitol building, then you’re a fool…” from Father Z’s blog.

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39 Responses to Trump Rally Supporters Storm U.S. Capitol Building. Infiltrated Antifa Supporters Among Violent Protesters.

  1. E M Lowden says:

    It took the bishops days, sometimes weeks to even comment on BLM. Most never did. Neither Gomez or Barron ever commented on the anti-Kavanaugh mob occupying a federal building during his hearing.

    But it took them seconds to comment on this.

    If anyone reading this believes Ashli Babbit, a small business owner, mother of 3, and 14-year veteran of the USAF, was a member of Antifa, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.


  2. kathleen says:

    I agree with what you say about the bishops. In Europe we have suffered the same lack of strength and courage among members of the more liberal clergy. Churches closed, no Sacraments for months, etc., whilst unnecessary worldly establishments remain open. All but most traditional bishops and priests disobeying the first commandment, whilst kowtowing to the secular authorities.

    By no means could anyone believe Republican Ashli Babbit was a member of Antifa. Her death was a tragedy (presumably an accident?); an innocent victim in a time of chaos, who was protesting the fraudulent results of the recent election.

    However, I believe the crowd storming by force into the Capitol was neither right nor a good idea.

    Perhaps the title of this article would read better if the second half had read: “… Violent Infiltrated Antifa Among Supporters”.

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  3. E M Lowden says:

    The SS officer that shot Ashli did not discharge his firearm accidentally.

    On the wisdom of storming the Capitol, that seems worth discussing, but unfortunately nobody is discussing it. People like Ashli are labelled “terrorists” by the US government and media (do we even know what that word means anymore? I remember the USS Cole…) and we’re all supposed to just accept that. Despite nothing being burned or destroyed, we are expected to regard the people who, in a state of excitement, walked into the “People’s House”, as terrorists, but the thugs who have destroyed tens of thousands of lives burning businesses and have actually killed people – BLM – as “mostly peaceful protestors” with “legitimate racial grievances”. No one is going to be taking a knee or donating money to Ashli’s family. She’s not going to get a golden casket and a massive crowd like career criminal George Floyd got. There won’t be any statues for her like drug queenpin Breona Taylor got. That incongruity deserves to be loudly pointed out, and the question “why?” needs to be asked equally loudly.

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  4. kathleen says:

    There is a short video on LifeSiteNews of one of the Trump supporters who entered the Capitol. He admits he has conflicting feelings about what happened but asks, when “there is enough ‘illegal activity’ being committed by elected officials, what are you supposed to do??”

    It appears that it was the Antifa terrorists who first breached the Capitol and did the damage, before letting the Trump supporters in. These did not burn, steal, loot or fight anyone. One commentator says:
    “Well, imo when an important election, such as this one, was clearly stolen, you need to do something as all legitimate forms of recourse have been taken away. The courts wouldn’t hear it, the press wouldn’t report it, the politicians were for the most part too cowardly to address it. All those affidavits of poll workers/watchers disregarded.”

    P.S. Just thought one should hear both sides of the story as we won’t hear it on the MSM.

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  5. kathleen says:

    “The SS officer that shot Ashli did not discharge his firearm accidentally.“

    I didn’t know that. If the shooting of an unarmed protestor who was doing no more than waving a US flag was not an accident, then it can only be called a murder. Is it being investigated?

    BLM terrorists reported as being “mostly peaceful protestors” would be a joke… if it were not so serious. Even here in Europe the many horrific film clips we have seen of savage looting and violence by BLM and Antifa supporters were anything but peaceful. Too many fools just swallow everything the left wing media tell them despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    Yes, “Fair is foul and foul is fair” in this Soros-run NWO our Western democracies have become submitted to. Catholics, and all Men of integrity, cannot bury their heads in the sand like ostriches and let this injustice and communist brainwashing continue. We have a God-given duty to fight back against these minions of Satan, whatever the cost.

    (Please disregard the ‘like’ I accidentally gave my own comment at 20:29 above.)

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  6. “A Heroine Proud American Patriot and Martyr of God’s”
    First I felt rage at first seeing the video of this brave young Patriot USAF veteran and mother being blown away like garbage by a Nazi Security Thug as I see him! Then I had to cry for Ashli Babbit followed by my solemn prayer for her immortal soul which in my own fallen human state know she deserves and is in heaven now, as we all grapple with the aftermath of this hideous event that was not at all necessary even with a breach of the Capitol building; where are contingencies and protocols that they surely must have in the Center of US Government Power in Washington DC! Evil from hell was at work as it has been throughout the last few years being usurped by many renegade deeply corrupt politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler, along with too many others to name here and of course the infamous wicked Joe Biden known in some parts as a mob archetype “Scranton Joe” who is being installed by a fraud and manipulated election which involved foreign adversaries to America namely The Chinese government CCP who have Biden on a leash to be used as their useful idiot to do more of God only knows what to gain more power and influence over the United States, and even take possession of it like many souls already have been by diabolical evil. I place the blame squarely for this and all the previous violence throughout this past year on the backs and heads of the entire Democrat Communist/Nazi Party that has done nothing but fabricate and concoct any falsehood they could to not only ruin Trump’s Presidency but anyone who would be in the way of their seizing absolute complete control of the government; from going after the character and integrity of fine judges like Kavanaugh to Barrett or General Flynn a decorated outstanding Christian Patriot American, to basically anyone that was supporting Trump and Making America Great Again! These Archbishops Gomez and Cordileone are despicable coming out like this in attack mode of Trump and the protestors when they were totally silent during all of the ensuing riots and mayhem throughout the summer by Antifa and Blm, who were given praises for peaceful protest by MSM and all establishment quarters including these same crony bigoted archbishops who obviously are in league with the False Pope Bergoglio Freemason devils of the Church who are promoting the NWO and communist totalitarian agenda of the far left elitists moving ever closer to the staging of the antichrist on earth! All I can say to that is I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when they have to explain to God Almighty why they did these things and where were they when so much evil was being promoted, say for example in San Francisco Cordileone’s and Nancy Pelosi’s area of influence, while the city has decayed into utter violent, degenerate sinful havens perhaps worse in some ways than Sodom and Gomorrah was in its time because these fraudulent despots, they have not influenced good there but quite the opposite as these two minions of darkness bring ruin or encourage it by not standing up against that which is evil or in the least criminal, but can be finding all of this fault now in this incident which in my mind was a justified protest rally, as their intent as “True Patriots” was to be heard loud and clear by the law makers who are not doing their job; that this recent election can’t be accepted being so corrupted! So as good citizens they wanted it to be thoroughly gone over with the fine tooth comb and examined for any and all breaches of Constitutional Law and even State Laws governing the election process in order to make certain the end result is the rightful candidates are elected and installed into the offices of president and vice president! It’s obvious that was what these Patriots where there for, they weren’t gang members or thugs like Antifa (classified as a domestic terror group) and others who riot in the streets recently! They actually could have been approached these Patriots, and asked if they could hold back while officials are asked if they could be given an audience to be heard briefly and hear their heart felt sincere feelings and thoughts but Ashli gets shot in the heart; this being the action of a Nazi Gestapo not the seat of Great America’s government of the people! George Floyd was mentioned here in the commentary and he was one case that came to my mind immediately as to how two-faced the entire MSM, establishment and even many members of the clergy who had been so supportive of a street career criminal thug, causing his own demise with a lifelong behavior of repeated criminal activity and arrests and in the end he wouldn’t cooperate with authorities escalating the dangerous situation causing more violence than was necessary to deescalate his lack of cooperation of what should have been a simple a simple arrest. Here we had a very unusual set of circumstances with these Patriot Protesters concerns about a major election riddled with FRAUD and much of which the DC Capitol Police and other authorities were aware was a building situation of possible emotional potentiality days if not weeks prior to the Rally and “March for Election Integrity,” but, they have a NAZI style cop that shoots point blank at a little woman climbing over a partition/door and that requires a lethal shot to her chest? In street vernacular of days gone by and even now he is a PIG! He is also a condemned man for what he did because with approaching security coming up from behind the Protestors with Ashli; who were armed and fully capable of containing any violence, but instead this despot of law enforcement blew away a young mother and Veteran for no good cause at all, and in my opinion he should get life in prison for cold blooded murder! His badge doesn’t give him authority to assassinate anyone! These sick and twisted archbishops jumping in as they have condescending like wolves in sheep’s clothing and with the twisting or concocting of the narrative they promote, they are stained with the blood of this victim on their hands as well! They are wicked men who should be excommunicated from the church immediately but that won’t happen because they are establishment crony devils and in union with the evermore wicked and evil Bergoglio with his internal corrupted church hierarchy! I’m sorry if this all sounds so accusatory or harsh to any one of you but this is how I truly see it and I know I’m at least in large part correct and won’t change my mind one bit! Why? Because this incident and circumstance could have been handled completely different as I’m sure it was something that was anticipated in light of the fact of how much corruption the Democrat Party is guilty of with all of their many treasonous acts since 2016 alone and Biden being a career politician organized crime racketeer and traitor for 47 years! But where have you crooked church officials been during this time not pointing out the severe injustices and crime being committed even in your communities by so called members of the flock like Biden, who is always declaring he is a Catholic but living in total opposition to the tenets of the faith and an outright lying blasphemer of God Almighty! You foolish men who now give a bit of your lip service to his incident to obviously promote the same evil MSM and Establishment NWO narrative you’ve all been silent about all these years, you carry guilt that will sink you to the pits of hell when your judgment day comes! The world should wake up NOW and honor this young women Ashli Babbit far exceedingly over all that unjustified hoopla and nonsense, then destruction, over that criminal Floyd who did nothing for anyone but himself and even there he failed miserably having no moral compass or the slightest bit of integrity; while this woman cared for and served her country and fellow Americans! She is a hero; to me a saintly wonderful lady and mother! But you depots out there you know who you are and more importantly God’s know who all of you are; you should be ashamed and cower in fear of the Almighty because His final judgment of all souls will come. Bergoglio encouraged and supported the blaspheming Biden and Democrat Party Agenda who have pushed full term day of delivery abortion, the murder of so much innocence, along with so many other atrocities by just giving a green light to Biden’s run for president; so he takes on all of his evil baggage, sharing in the guilt or lack of moral responsibility and conscience; even some culpability in this tragic event that he the fake Pope enticed by taking part in the evil global politics agenda and he is damned to God’s harshest judgment imaginable for it we can be certain; that is what Holy Scriptures say about anyone who so unrepentantly blasphemes God Almighty. Amen.
    Ashli Babbit; an Honorable American Heroine, Proud Patriot, USAF Veteran, cherished Mom and a Martyr in order to bring light to all of this evil in America’s government that has culminated with a grave falsehood of a criminal evil man being elevated through a fraudulent election to become the president. Her life has served a greater purpose than we can imagine or know right now! Amen.
    Lawrence Morra III
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  7. johnhenrycn says:

    “The SS officer that shot Ashli…”

    E M Lowden (20:54): It behoves us, upset as we are, to wait for reliable information before making ugly accusations like that. You were not in the halls of Congress 4 days ago; nor was I on that highway in Maryland 4 years ago when Ashli Babbitt (RIP) – in an insane fit of jealous road rage – rammed her car three times into the car of her husband’s ex-girlfriend, intending to kill her husband’s ex-girlfriend. That 2016 incident must occurred, because I read it in the Daily Mail.

    EXCLUSIVE: Trump-supporting Air Force vet who was shot dead after storming the Capitol ‘harassed and chased’ husband’s ex-girlfriend on a highway, deliberately ramming into her three times in a fit of jealousy.

    What sources do you have for claiming that the man who shot Ashli Babbitt (RIP) was in the “SS”?
    With respect, your opinion is of no consequence to me, but there may well be others who will suffer, knowing there are some people are calling that officer – their husband, their son, their father – a member of the “SS” – figuratively or not.


  8. johnhenrycn says:

    Does anyone actually think these Animal House rejects are Antifa goons?


  9. @johnhenrycn I get what you’re saying; but we can only go by our media/journalists, government officials, so called experts, the Pope, etc. and we know if we have a clue that they all LIE! So we can only go by what we get for information regarding any event or incident and cross reference as much as possible to arrive at a logical and highly plausible conclusion about something that may or may not have happened, which we can’t be an eye witnesses to 99.9999999999% of the time! From all the data I checked and surrounding circumstances, reports by numerous officials that are close to the event, including the President I have arrived at a decision that it did happen and she was shot as I saw in the video at point blank range not brandishing any weapon or putting the Capitol police officer in any imminent threat of losing his own life and he was armed to protect himself; but yet at point blank range he blew Ashli away; making it an unnecessary kill and outright murder! And for some reason you have a Problem seeing that! He is a NAZI PIG! You don’t like my conclusion that’s your Problem not mine; because in that situation I stand with Ashli’s rights as a human being and child of God’s who served in the USAF for four tours and has been a good Citizen Patriot seeking answers from her crooked government officials; making her brave to take them to task to do their damn jobs, they having allowed a completely bogus election to take place and not care! So she is who I support 100% over the Gestapo Style Pig; that executed her on the spot no questions asked!! You can go cry for his family but I did my crying for Ashli and her Children along with her husband! See if you can sort out your thoughts a bit more with Facts and Reality before engaging your rhetoric here trying to defy mine or anyone else’s!
    Lawrence Morra III


  10. @johnhenrycn I reference your statement and quotes;
    “EXCLUSIVE: Trump-supporting Air Force vet who was shot dead after storming the Capitol ‘harassed and chased’ husband’s ex-girlfriend on a highway, deliberately ramming into her three times in a fit of jealousy.

    What sources do you have for claiming that the man who shot Ashli Babbitt (RIP) was in the “SS”?
    With respect, your opinion is of no consequence to me, but there may well be others who will suffer, knowing there are some people are calling that officer – their husband, their son, their father – a member of the “SS” – figuratively or not.”

    I now additionally say to you; this attack on Ashli’s Babbitt’s credibility is in the least crude but to me more of a slanderous thing to do to her reputation and Honorable Service for her Country; but even more damning than that it’s brutally hateful to HER FAMILY at such a horrible time! The gall you exhibit to say anyone commenting here should pity the Cop’s family while you simultaneously attempt this desecration of the victim and her loved ones this way; is beyond the pale and extremely cowardice of you, Mr.! This I considered after my first response to your commentary and decided to go after the real crux of what you stated here; for on its face being such a lowdown cheap shot at this woman and the blog site! You are a trouble maker and you should get lost fast! If you do have some common sense then you will take heed to my words; as God is my Witness!
    Lawrence Morra III


  11. johnhenrycn says:

    God save us. Another clueless wonder. But yes, Lawrence Moron III, the dead woman’s past is fair comment. But no, she did not deserve to die. But yes, you and your buddy Lowdown and other members of your internet lynch mob ought to take time to consider – bad things happen in highly charged situations like the DC one 4 days ago. Think Boston Massacre in 1770. Think Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890. Think Kent State Massacre in 1973. Frankly, I’m surprised the police didn’t open fire sooner than they did and should have (some would argue).

    I’m quite ready to believe the shooting officer is devastated by what happened, but there you go: I don’t have anymore solid information about his state of mind than do you and your buddy Lowdown.


  12. johnhenrycn says:

    Larry, I also intended to mention the United States Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, a 12-year veteran of the force, who was killed during the riot on Wednesday. Little is known for certain, but the only report making the rounds at this time is that he was bludgeoned to death by a rioter with a fire extinguisher. So much for peaceful protesting by the Trump bandwaggoneers.


  13. johnhenrycn says:

    Speaking of bandwagons, wouldn’t it have been nice if Ashli Babbitt and her shooter could have just settled for a nice dance together? Alas, it was not meant to be, through no fault of their own.


  14. I must amend at least this one of many typos and be more careful not to click send unless all is fine; I was too riled up and should have taken a bit more time; so for that I apologize. This typo is the most important to correct and I couldn’t leave it as is; “But you depots out there you know who you are and more importantly God’s know who all of you are; But you depots out there you know who you are and more importantly God knows who all of you are;”
    Thank you for your consideration.


  15. @johnhenrycn As I stated in my previous comment you are a Trouble Maker, and now grinding all of these axes here as you do is totally inappropriate and uncalled for; displaying your crass disregard for all involved. This utter disrespect pompous trite attitude you show not only to Ashli Babbitt and her family via your negative tirades and tone here that I see as insulting to this blog; and me personally. In light of the fact I advised you to show some common sense which you now have proven that you’re completely lacking in; I tell you now; I include you in the category of internet “thug despot” and garbage Facebook material troll! This is not a forum for argument; which you have inserted yourself into this fine blog to accomplish it appears, just proving beyond a doubt that you’re an Internet Troll Terrorist! Why are you even arrogantly commenting here when you can do your drive-by instigating and rabble-rouse game tactics for your twisted thrills on so many sites that welcome madcap stupidity, instead of on such a faith driven sharing and inspirational venue for the “Catholic Faith,” and “Faithful” which I’ve begun to doubt your sincerity of heart felt interest or appropriate respect for; ex: “I used to admire Abp. Viganò, and still do somewhat, although his association with that fat bearded rich clown – now under indictment for fraud but not yet convicted I’m told – does him no credit.” the man has more intestinal fortitude in one finger than you have in your whole miserable wretched body of that I’m certain; the man is a Saint; and ex. “God save us. Another clueless wonder. But yes, Lawrence Moron III, the dead woman’s past is fair comment.” You moron twerp of a pretend man so arrogant and high and mighty in your childish attacks; she was just murdered, fresh blood and all, and you have the nerve to speak this vitriol here; no it isn’t fair game here or anywhere that I attend especially so soon after her killing, and as far as insulting me directly you are a baby cake tooth fairy little man, who if you think you could tell me these choice insults of yours, that you so boldly toss out on this blog site; directly to my face you punk just let me know when you think you’re ready; I’d mop any floor with you one arm behind my back fella; so to the point of a faith driven and inspirational venue neither of which have you demonstrated to my satisfaction ANY such interest or intent, I believe you have made it perfectly clear what your being here is all about! I’ve had enough of you; and I don’t want anything to do with you ever again; Devil; get behind me. If you were coming to my blog site and did any bit of this I would remove and block you immediately. Waste of Time! Little Joker of a Cowardly Man that can’t be one! I’ll also suggest that you see an exorcist; you are in deep trouble! See one immediately!
    Lawrence Morra III


  16. johnhenrycn says:

    Gawd almighty. No one has ever paid so much attention to me on this website as you, Larry. Not since Toad died, anyway. But look here, Larry: it was thou who first started with the insults as between me and thou. You at 09:49 – calling me a coward, a lowdown troublemaker, telling me to “get lost fast!” Before then, butter never melted in my mouth looking at your avatar and your name. Scroll through this thread and confess that it is you who needs to “get lost fast!”

    But no, Larry – don’t get lost. You’re a real asset here. You’ve given me a lot of belly laughs 🙂


  17. johnhenrycn says:

    Larry says: “…you punk just let me know when you think you’re ready; I’d mop any floor with you one arm behind my back fella…”

    Perhaps (you are Calabrian, aren’t you?) but what if I, with half my brain tied behind my back, made you look like the fool you are before you figured out how to get your other arm into action?


  18. kathleen says:

    Gentlemen, please, let’s stop the insults, both personal and directed to those who undeservingly lost their lives in the Capitol incident. We don’t want to start a war between two allies, you Lawrence from the USA and you JH from Canada, both of you devout Catholics (so basically on the same side), do we? There are enough enemies out there drooling for our blood for us to waste time with inner-fighting.

    However, JH: I am sure you know the old mortuary aphorism, “ De mortuis nihil nisi bonum”, (attributed to Chilon of Sparta, ca. 600 BC)… for they cannot speak for themselves. Raking up bad things from Ashli Babbit’s past when she had served her country for years with valour, was inappropriate, IMHO.

    Lawrence, johnhenrycn (known here as JH) is well known to us on CP&S from way back, even before we started this blog. I can assure you that his heart is in the right place. He has been loyal to us and to this blog. In the past, when we have been attacked here by real hate-filled trolls, he artfully dispatched them with his indispensable rhetoric. His sometimes tongue-in-cheek provocations do not need to be taken seriously.

    Let’s wave the white flag from now on. Have a blessed Sunday. God bless you both.

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  19. JH You are a Coward and you do need to see an exorcist as I see clearly you are either deranged or effected directly by evil forces!
    Kathleen I did not start the insults other than being chivalrous and brave to come to the defense of a fine American woman and mother who was just assassinated and being put down and attacked by your so called established follower here, the likes of which I haven’t seen in a long while other than on freewheeling liberal leaning sites, say like Facebook that have constant vitriol filled hate being spewed by loathsome internet trolls which this JH resembles in spades; and I only came to the defense of this fine outstanding woman an American Veteran which he has nothing to do with not even being an American let alone a proud Veteran; and she had just been murdered in what I’m sure now was an evil plot orchestrated by demonic forces surrounding the situation and Washington presently; but he leapt right over these facts to insert some demented vitriol where he had no place or right to do so! Then he went on to get personal and attack me; that was a mistake big time! That offer stands buster; you are a weak spineless troll of a man and if you think you could take me on in person let’s make the arrangement! You wouldn’t dare say these things to my face and you are no Catholic as I see you! You are a fake one and an evil minion; which we unfortunately have some very high ranking government official ones and even a fraudulently elected criminal President elect who is; saying he is one, but that is impossible; which is why he has been refused the Holy Eucharist at Catholic Churches on many occasions!
    Kathleen, if you and others here can’t contain your blog site better than this not clearly seeing where actual wicked vitriol stems from and think that you should be supporting this trash heap of a man, then you may as well kiss me off; because I want nothing to do with such a site which is starting to take on a dark nefarious appearance now; just because of this troll JH punk of a man who attacked me several times here; and the remaining reason for my leaving would be the lack of due diligence by you or anyone else with this blog to correct that transgression! I actually expected a higher standard and calling from you and others here; what a sorry disappointment now that I know you have a parasite like this JH feeding off your site and followers like me; yet you think so highly of this whatever it is man! Many Canadians do tend to be twisted faithful these days perhaps because of the major socialistic dominance of that country now and the terrible globalist and elitist Trustee Trudeau! We all are in the same World War III, but, I don’t associate with internal enemies or especially those outside of my own country! This JH is a punk and I’m a proud American Veteran Patriot who had full right to honor and respect Ashli Babbitt protecting her from this Troll who had no right to go after her like he did; and so he is an enemy to me now! He was the aggressor and evil minded SOB! You don’t get that clearly, THEN YOU’RE WELCOME TO EACH OTHER! He’s obviously the moron, “God save us. Another clueless wonder. But yes, Lawrence Moron III, the dead woman’s past is fair comment.” that he called me, not having a clue about any of these factors or rather and actually what I know to be the case, ignored all of it to satisfy his own twisted demented ego! The man is a twisted sister! I actually see now more clearly that you don’t care about what is most credible and important here so that puts you in a bad light; not me! I have to ask the question of whether this was some rouse that even involved you or others attached with this site, making it a conspiracy of sorts, to set this minion of evil against me to cause my departure; or he is a twisted jealous little man who wants all the marbles for himself! I guess he needs some pats on the back having so little an ego and so poor self-esteem! Think about how I got to that level of thinking! Pray on it!
    God help your souls.


  20. know you were wrong to make this statement and include me with this fool who attacked Ashli Babbitt a hero Veteran; but you put me on his level making me a culprit with him? Had you read all of my comments and gotten their true intent and if not then why didn’t you reply and ask? You leave what you want hanging in the wind in such a powerful horrific moment in history? Yet you are ready now to give this lackluster response and insult me or my integrity here! I take offence to that and you made a grave error here! Why do I waste my time with people who play games and may not be well! Thought this site was one out of thousands worth making some effort to advance the cause; our Catholic Faith! Boy was I sadly mistaken! Never put your eggs in one basket right.
    “Gentlemen, please, let’s stop the insults, both personal and directed to those who undeservingly lost their lives in the Capitol incident.”
    And I know you can do so much better when you feel like it or if there is some ulterior purpose as you have recently with another follower Lowden; who you spent great energy and effort to console or whatever after he had been an aggressor with my commentary! Kind of different when the shoe is on the other foot ay!
    There are many minions and enemies out and about, I found that out over time on this internet some may have conspired with this JH, some potentially I think, a few in Canada I used to have on my Word Press; until I ditched them for what I saw as trouble brewing! Could be some instigators getting back! I’m tired of phony sick people! Canada is a messed up place way more than here up until now; Canada having amassed Communist China Troops on the US Canadian border! Who is a friend with who?
    Thanks but no thanks.


  21. johnhenrycn says:

    Sigh…Okay Larry. Man up. Let’s get this over with. Water pistols at 20 paces. We can meet here:
    43.0773° N, 79.0753° W (half-way between your great country and my even greater country) on, say, April 1st at high noon? So that we can identify one another, please wear your blue swim trunks and your fake Ray-ban sunglasses. I’ll be wearing red swim trunks and a fake moustache.

    After you’ve been thoroughly drenched by my Nerf water blaster, we can shake hands and adjourn for lunch at Zappi’s Pizza & Pasta. My treat. Then we can take a boat tour on the Maid of the Mist.


  22. ioannes henricus cn
    Vide quae nos hic daemonum fossor, quod cogitat, ille mauris dum haeret in pubertatem in aeternum
    Et reliquit vobis infra omnes alios, ita nunc te vagari in eius mundani terrena stulta opera, sed video te esse ita multo potentius, quam id quod est in actu sunt; vos esse in infima omnia daemonia, et non potest concludi, nolite timere tua imaginem, non vos! Nimis quia te talem victus! Sed sub hoc ego sum derideo; iocus est in te post omnes! Dico Azazel, quod Tempus Est in Latus Meum; sic est!
    Ut Victor it corrumpit. Ridens!


  23. johnhenrycn says:

    Cara Mea:
    Intelligo, et indica mihi:
    Quantum materiae materietur marmota monax si marmota monax materiam possit materiari?
    …et adhuc magis:
    Quis sic facit quomodo tu ut tantum bibis? Quid dicent, qui te viderunt talem?”


  24. Haec sunt antichristus fraudem satanae episcopi, qui probat nihil et solum ostendit, quod te a fraude et daemonum! Dico Azazel iterum considerandum est quod; ut Victor it corrumpit; omnia vadit ad infernum! Tempus est in latus meum, sic est!


  25. johnhenrycn says:

    I’ve already challenged you to water pistols at 20 paces.


  26. Quod suus ‘ vestri dubitationem, si exercitus, bibit nimis; es adhæsit cum omnibus, quod stultitia et questus ad te; sed, quod est via crustulum arescit! Prohibere vexo qui innocens animalia tua cum; et cum non ebriosis, sicut quidam perdidit nauta in tres dies biberunt! Vos parva daemones non adepto ad carpi! Ad victor ire spolia! Azazel scit! Te nihil scio de hoc loco!


  27. johnhenrycn says:

    Non malus.


  28. johnhenrycn says:

    Non malus, nihil scio.


  29. johnhenrycn says:

    I’m so tired, Larry. Hope to see you April Fools Day as planned. Wear your fake USAF bomber jacket. The Niagara River is mighty cold that time of year. Me transmitte sursum, Caledoni!


  30. Non opus est aliquid, quia cum loquimur de magnificis oviculam perditam mediocris regina cum substantia abusum problems et alia assorted daemones pertinere monstrentur; Non dubito quia intelligentes et sapientes filii Dei daemonas scimus interimant quoquo modo; quicquid mali sui tenentur solvere consummatum antequam incipiat. Dixit autem in caprum emissarium pallio zeli: quod illi risus! Apage sis turpis ignavi, abeuntes silentium indicens est terra vestra suscipiant te


  31. johnhenrycn says:

    Tell me, Larry – persuade me – that you really are conversant in Latin, and not simply pulling things off the internet as I have done? Your stuff seems contrived. I could be mistaken. If you’re as conversant in that ancient tongue as you pretend, your name will be known all over the world and many Latinists will jump to your defense, in which case our Maid of the Mist boat ride is on me.

    When we take that tour together (Maid of the Mist) we must observe social distancing.


  32. kathleen says:

    JH & Lawrence:

    Would you like me to act as referee when you meet for your duel on 1st April? I promise to be neutral. My job would just be to count the 20 paces before firing, and to make sure our old rogue, JH, doesn’t cheat 😉 .

    I will refrain from joining you on your ‘Maid of the Mist’ tour afterwards… water might be choppy.

    P.S. Hmmm, just realised duelling is forbidden by the Church. If you care about your eternal souls you may have to call it off boys. And shake hands instead. (Or touch elbows… if social distancing is still in place.)

    Liked by 1 person

  33. I have not observed this blog for a very long time, but a regular reader of CP&S asked me to please put aside my disinterest and take a look at it, just to tell her what I made of the place it has now become, because she found it distressing. I make no specific judgment of it but it is saddening.

    When some of us created this blog in 2010 we did so to create a traditional Catholic blog about Catholic spirituality. Since I now live a hermitage life, I don’t involve myself in controversies and I remember my part in the early days of the “culture wars” only as a matter for regret, having seen the violence that flows from their resulting divisions. I would simply make one appeal to all of you running this blog: get out of the whirlpool of the politics and get back to traditional Catholic spirituality, for the Devil is at work creating division. Do you think Trump ever gave a damn about Christianity? Do you think Biden forms his policies by Catholic principles? Neither of them deserve any consideration as examples of Christian moral principle. Catholics are being used by the Devil as usual and you should not fall into his trap. Do not see this as the start of an argument, but rather I intend to help you end one, and I won’t comment further.

    If some of you who are tired of fighting about politics would like to get back to spirituality, I am at present drawing a worldwide audience in a ‘virtual pilgrimage’ to Compostela, to help people who are in Covid lockdown escape their confinement and ‘walk’ to the shrine of the Apostle Saint James. “Walking Out of the World”

    Liked by 1 person

  34. johnhenrycn says:

    Cool website you’ve got there Rabit. I might check it out now and again, without commenting.

    I did think the font pitch, style and colour were a bit difficult getting adjusted to, except for the opening paragraph.

    God speed.


  35. mmvc says:

    Hi Rabit!

    A closer look at this ‘place’ should suffice for you to see that there is plenty of spiritual content on CP&S. Here are just three recent personal favourites:

    Also, you will be pleased to know that over the years our stats have shown an ever increasing and impressive worldwide readership and there are now many faithful subscribers to the blog.
    Having said that, CP&S is only one of a huge number of excellent and varied Catholic blogs out there. So for anyone averse or allergic to reports with Church or world related political content here or elsewhere, the solution is simple: skip it! But then, I’m sure your distressed CP&S reader contact already knows that. ;o)

    Liked by 2 people

  36. johnhenrycn says:

    I see that our old pal Mundabor is still fighting the good fight in his own delightful Savanarolan way. Rabit’s worried friend might like to give him a go, although he (Mundabor) does tend to lash out at his political enemies.


  37. kathleen says:

    Garete Thomas asks:

    ”Do you think Trump ever gave a damn about Christianity?”

    So do you know something about Donald Trump’s beliefs that we do not know? Or do you rest your opinion simply on the opinion of others, who you also do not know, including the secular MSM? They all loathe Trump because he refuses to toe the line of the New World Order reset programme they are committed to, beginning with getting rid of religion. For all his faults (and who dare throw the first stone?) Donald Trump has held back the tsunami of real evil soon to befall our poor American Catholic friends under a Biden/Harris presidency.

    ” When some of us created this blog in 2010 … blah, blah, blah”

    Yes, you keep reminding us every time you come back here (after routinely criticising us and flouncing off saying you will never return) that you were one of the founders. Whilst it is certainly true, you were not the only one who set things up; there were at least six or seven original creators of CP&S who organised everything.
    Besides, you nearly wrecked the blog not long afterwards with that massive public fight you had with one of the other creators of the blog, Benedict Carter…. remember? Thanks to the swift intervention of Gertrude and The Raven (still here) and a couple of others, we pulled out of the damage you had done our readership.

    Another thing you seem to have forgotten is that this blog was never intended to be focused solely on Catholic spirituality, but of everything Catholic. Whether one likes it or not, that naturally leads to reporting on political subjects sometimes for the way they affect our Catholic Faith.

    End of rant.

    Good luck with your “virtual pilgrimage” to Santiago de Compostela. Sounds like a wonderful idea.

    Liked by 2 people

  38. johnhenrycn says:

    Rabit has a good place my memories, but he can be a horse’s ass, as his new blog title confirms.


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