In Defence of the Great Father Z

COMMENT It is now common knowledge: the famous and immensely popular traditional American priest, Fr John Zuhlsdorf (better known as Father Z) has been reprimanded, and then ousted from his diocese, by his bishop, Bp. Hying, for performing exorcisms for protection from “the Wuhan virus” and against “demonic influence” in the recent American elections. Anything wrong with that? Exorcisms from the Devil have been around for a very very long time in the Church. Yes, naturally, according to the modernists of the New World Order catholic-lite factions!

The reaction to the news of Father Z’s treatment has been tremendous on the Catholic blogosphere. The majority of Catholics – so many thousands of us who have benefited hugely both spiritually and practically from the wisdom and charisma of this faithful Catholic priest – are deeply saddened by the injustice dealt out to him. On the other hand, his many enemies among the liberal, progressive catholics who hate the Traditional Latin Mass, and in fact hate anything that sniffs of tradition, but who in general also embrace issues that clash with Catholic magisterial teachings, are gloating and dancing with joy.

On certain so-called ‘Catholic’ websites (which shall remain unnamed) where its followers sympathise with such unacceptable lobbies as the LGBTxyz ravers, twisted gender theorists, etc., the vitriol against Father Z has been staggering, pure poison.

But Father Z has his supporters too who, like him, passionately love our Holy Catholic Church and all her traditions and teachings that have been handed down to us from the time of the Apostles, and who know that by following these faithfully is the only way we will reach Heaven… We are coming to his defence!

Below are just two of many examples of this “defence” from two renowned English priests bloggers: the first, Fr Tim Finigan, a close personal friend of Father Z. The second is the scholarly Fr John Hunwicke who adds his own vindication of Father Z to the controversy. Please do read them both to get the full picture.


On the Attempted Cancellation of Father Zuhlsdorf

by Fr Tim Finigan on ‘The Hermeneutic of Continuity

Father Z celebrating the Traditional Latin Mas

Since the US election, Fr Zuhlsdorf has been subjected to a concerted attack from some liberal catholic publications. This would not be noteworthy except for the fact that as a result, he has been asked to move from the diocese where he currently works and has now to find accommodation. It is therefore reasonable to speak of an attempt to “cancel” him as the saying is nowadays.

The Character of Fr Z’s Blog

As an outspoken blogger, Fr Z is accustomed to opposition from Catholics who object to his promotion of the traditional Latin Mass, gays who object to his unequivocal defence of Catholic moral teaching, and modernist priests and theologians whose theology he criticises for being contrary to the magisterial teaching of the Church. In the online “wild west” of the blogosphere, he is happy to give as good as he gets. This makes his blog enjoyable for his followers and probably annoying for his opponents.

At the same time, often on the same day, he will encourage people with the refrain “Go To Confession”, answer enquiries from readers, address questions about the celebration of the Mass and the Sacraments, write with skill and erudition on classical and modern languages and literature, and cover a host of other matters that will help people to understand their faith.

As a pastor, he repeatedly asks readers, “Was there a GOOD point made in the sermon you heard at the Mass for your Sunday”, invites them to submit their urgent prayer requests, and moderates his combox responsibly to ensure it can continue without becoming a mud fight. With joy and enthusiasm, he posts feedback from readers who have started going to confession again after many years, or those who have rediscovered the Mass.

Conscious of the value of adding lighter content of personal interest, he writes about his enthusiasm for ham radio, trips to friends in cities in the US and elsewhere, often jokingly posting the back of the aeroplane seat as “My view for a while”. For a while, he featured posts on “The Feeder Feed” with pictures from his garden of (hold your breath) birds. The mixture of the serious and the frivolous, of entertainment and education, together with his indefatigable output, has made the blog a huge success over more than fourteen years.

The 2020 US Election

After the 3 November 2020 US election, Fr Z was concerned about reports of fraudulent voting. In England we are educated by our public service broadcaster and all its major competitors that there was no evidence of fraudulent voting. Not a single fraudulent vote anywhere in the USA. At all. No Sir. None of that. The prima facie implausibility of this universal negative should be seen against the background of claims of fraudulent voting in US elections, going back to the Civil War and earlier. To take just some recent instances, the Democrats made claims of fraudulent voting against the Republicans in 2000, 2004, and 2016, challenging Electoral College certification in each case. In 2016 the claim was made that the Russians had interfered. In case you don’t follow these things closely, it was the Democrats who claimed this, not Terrible Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists.

When a bunch of assorted loons and opportunists stormed the Capitol, it was all that was needed for the “Never Trumpers” not only to blame Donald Trump, but to make a serious and partly effective attempt to institute a digital damnatio memoriae. Not only could the media now frame the discourse however they wanted, Trump could no longer use Twitter or Facebook to reply; nor could he move to Parler which had been taken down completely. You do not need to be a horned, fur-clad, spear-waving eccentric to suggest that this is problematic in a democracy: but you will probably be compared to one if you do.

Earlier in 2020, the local bishop gave Fr Zuhlsdorf permission to recite publicly the prayer from Title XI, chapter 3 of the  Rituale Romanum, the Exorcism Against Satan and the Apostatic (or rebellious) Angels. The Bishop asked him to offer the prayer for the whole diocese of Madison, for protection against Covid-19. After the election, he added a further intention. That is, he included a further intention  in addition to the primary intention. It is important to note what he actually said about this added intention:

“However, I have also been asking God to aim this powerful exorcism at all places and all equipment involved in the counting or recounting or canvassing or auditing of votes in the 2020 election. I ask God to drive away demonic influence from all the people involved. I ask the Queen of Angels to bid myriads and myriads of angels to protect all the people involved from temptations from the Enemy to lie or cheat. I ask the angels to prompt anyone who did lie or cheat in the counting of votes to repent and to come forward and admit what they did.”

Fr Z went on to say that his concern in adding this intention, was for the common good, and for the truth, so that people could have confidence in their elections, since without elections being trustworthy, there would be no way for people to secure their God-given freedoms.


Cue America MagazineThe Tablet, and the  National Catholic Reporter. There is no particular surprise in these publications attacking Fr Z: he has criticised them often enough, and he is happy to stand up for himself. Unfortunately, in this instance it was a concerted dog whistle at just the right time. The Bishop of Madison, the Archbishop of Milwaukee, and the Bishop of Velletri (the diocese in which Fr Z is incardinated) all received furious correspondence demanding action.

As is usually the case with hit pieces, the articles included some actual reporting, and added quite a bit of hinting designed to discredit. For example, “[Fr Z] told his supporters it was not a sin to pray for the death or resignation of the Roman Pontiff.” Well, not quite. In fact, he went to some trouble to explain that he was not saying that.

Another falsehood by selective quotation is that he was encouraging people to pray for their enemies to die. Again, it is best simply to read what he says in three posts about praying for our enemies (II and III are linked from the first post.) He quotes the prayers from the Roman Missal, highlighting the importance of peace and charity, praying for the forgiveness and conversion of our enemies, for a good death, both for them and for ourselves, and for God to grant what is genuinely good for our enemies.

As a result of the articles by his opponents, Fr Z is now having to find somewhere else to live. The Remnant said that his bishop threw him under the bus. In a statement sent to the clergy of Madison, the bishop was kind enough to thank Fr Z for “his faithful support of the diocese’s seminarians and priests, thanks him for his many years of steadfast ministry serving the diocese” and it was noted that the decision for Fr Z to relocate was made by mutual agreement. So perhaps we could say that he was asked kindly if he wouldn’t mind awfully, just getting on the bus.

In the process he loses his accommodation and his apostolate. (Don’t expect any of the liberals to show even the slightest sign of regret of embarrassment.)

The Blog Goes On

Fortunately, he still has the blog. Fortunate for his readers who gain so much from it, fortunate for the converts who have come to the Church because of it, fortunate for the Catholics who have begun to Go To Confession again thanks to it, and fortunate for priests who have gained much wisdom from it: I include myself among these.

One commentator sneered at the end of his hit-piece about Fr Z that “his flock [is] effectively the followers of his blog.” The bishop of Velletri-Segni is quoted as saying that because he combines arguments of faith and morals with photos of birds, Chinese food, and aircraft seats, he has no theological credibility. Blogs, you know, silly things really. And those 580,000 visitors a month on average since late 2006 could all be wrong.

In England, we are not terribly good at the old fundraising lark, but I do feel it not inappropriate to add, that if you felt able, that is, if you wouldn’t mind awfully, Fr Z does have a fundraiser thingy running: PROJECT “200!” Wherein Fr. Z asks for help.

If you can’t think of any other reason to give, just remember a favourite saying of Sir Dan of the Blogosphere: “It’ll annoy the liberals.”


by Fr John Hunwicke on ‘Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment

3 February 2021

Father John Zuhlsdorf 

Like, I am sure, many others, I am not surprised that it is now open news: “Fr Zed” is being hounded out of his current residence in the Diocese of Madison. 

I have no information beyond what you can all read elsewhere on the Internet (Fr Tim; the Remnant) about who put what pressures upon whom. Nor is it my business to speculate pruriently about who may have been evil; who simply weak. The big and obvious fact is that the whole business has the fingerprints of the Enemy all over it. 

At this time, it is essential … you must all see this … for Father to be given unqualified support. This it not the hour for “Of course I do support him but it might have been better if he hadn’t ….”. Our God sends us kairoi, moments of decision when it is important for each of us to be standing on the right side. Half-hearted reactions are not, as far as I can remember, much commended in Scripture. “Blessed are those who sit on fences” failed to make its way into the Beatitudes.

My brother priest John Zuhlsdorf has worked unremittingly for Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy. In season, out of season, he has informed and instructed and strengthened. Onslaughts upon his unique ministry are attacks upon things much more important than Father John himself.

And personally, I am … let me shock you … enough of an unreconstructed 1960s liberal to dislike anything that has suggestions about it of censorship. And these events reek of it.

I know from my own postbag how many people are distressed and feel almost broken by the current disorders in the Catholic Church; disorders, most sadly, at all levels. Particularly when they are in isolation, in a hostile parish or an almost apostate diocese, good Catholics can come very near to despair. Father has supported … probably millions … by giving them a sense of fellowship … the awareness that they are not alone; that many others are with them; that a well-instructed priest is supplying needs which a local bishop or pastor is leaving unaddressed. 

I hope readers will forgive me for pointing out that the laity are much less vulnerable to prelatical bullying than are the clergy. I do beg intelligent laity who have benefitted from John Zuhlsdorf’s ministry to take such steps as their splendid lay-woman’s or lay-man’s ingenuity may suggest to them, to support this priest in his time of threats, anxieties, and sufferings. 

Do not sit back feeling that others, cleverer than you and more articulate, will do what is necessary. This is the moment when precisely your God-given degree of cleverness and of articulacy is exactly what is being called for. 

Please do something!!

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12 Responses to In Defence of the Great Father Z

  1. Oh I see so according to the Heretic’s style of NWO Catholicism Father Z is not a politically correct Exorcist! What in the world do atheists and fake Catholics know about this subject to the degree that an expert like father Z does! He is a blessed brave soldier fighting in the Spiritual Warfare that has amped up exponentially in recent years infecting all walks of life and leaving ruin and despair in its path! We need MORE priests and soldiers for Christ on earth not less; but obviously the Devil’s minions or cohorts in the Church now desire less so they can bring more evil into the Church and indeed people; to serve Satan and the coming NWO antichrist! It seems like the Devil got his due with the US election and a blaspheming evil man who continually claims to be a Catholic and isn’t; is now the Puppet POTUS bringing voluminous destructive change to the government and Nation under God. Here we see that frauds like Bergoglio are appeasing and satisfying Satan’s getting his due in the Church to make it a blaspheming false church that is in total opposition to what Jesus told St. Apostle Peter to build. If these aren’t signs of the times that indicate we’re on the precipice then what would it take to open eyes to the Truth; outside of Jesus making His return!
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  2. Mary Salmond says:

    Wow! Some parish or diocese offer him a place to live!! That’s the charitable thing to do

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  3. Thank you for these excellent articles and they connect perfectly! I hadn’t read the previous blog; “Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on the Feast of The Presentation of the Lord,” until just now and was joyous that your work a CP&S in unison with the Holy Spirit which is guiding and exposing the Truth for the faithful and all to see plainly! I have to say that my Statement of perspective regarding what this blog article is saying dovetails in my mind precisely with what Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is saying about the politically correct NWO manipulation taking place and damaging the original intent and purpose of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ! I get teary eyed seeing these connections in these writings and their being he same as my own thoughts and observations! I quote the following from this previous article here for convenience.

    “The Letter of the Congregation is an example of the “politically correct” with which the hierarchs of Santa Marta wink indecorously at gender equality, which is so dear to today’s aligned thought (we are on the wave of the new version of the Orate fratres of the reformed rite, of lectresses and acolytesses) and at all the markers of the new language: the document strains itself to make references to the pandemic, to the “universal aspiration to fraternity,” to the “new dream of fraternity and social friendship,” and also to the invitation to religious to be “architects of universal brotherhood, custodians of our common home,” “brothers and sisters of all, regardless of faith” [sic], culminating in the cry of impiety of the global religion of Fratelli Tutti: “Let us dream, then, as a single human family, as fellow travelers sharing the same flesh, as children of the same earth which is our common home, each of us bringing the richness of his or her beliefs and convictions, each of us with his or her own voice, brothers and sisters all!”

    “What then is the practical proposal that the Congregation offers to those who are consecrated? How does it intend to help the Religious Orders to each be faithful to their own charism, to the Holy Rule, to the Constitutions of their Founder Saints? Here are the Prefect’s lofty words: “It is a question, then, of creating ways of accompanying, transforming, and creating; of developing projects to promote a culture of encounter and dialogue between different peoples and generations; of starting with one’s own vocational community and then reaching to every corner of the earth and to every creature, because never as during this pandemic have we experienced how everything is linked, everything is related, everything is connected” (here). The World Economic Forum, the promoter of the Great Reset, could not have expressed it better! What does it matter if Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Dominic, Saint Clare, Saint Francis de Sales and all the Founder Saints are left scandalized by the systematic demolition of their Orders, when the words of the Holy See enjoy the benign applause of the globalist elite, the infamous sect, and the enemies of Christ! What else does “creating ways of accompanying, transforming, and creating” mean, if not an invitation to deny fidelity to the original charism, re-educating those who resist and constraining the recalcitrant by force? What is this “developing projects to promote a culture of encounter and dialogue” if not the application of religious indifferentism and conciliar ecumenism?”

    “We have understood, in these times of crisis, that whoever is constituted in authority is now disconnected from those over whom he holds command. The so-called pandemic has shown that those who govern are obedient to the orders of supranational powers, while citizens are deprived of their rights, and any form of dissent is censored or psychiatrized, according to a recent felicitous expression. The same thing happens in the Church: the highest levels of the Hierarchy obey the same powers and deprive the faithful of their rights, censoring those who do not intend to renounce their faith and do not accept seeing the Church being demolished by its Ministers. João Braz de Aviz is perfectly aligned with “Jorge Mario Bergoglio”, and both of them zealously support the establishment of the “New World Order.”

    “This is the painful reality with which we must daily confront ourselves, and for which we must pray, fast, and do penance, imploring the intervention of God and the Most Holy Virgin to help us. In this supernatural battle, the contribution of religious men and women is fundamental: this is why it is more necessary than ever that consecrated souls rediscover the sacrificial dimension of their vocation, offering themselves in holocaust as expiatory victims. This, after all, is the heart of the religious vocation and of being Christian itself: becoming like Christ and following Him on the Cross, so as to sit at His right hand in blessed eternity.”

    Again, thank you so very much for doing this great work in serving our Lord Jesus Christ and Father in heaven, to repel the enemies of the Church and indeed Jesus Christ who are determined to destroy the Church, but before that; to provide it as a stage for the antichrist and serving the NWO doctrines of anti-faith and all manner of falsehood.
    Dear Lord, help us in this spiritual war as the demons are surrounding us to bring utter ruin to your Church and family! I ask this in the blessed and holy name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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  4. Mary Ann Bernard says:

    Don’t forget quirky Eccles, who has penned A Man for All Zuhlsdorfs…


  5. Mary Ann Bernard and all who will lend an ear; hear me!

    Many a great Hero and Heroine have had to carry on their missions against the tide of secularism and Nay-Sayers throughout history and indeed today with pagan secularism running at a fever pitch in a climate designed just for such a confrontation with High Tech Digital Communication, the Cloud and AI; where deceptions and manipulation abound the Devil is having a field day and getting his due with so many who sit perched in their high and mighty arrogant places of self-worship and materialistic decadence. Now in this time for so many to pronounce that unseen spirits and demons is a lot of rubbish and poppycock doesn’t hold a candle to the Truth that they do exist and are more active now than ever in man’s affairs.

    Father Zuhlsdorf is no doubt one of these Heroes and many more are needed. Just because a Fraud Heretic Pope Bergoglio and a corrupted Church Hierarchy say all of this isn’t so or Father Z is to be ignored doesn’t mean there is a modicum of truth to what they are saying; in fact to the contrary this is another indication of the lying hypocrisy that plagues our Church and societies by and large now!

    “What was right will be wrong and what was wrong will be right!” Timothy 2 3 states, “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
    2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
    3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
    4 Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
    5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”

    Who with their faculties and wits about them cannot see this is precisely how it is now in this present time and this rebellious generation like no other time?
    He gave to all freely who will believe in Him as their only hope of salvation from all iniquity; He is our Lord, Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ!

    “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” Luke 9:23,

    Lawrence Morra III

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  6. I’m now crying after writing this because I see clearly the perilous slippery slope that this world is on now, that wide road to perdition and eternal damnation! I cry because it’s so sad, that so many, turn from the truth and God, when it is so plain to see; but they would rather allow their weakness and sin to own them; taking them into worship of all things unholy, to live for now and the flesh; the trap has been set; will you escape it? The snares of the Devil abound; turn to Him our Lord Jesus Christ now, he will protect you and lead you every step of the way to Salvation. Amen.

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  7. kathleen says:

    Good comment Lawrence, and a very pertinent quote from Timothy!

    I agree that Father Z is indeed a hero for refusing to be drawn into the secular, heretical agenda of the Left. The Catholic Church used to have these enemies on the outside and could better defend the Truth. Nowadays many of them are inside the Church, making our fight far more threatening and leading to much suffering!

    Here is Father Z on why so many so-called “Catholics” have a distrust of exorcisms:

    “ It is obvious to me that performing exorcisms should be one of the most normal and natural things that priests do. We are constantly at war with the world, the flesh and the Devil. Demons are relentless. Priests aren’t ordained to be “nice guys” or to be “facilitators” or “administrators”. Priests are ordained, first and foremost, to offer the Sacrifice of Calvary and administer the sacraments. Priests are ordained to forgive sins. Priests are ordained to intercede in prayer. Priests are ordained to bless and to reconcile, to purify and to protect from spiritual harm. Yes, priests are also ordained to teach and to govern or administer the goods of the Church. Fine. BUT… others can do that too, whereas only priests can consecrate and bless and exorcise as priests, as alter Christus.

    So, I say again, it seems to me the most normal of activities for priests to exorcise and to bless people, places and things. It is the common and ordinary work of the common, ordinary priest and it shouldn’t raise an eyebrow.

    Except for today, a time infected with the eroding virus of modernist immanentism, the tendency to reduce the supernatural to the natural.

    This modernist, immanentist prevailing tendency, accounts for part of the negative reactions of some to the concept of exorcism.”

    READ ON…

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  8. Kathleen… this is to me perfectly put and placed here to this audience all of these words you said and wrote for us who will see and listen to Truth and Wisdom! Absolutely we are dealing with Spiritual Warfare here in the realm of the flesh and sin where nowadays this manmade system and crooked way of the world is so inviting to sinful behaviors, lust, decadence and any manner of perversion that the carnal human mind can contemplate or imagine, leading multitudes to actually serve the Beast now and be totally unaware that what they are doing is assuring them a place in the bottomless pit for eternity!

    Actually so many are encouraged to live this way from childhood and forward with so much secularist thinking, lifestyles and behaviors permeating daily life making this a haphazard land of folly and even madness. Sure there is still much good to partake in or do with one’s time but the father of all lies even uses these things to his advantage incorporating them into a web of deception and lies making a concoction that appears to be one thing but is another entirely; a camouflage if you will that shields or hides the sinister and nefarious hidden agenda! Just what the Church is doing now with this false leadership via Bergoglio and many others in concert who outwardly appear to be offering something good to give one piece of mind to then go carry on being part of the lie of secularist NOW standards while really in this process turning many from the truth and God. A simplistic example would be to me how society has reveled in Pop Culture and shows like American Idol getting so much attention and focus onto small groups of Hollywood Hype and Type Promoters, kind of “Pied Pipers” if you will, who can make someone a star overnight and put him or her on a pedestal to be worshiped and adored like an IDOL!

    The world has gone mad and lost its way I figure when I see the frenzied attention or support of these venues; but to encourage children and young adults to spend time away from secularism and focus on praying for the world and seeking God above even self is a weird thing by these new modernist standards today. Some who are atheists would call this child abuse or a violation of their rights somehow if allowed to continue! Truth and Goodness are being subjugated to be replaced with new mantras that have NOTHING to do with God or one’s Salvation and “saving one’s soul” but all to do with being only “satisfied in the here and now.” All of this is serving the “ways of the world and Beast” or putting this world before “God and the life to come.”

    “Therefore I tell you, stop being worried or anxious (perpetually uneasy, distracted) about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, as to what you will wear. Is life not more than food, and the body more than clothing?” Matthew 6:25

    And these Scriptures come to mind here being quite fitting;

    John 14:26
    26“But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you. 27“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful. 28“You heard that I said to you, ‘I go away, and I will come to you.’ If you loved Me, you would have rejoiced because I go to the Father, for the Father is greater than I. 29“Now I have told you before it happens, so that when it happens, you may believe. 30“I will not speak much more with you, for the ruler of the world is coming, and he has nothing in Me; 31but so that the world may know that I love the Father, I do exactly as the Father commanded Me. Get up, let us go from here.”

    John 16:33
    “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me you might have peace. In the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

    Acts 14:22
    “Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.”

    Thank you again Kathleen, for the opportunity to serve and hopefully do something right for my Lord Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ; to whom I owe every breath I’m taking now!

    God bless.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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  9. Sorry an important typo needed correction though the NOW factor is prevalent as well the global programming being established is what I refer to; “Just what the Church is doing now with this false leadership via Bergoglio and many others in concert who outwardly appear to be offering something good to give one piece of mind to then go carry on being part of the lie of secularist “NWO” standards while really in this process turning many from the truth and God.”


  10. linda254 says:

    Nancy Pelosi (is a witch) and the Luciferian TV producers scripted and staged the Jan. 6 Capitol chaos. Did none of you think the staged events fit nicely in with the scripts of the lying demoncrats. Shame on you. Jan. 6 chaos was staged by the govt., just as 911 controlled demolitions of the WTC in NYC was staged by Bush Cheney, state and local governments. 911 was a Satanic ritual, Ode to Aleister Crowley. Bush is Crowley’s grandson. Prescott, George HW and George W Bush were all Skull & Bones at Yale. John Kerry was in the Skull & Bones class with George W. Bush. You must know the evil that goes on in Skull & Bones.

    Who doesn’t know Ann Cappelletti and Barbara Bush are illegitimate witch daughters of Aleister Crowley? Ann’s 20 yr old mother was a Sicilian peasant girl lured to Abbey of Thelema by Crowley disciples to have sex magick w Crowley for money in 1923. Pauline Pierce was a guest of Nellie O’Hara, Frank Harris’ paramour. Harris took Crowley into his Paris home when Crowley was kicked out of Italy by Mussolini at the end of 1923. You can google Barbara Bush, Aleister Crowley to find other references. if this portand indymedia site I listed is blocked, you can find other references. Don’t be fooled. Lots of witches and followers of Crowley try to block this information. Many of Crowley followers were involved in staging the 911 controlled demolitions or were hired to be propaganda posters on the Internet to push the U.S. govt lies about 911. 911 was a mega ritual, Ode to Aleister Crowley. George W. Bush led the morning of 911 Satanic ritual from the classroom in FL.

    Was Barbara Bush’s Real Father Aleister Crowley?

    President Bush Classroom Ritual During 911 Attacks.3gp

    All Cappelletti and Bush brothers are grandson of Crowley and all were involved in staging 911 in one form or another. Mike and John Cappelletti’s demolition crew from Upper Darby, PA (on the city line of Philadelphia where Ann Cappelletti has a coven) got the lucrative demolition job from Larry Silverstein. 11 master occultists, masons, Kabbalists and witches were in his/her assigned place for the morning of the 911 mega ritual, Ode to Aleister Crowley. Those 11 were Bush, Cheney, Tenet, Bush’s sorcerer aunt–Ann Cappelletti, Bill Gates, Giuliani, Condoleeza Rice, Schwarzenegger, Silverstein, Soros and Saddam Hussein, NOT dead, 33rd degree mason, pal of George HW Bush. Saddam was needed by the other 10 for his knowledge of Ancient Sumerian rituals. Those rituals included anti-gravity space travel materials and immortality elixir.

    George W Bush was anxious to get into the Baghdad Museum of Antiquities to steal Ancient Sumerian artifacts recently unearthly (George H.W. Bush put spies in Iraq after the 9 day Persian Gulf War to record the antiquities unearthly by Italian and French digs) and sold on the black market. Remember George W. Bush was Skull & Bones. I learned all of this from Jim Marrs (American newspaper journalist and New York Times best-selling author) who died in 2017.

    I personally know the Cappellettis, and know they are practitioners of witchcraft. You who don’t believe people are practicing witchcraft today are gravely uninformed.

    More on the Luciferians in the U.S., especially in government and in Hollywood:

    Jim Carrey is the Satanic High Priest of Los Angeles


  11. Mary Salmond says:

    Linda, no wonder why DJT didn’t coalesce with Bush’s family et al. But yes, witchcraft is real and in our states; no doubt!
    Pray for the USA, weak believers,; reinforce our universal truths to those who don’t know.


  12. linda254 says:

    Thank you, Mary. DJT, I believe, is a true Christian. All of the people who hate DJT are pagans, Luciferians or just non-believers. From my personal acquaintances, I have a sister and a friend who don’t believe in witchcraft, one thinks DJT is a thug and my sister thinks he became President to make more money. I live in Queens, NYC where many people don’t speak English. I have no idea what they think. Those who have given things away before elections push the blue vote here. Very sad.

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