Persecution of Traditional Catholics will accelerate

Iconclast Persecution of the Catholic Church

It is a fact: the trend toward an outright persecution of traditional Catholics – those who live faithfully by all the teachings and precepts of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church – is not only continuing, but accelerating. Liberal-minded cafeteria ‘c’atholics, together with the hypocrites who profess to be Catholic, i.e., go to Mass regularly, brandish their rosaries, public state the importance of their Catholic Faith to the world, but then pick and choose only the parts of the Church’s doctrines that suit them, willfully disobeying those that don’t suit, and dismissing any ‘uncomfortable’ truth… these false followers of Christ may be overlooked by the agents of Satan when the time comes for the Great Persecution. After all, they are already Satan’s useful minions for having spread scandal, leading numerous souls on the path to Hell, and showing total indifference to having thrown true Catholics into the hands of their enemies.

Faithful Catholics will be increasingly targeted, and in the meantime the devils uses this current Pope’s papacy as a means to further destabilise the Church. Their aim for years has been to destroy her from within.

An important part of Satan’s war against the Church is directly specifically at priests; the Virgin Mary in all Her apparitions warns that priests are under very fierce attack by the enemy today. She calls us to pray and make many sacrifices for priests, for just one such faithful priest son has the divine power from God to lead many sinners’ hearts to conversion. Because Satan knows his time is short he sends his minions to work extra hard to deceiving that priest’s soul.

The great St Ambrose tells us:

The persecutors who are visible are not the only ones. There are also invisible persecutors, much greater in number. This is more serious. Like a king bent on persecution, sending orders to persecute to his many agents, and establishing different persecutors in each city or province, the devil directs his many servants in their work of persecution, whether in public or in the souls of individuals.

Of this kind of persecution Scripture says: All who wish to live a holy life in Christ Jesus suffer persecution. “All” sufffer persecution; there is no exception. Who can claim exemption if the Lord himself endured the testing of persecution? How many there are today who are secret martyrs for Christ, giving testimony to Jesus as Lord! The Apostle knew this kind of martyrdom, this faithful witnessing to Christ; he said: This is our boast, the testimony of our conscience.

For example, the well known traditional Catholic blogger, Father Z, has been mercilessly persecuted by extremists of the Left of many stripes. After the many recent debacles in the US, including the swearing in of a pro-abort, so-called ‘c’atholic President, he warns us, and fellow priests:

“In our nation, persecution of individuals by the Left is on the rise. They are doing Satan’s work.  It is right to pray against them using all our spiritual tools.  Fathers!  Take note!   Recite Ch. 3 Title XI of the Rituale Romanum privately if you must.  But say it. Do not give in to the darkness by either running from it, or by descending into hatred.

The pandemic may very well be something that God has given us to wake us all up.   So too with the way many currents in the country are rapidly shifting to the Left.  When people forget about God, God will provide wake up calls.   Is the pandemic one of the them?  Are our elected and appointed leaders, secular and sacred, wake up calls?”

The Passion of the Church has already begun; the Church on Earth is already being persecuted. In some countries, such as China, North Korea, most Islamic states, and in many parts of Asia, Africa etcetera, the persecution is outright, while the persecution in western countries (for now) comes in more subtle forms. In our globalist world of modern technology comes the rise of the surveillance state. This will become a powerful method of limiting our religious freedom by the NWO in the near future. We are already seeing how they control many virtual forms of communication like Facebook and Twitter, blocking traditional Catholic messages and videos, whilst permitting such evils as pornography and sadistic violence from the secular world.

Assuming we do have a solid spiritual foundation, and are seriously living our Catholic Faith, there are some practical things we should be doing as we prepare for the coming persecution.

First of all, we must use our religious freedom while we still can, and avoid taking it for granted or assuming everything will remain more or less the way it is now. Even apart from private revelations on the subject, there are numerous signs in government and society that a persecution is probably coming. Now is our final opportunity to resist this trend as fervent Catholics and concerned citizens. It’s time we started pushing back, in a peaceful and loving but unyielding way. Do not be afraid to speak out or to act lawfully in defence of God’s divine law.

Secondly, we must find others who believe as we do. We must avoid petty disagreements. “Unite the clans!” as Michael Matt of ‘The Remnant’ tells us, and begin meeting together, becoming well-informed, talking and sharing and brainstorming. Whilst we have Internet – and who says we shall always have this form of communication? – we should put it to good use.

Thirdly, we must strengthen our relationship with Christ, learning to trust in Him ever more deeply, for a solid spiritual foundation is necessary in order to withstand the troubles of life in general, and the unique challenges in our era of history in particular. Our Lord’s parable of the house built on a rock foundation (Mt. 7:24-27) is timely and important in this regard.

Pray, fast, make sacrifices and frequent the Sacraments of Confession and the Holy Eucharist. Make holy hours, or at least visit the Blessed Sacrament whenever possible. This is our armour that will protect us in the coming battles. Prayers offered in reparation for the sins of the world, and our fasting and other acts of penance, can unleash great spiritual power, not only benefiting ourselves and our loved ones, but also resulting in the conversion of many sinners and the delaying, lessening, or even averting of many predicted chastisements. Prayer is extremely powerful, especially the two greatest prayers of all: the Mass and the Rosary.

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  1. This is excellent and speaks volumes to what I said today in another long comment of mine to another of your CPS articles that annoyed me because it seemed to not register with people what huge deception is taking place in the Catholic Church via this most horrendous creature of a man Joe Biden with his vile supporter none other than the false Pope Bergoglio; and that blog article it had some commentary that to me was way to trite or dismissive of the evil closing in on us all; the Faithful of the Catholic Church. Perfect you brought all of this to the fore! Great job here to enlighten and I have to read it a couple of times to let it settle in, all the good being shown here.
    Reblogging @ Zero Lift-Off


  2. Dear me! What on earth has happened to prompt this litany of despair? A nasty politician has been replaced by another politician, and all of the Catholic blogosphere runs around like headless chickens because they found themselves invested in the world, rather than the Kingdom.

    “the well known traditional Catholic blogger, Father Z, has been mercilessly persecuted”

    No. He was told by his bishop he could do exorcisms after Mass for Covid. He changed that to doing exorcisms for a scam ‘vote fraud’ political whim! How foolish. Father Z was once very good, but he got caught up in the nonsense, like the rest of you. I don’t take any satisfaction in saying this. It is quite sad really.


  3. “A nasty politician has been replaced by another politician. Father Z was once very good, but he got caught up in the nonsense, like the rest of you. I don’t take any satisfaction in saying this. It is quite sad really.”
    Gareth; I hate to say this but I don’t know you and yet can see that you’re missing the boat here big time! And that is rather sad I would say. First of all the politician that got replaced was not one he was a successful business man who wanted to try doing something to save America a huge feat considering that the government hub is as corrupt and evil as it could be! Trump has been the biggest boost to Pro Life and the Little Sisters here slowing the progression of Planned Parenthood and their debauchery of evil upon the innocent! Biden doesn’t care if they are murdered full term day of delivery and cut up into little piece for whatever purpose can make a buck! Polar opposites at work and now the dark side is in charge ready to cause more suffering than you can imagine! It already has begun; he is being handed dozens of executives orders to sign in order for the Left and Commies to get into place all the things they can to destroy not just babies but America!!! This whack job of a demented, depraved evil man that couldn’t write one executive order is being made a puppet president and evil is behind the whole thing! You just don’t get it do you? What replaces Trump is a most depraved hideous yes politician of 47 years conning and conniving like a racketeer but far worse he is a true blasphemer of God living on earth to serve Satan and his plans! I won’t try to catch you up it will take far too long at this point to spell it all out but the world is in grave trouble Mr. The United States is and had always been the most powerful super power as you know. But more importantly it was a Nation founded under God our Judea-Christian God. For the Catholic Church to be fully infiltrated with horrendous evil and now the US Government with an actual Puppet of not only the Leftist Marxist evils but also Satan himself should have you very worried but you seem to have this rather cavalier attitude which is also a frightening thing to me as to your background off the top I would think you know better than to be so sloppy in your assessment of massive problems that could wipe you , me and everyone off the face of this earth sooner rather than later! The CCP as you know an atheist evil totalitarian strong arm empire now cleansing its countryside of Catholics and other Christians should have you upset too. Well The CCP owns Biden in a manner of speaking and there are going to be massive political and military punches pulled in the ensuing months that could bring all to a head as in Armageddon! Are you catching my drift here? So not to be rude to you or anyone but I do get pissed when people bounce on such colossal matters without thinking or explaining themselves properly or better at least and just add fuel to a fire! Get with the program sir! Do you think you know enough about all of these concerns? It doesn’t appear that way to me! Maybe because you don’t live here in the USA and know what’s going on first hand! I do!
    Plenty for all on this planet to be very worried about! If you don’t like the word worried; then very gravely concerned! Good night!
    Lawrence Morra III

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  4. Lawrence, thank you.
    You tell me, “You just don’t get it do you?” and I hear that. It must be a difficult time for you. When you invest so much in worldly matters, then it all changes overnight, it must be very distressing. So many people have also invested in conspiracy theories that suddenly disappeared like the dawn mist. That’s why the Catholic Church encourages us to invest in a long-term programme. It is called the Kingdom of God and it is heavenly as well as having an expression in our temporary earthly existence. The last thing we should be concerned with is partisan politics.
    But don’t be too worried: the Lord will take charge, not us. Sleep well.


  5. Gareth Thomas Yes the Lord will always take charge! But meanwhile we have duties and responsibilities in this world that we must follow through on! Do you think WWII would have been won by the good or the Allied Forces with your attitude of it will all work itself out? See you live in a more socialistic rooted scheme and have lost some of the fight that I have in me over you in spades! That fight is necessary and a vital part of the components that make a man a man or one who will be willing to die for his friends and family to lay down his life as a duty and honor to protect; and first to serve God yes, but to establish and fulfill His plan here while we are after all still here dealing with this valley of tears! Reality can bite you in the ass and with your approach if I adopted it I would be expecting it to be a big bite out of my ass! Discern, but, also be prepared and be willing to do what it takes to get the job done! Dreamers and players abound here and as they do there in Europe which I’ve been to! Major world shaping events are unfolding that will have massive consequences and so to be staying abreast of them and seeking God’s help in taking on any and all challenges is required as we go along! But this was not meant to be a life of who can read scripture the most and live above the real world in some bubble or cloud. We who have worked hard know there always comes a time to get your hands dirty and do the real work or chores of living and yes even fighting wars to protect and carry on to a better day; defeating the true enemies whoever they might be along the way; and there are enemies many who will rob you blind or kill you if given that opportunity! Many people have to be the ones to do the very difficult jobs to stop the bad from overwhelming the rest. Where in the Bible does it say none of this has to happen as long as you chill out and not worry about it God will take care of it all! The Devil and all his earthly minions will be ready to take you down into the ditch if you allow them to; so we must be ready to take them on if need be! The human race will not get along and be all happy as can be; as there are devils and wolves in sheep’s clothing among us that only want what you have and will kill to get it! Cain and Abel illustrate how this dynamic works and it won’t stop until Jesus Christ returns! For now we must do much heavy lifting and toiling to earn our keep and way here; even suffering, because that is the nature of the fallen world sir! There isn’t just partisan politics going on as you say but absolute evil is working in the scheme of things now like never before; and I told you babies are being sacrificed and eaten so don’t tell me its just partisan politics you don’t know what you’re saying! The people who do these evil things just got a green light and leg up on ruling the roost as the saying goes and that is a very bad thing to have happen; I care about the good and innocent being protected and Biden with all the followers that are like him don’t care at all! The dynamic shift that occurred has been a very bad thing and will have dire consequences for the world! Perhaps where you stand you can only see rose gardens and a world going along just beautifully! Discern and look deeper. Truth can be seen readily if you are truly looking! Good night!

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  6. An excellent pile of words, Lawrence, and some of them are even in the right order, but one of the first things we learn from reading the Bible is that writing generally goes in paragraphs.

    You start with some military references, so I presume you have a record of military service like me, and maybe you even gained a marksman’s badge as I did, for hitting the target centre faultlessly with three shots in a ‘group’ within an inch? But I notice that the military in your own country are quite busy at the moment, removing the threat from within. That is a very sad state of affairs, and a terrible indictment on a ‘Commander in Chief’ who turned on his own country and encouraged revolt against your own constitution. But that is a separate matter from the mission of the Church, and we should recognize the difference between what belongs to God and what belongs to Caesar.

    I don’t go to Mass on a Sunday expecting to have the priest proclaiming that the Consum supermarket is the better place to shop, and if I go to the Mercadona supermarket I am choosing evil. Catholic blogging went crazy a few years ago, and if this is not the moment to recover, when will that moment ever be?

    As I said, sleep well.

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  7. johnhenrycn says:

    Rabbitry (^) for the most part, but the opening sentence was good.


  8. An outstanding sermon Pastor. You won’t come across a sermon like this in an apostate church.
    Me and my husband left our last church as they were of the progressive variety. Not quite as bad as the Pope and multifaith but they were into prosperity ministry. I ran for my life.
    I was considering your circumstances. A leader in an apostate church faced with having to go or stay. Was Nicodemus in a similar situation ?
    With the Pope at the helm . His anti Christ doctrine of Multi faith world church you no longer fit in.
    The separation of sheep and goats is very evident this decade.
    The Lord says come out of her my people.
    Light and dark don’t mix.
    Placing yourself in a place where you can remain faithful and fruitful must be on your mind.
    Personally l wonder how long before WordPress becomes more intolerant of free speech.
    I posted your sermon in the comments section of this blog post.


  9. That’s your main problem, JH. It’s all about waving your team scarf. I suggest you work on that. The ideas are more important than knocking people over in the field of play, and in the end it’s the example we offer to the world of what marks us out as different.


  10. johnhenrycn says:

    Pfffttt (^) Rank babbitry. I’m pleased to know you’re not HIV positive like that other Gareth Thomas, but at least he’s still got a very impressive gong (CBE), which you don’t. Sleep well.


  11. Some additional thought to add to what I had said; because this was the first thing I wrote this morning responding to a comment on another Blog regarding very much this same dire matter we all face.
    This isn’t a Bible study class and I’m not going to sit and play your game of look what Scripture I have that backs up what I say! If you and the world don’t see what I see that isn’t my problem nor do I have to try and convince anyone otherwise! Another site had a similar person to you responding on that site who was trying to tell me that it’s all cool and nothing much going on at this time because it wouldn’t be the right time for the end to come! Do any of you realize that God might be using those that think they know so much and are in some sort of control to test them and multitudes to find who is the true believer and who is not! That the End may come in a way nobody expects or could read no matter who they are; thus the phrase “Remain Vigilant!” So many of you tea leaf readers are going to be shown just how wrong you all are! The Bible is like having a road map but is not all we use to get to our destination! There were many centuries when there was no printed Bible so thinking that having the Scriptures in a book form in your hands gives you all you need to be on target with Faith is wrong! The road map is for guidance but just like as we drive along we may find a road washed away or a tree has fallen in our path so the map won’t solve our problem with those major stumbling blocks or interference. Discernment and vigilance to remain faithful and try our best to deal with the hardships or crosses we must bear is the requirement at that point. God can always intervene and will often times if that is His will and it is deserved or necessary. Does He intercede in all abortions because he can do that to stop the ugly heinous behavior of humans? No we know it doesn’t work that way but a day will come when all will be made right; meanwhile the good and innocent are allowed to suffer; which is where we are all headed right now on this road to perdition that America has been allowed to turn onto! Leading our way on this terrible unpaved and unknown road is the Devil himself via our Puppet POTUS Biden, who is an absolute cohort of Hell and Satan. Biden is already signing dozens if not more executive orders more than any other had, that are being handed to him; imagine what this alone means! Anything can happen at any moment now and is being allowed for good reason by God Almighty! It’s sad and horrifying really, but it is deserved because so many have violated God’s will and the innocent bringing His wrath and chastisements now! Last night this other person tried to brush things off and so I had the following to say.

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  12. @G.T.
    I know full well what breakage between paragraphs is Gareth. You’re such a nitpicking sort of fellow; aren’t ya now. I write such long commentary which this has been; so I prefer not to separate using more space; as I take up most if not all of the initial comment space already! In books or my own writings I can afford the luxury of being wasteful with page space! Take it for what it’s worth! I left this blip for you to be further amused with yourself! The laugh is on me, not the beer!


  13. We have eyes to see and ears to hear! So LOOK and SEE, listen as well outwardly and inwardly! A Cat can demonstrate care and concern for innocent life so how can humans do what they are doing on this earth with no regard and even for sinister reasons!!!

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  14. Nelson says:

    Reblogged this on Nelson MCBS.


  15. What I’m trying to convey is it would not be healthy or appropriate if for example a person were to only look at a Bible all day and do nothing else; not living the life that God gave him or her and not being an instrument of His plan!
    I always love to mention Joan of Arc who was an amazing brave totally committed to God and Jesus woman! Brings tears to my eyes to think of her giving all she had to give for His name sake! We flawed and broken humans can get too easily mesmerized or even dull our sense or perception of reality and truth if we are not using our eyes and ears that God wants us to use in all things and discerning all the lessons to be had right in our faces living our daily lives. I picture a battle field where soldiers are standing up for what is right and tying their best to protect all they represent and those they love, caught in a hellish reality but some will not make it and others will! So much suffering and carnage but there will be so much for all humans to learn in the aftermath regardless of how wrong it all was. Those with genuine faith in Jesus Christ will learn and carry on moving forward to greener pastures with Hope in Him. Amen.
    I leave these verses to just illustrate where my thinking is coming from and what I know in my heart is right with also this great basis in God’s word.

    Psalms 115:5-8 – They have mouths, but they speak not: eyes have they, but they see not:They have ears, but they hear not: noses have they, but they smell not:They have hands, but they handle not: feet have they, but they walk not: neither speak they through their throat.They that make them are like unto them; so is every one that trusteth in them.

    Matthew 13:14-15 : “‘You will indeed hear but never understand, and you will indeed see but never perceive. For this people’s heart has grown dull, and with their ears they can barely hear, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and turn, and I would heal them.’

    Isaiah 6:9-10 And he said, “Go, and say to this people: “‘Keep on hearing, but do not understand; keep on seeing, but do not perceive.’ Make the heart of this people dull, and their ears heavy, and blind their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn and be healed.”

    Ezekiel 12:2 “Son of man, you dwell in the midst of a rebellious house, who have eyes to see, but see not, who have ears to hear, but hear not, for they are a rebellious house.”

    John 12:40 “He has blinded their eyes and hardened their heart, lest they see with their eyes, and understand with their heart, and turn, and I would heal them.”

    1 Corinthians 2:14 “But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.”

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  16. kathleen says:

    Cowardly Marxist baby-killers barge into a Catholic Cathedral shouting and cursing [WARNING].

    YouTube’s description: “ On January 22, 2021, pro-abortion protesters disrupted the Respect Life Mass at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in downtown Columbus Friday, where Bishop Robert Brennan was presiding at an event marking the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Just a taste of things to come.”

    P.S. They are “cowards” because they know full well we won’t retaliate. These foul-mouthed militant feminists would never dare storm into a mosque like this – and Muslims also preach that abortion is evil – as they know they may never come out alive!

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  17. JH, sorry, I am very busy these days and only just caught up with your comment today. I will respond:

    You say, “I’m pleased to know you’re not HIV positive like that other Gareth Thomas.” (So, more internet searches on me, eh JH? Looking for dirt? Situation normal…) “but at least he’s still got a very impressive gong (CBE), which you don’t.”

    On a traddy website permanently gushing with pro-life outrage, cheap jokes about those afflicted with HIV is OK? I worked as a Franciscan friar with people dying with AIDS in a poor area of East London. My father (R.I.P.) as Script Editor of the popular soap opera East Enders in the 1980s brought AIDS into the story line, based on the experiences I talked about to him, and it consequently contributed to a national debate about prejudice. Maybe you could do some digging into HIV on the Internet, as you evidently have so much time on your hands, as it is still a worldwide problem, mostly in the less developed world, not just a gosspi topic about Welsh rugby footballers.


  18. johnhenrycn says:

    No, Gareth Thomas, Rabit, etc., etc., my internet search of your name dates waaay back to c. 2010 when you were being such a nuisance elsewhere – what with all your many, many aliases – which is when I came across your namesake and remembered the connection.

    And let’s not sniff at jokes involving HIV, although my reference to HIV was only a lead-in to my actual joke about your not having a gong near as impressive as the one that other Gareth (CBE) holds in his hands. Did you get it? Actually most jokes by most successful comics involve pain, either their own pain or that of others. As Sarah Silverman once quipped: If life gives you AIDS, make lemonade. You’re getting rather Woke in your old age, G&T. You always were inclined that way and you now appear to be reverting to type.

    But look: when all is said and done, I still consider you a great credit to the race.


  19. I have no idea what ‘Woke’ means, to be honest. Is it good? Is it bad? Well, at least it’s something else to call me. I’m glad you’re happy you’ll never run out of names to call me.


  20. kathleen says:

    Gareth Thomas says to JH (about us):

    ” On a traddy website permanently gushing with pro-life outrage…”

    Of course it was uttered with innuendo meant as an insult to us (as per usual), but appears to have had a different effect!

    In fact we are delighted to be recognised as a “traddy website” i.e. traditional. It is our true purpose – to be orthodox and traditional. Surely the only way to be a true Catholic is to be a faithful follower of the Catholic Church’s timeless Tradition? For websites imparting heresies of Modernism you will have to look elsewhere.

    As for our “pro-life outrage”, well, in our opinion, anyone who is not permanently outraged by the continuous genocide of millions of innocent human beings, created in the Image and Likeness of God, at the initiation of their lives, is either completely hard and heartless, very evil, or has been stupid enough to allow the soft-sounding “pro-choice” screed of the abortion industry, divulged by the MSM, to brainwash them.
    In what category do you fall? Take your pick!

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  21. “In what category do you fall? Take your pick!”

    That’s a very good question, as the US news reporters always say to their anchors, when they’ve been fed an easy intro. I fall into the category of a one-Church Catholic and I reject the divisions. I am neither a ‘traddy’ nor a ‘libtard’ and having spent several years watching the extremes at the edges get ever further away from the centre, I am researching how this divide began and where it originated. It is a very revealing project, and I am exploring it a little at a time on my own blog (in the context of a pilgrimage). It is a very sketchy first attempt but it is taking shape. Yesterday I had a very good email from a director of studies in a seminary in Rome, a Catholic sister who, prompted by my blog, shared some of her thoughts. She corrected me on my theory that all this division began with the social media and Catholic blogs:

    “Even when I was in the US (I left in 2002), the church there was very polarised and the different parts were not really talking to each other. In the midst of it all was the Vatican investigation of the apostolic religious women’s communities, which was very hard to live with, given what I knew of the women religious there (though I can also see how it happened). And it was about this time that the Democrats became stridently pro-choice, driving out many good Catholics who had supported them from birth. Since then, the polarisation in US church and society has become even deeper and more wide-ranging, as is obvious. So I think that in the posts you have handled really well the issues. I have an ex-colleague, an excellent lay theologian and professor in a Catholic university, who tells me that I am so fortunate to have a seminary rector who gives students and staff copies of Pope Francis’s documents on feast days—because there are seminary rectors and others in the US who regard Pope Francis as a heretic and don’t hesitate to say so. So the polarisation in the US is deep and uncivil, made worse by the irresponsible use of social media.”

    Sorry this is a rather lengthy comment, but I think that quote is very good. My question, following your own question to me, is Why would you offer anyone a choice to ‘take your pick’? in a divided Church, rather than look for commonalities and unity?


  22. kathleen says:

    ” Why would you offer anyone a choice to ‘take your pick’? in a divided Church, rather than look for commonalities and unity?”

    Gareth, the “take your pick” question was between the various types of people who condone or even applaud abortion on one side, AND the pro-lifers on the other. While the degree of “outrage” of pro-life Catholics may vary, it is hardly possible to be wholly against the horrific crime of abortion (especially when one learns of the sadistic methods used to tear these tiny babies from their mothers’ wombs, and the agony they suffer in the process) and not feel outraged.
    At a guess I’d say you too are against abortion, but I just wanted to hear you say it, seeing as how you used the subject of abortion to have another little dig at us. The description “permanently gushing with pro-life outrage” has some rather nasty connotations.

    However, I thank you for your measured and interesting reply; it makes a pleasant difference.

    For the rest, re Pope Francis as a heretic, division in the Church, etc., I will come back later. No time right now.

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  23. Ok, that’s progress of sorts, and yes I am pro-life. I am also pro-evangelisation and pro-unity in the Church. I suddenly realised a few days ago, when I calculated it, that I have been a full-time worker in the Church – as a charity worker, as a religious, a seminarian, an educator in a church school, a missioner etc. – for the majority of my life. Charity was at one time always my first concern, so the idea that I would use “the subject of abortion to have another little dig” at you is wide of the mark, as I am indeed pro-life. I apologize if it was read that way.

    It seemed clear to me that I meant that a remark about HIV was out of keeping on a site whose Catholic message about humanity is heavily devoted to the one issue of abortion; so other evils affecting people’s lives and causing death and misery can be taken less seriously. I do genuinely think that CP&S had lost its way, like many sites that have been swayed by short-term political allegiances, cheerleading for politicians who are not even Catholic, but I don’t honestly know what the solution is. I will continue exploring the subject of unity. The People of God are not divided into traddies and libtards! But there were similar problems in the Early Church, if we are to believe Saint Paul. So it is not a new issue…


  24. kathleen says:

    @ Gareth

    Saint Paul was dead right 🙂 ! Nihil sub sole novum.

    I believe every faithful practicing Catholic would agree with you that being in favour of unity in the Church is of vital importance. But “unity” in the Church on Earth cannot be achieved at any price, and unless there is agreement on the solid teachings of the Magisterium, it won’t happen! That’s the sad reality.

    Terrible confusion and ignorance reign today, as you well know, and it has been made far worse by the many worldly, even heretical (a word I’m not using lightly), actions and words of the current Pontiff. (Although in reality the big problems of disunity in the Church appear to have vastly multiplied ever since the upheaval of Vatican Two got under way.) Other issues in the Church that do not touch on Revelation, Doctrine, Tradition (capital ‘T’), in fact all that is contained in the Magisterial teachings of the Church, may be discussed and disputed without causing disunity – as long as one is respectful and charitable of course – but when the Deposit of Faith is attacked that puts an end to unity.

    Charity should indeed be first and foremost. But it is hardly charitable to remain silent in the face of great evil for utopian ideas of “unity” and/or the sake of peace when you can and should speak out. There will be no “peace” for those souls when they face God on Judgement Day if they continue along paths that lead to Hell. True love of neighbour is to want Heaven for everyone, thus the conversion of hardened sinners who do not practice what they preach, and their release from the clutches of Satan.
    IMHO, I think traditional Catholic blogs do a good job and try to help towards this end, but as we are all flawed human beings, sometimes we mess up.

    As an example of the above, there was a very perceptive post by Robert Royal on ‘The Catholic Thing’ a few days ago talking about Pres. Biden…. (although I know you don’t want to touch the subject of politics, but it helps to clarify the point!) Among other things RR stated:
    “You can carry around rosary beads and bless yourself publicly as much as you want. But please, don’t expect Catholics to be blind. Or stupid. It’s not surprising when political partisans, religious or not, place their party and ambitions first, while masking it as an appeal to compassion and patriotism. But when a Catholic politician openly chooses to follow his wayward political party rather than his Church, lays out a whole set of policies that will negatively impact that Church, and immediately sets out to implement them, he’s seeking neither civic unity nor religious fidelity.”

    There’s more to say, but it will have to be left for another day.

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